Castle Crush Halloween Deck 2018! -

Castle Crush Halloween Deck 2018!

OrbitGuy – Castle Crush
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Castle Crush | It’s almost Halloween again, and this year I have another spooky deck with cards like reaper, skull king, black witch, wraith, and more! Castle Crush has many spooky cards and for Halloween we have to put them in 1 deck! Castle Crush is a mobile battle game where you build a deck of cards and fight other players for leaderboard points.


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  1. Why does unchained demon cost 3? He should cost like 5 or 6 or 7 or 8…

  2. How do I have more subs than you

  3. I got my First Legendary Today from Halloween Offer^^

  4. make a deck with only one troop card the archer queen and remaining spells! can you?

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