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CELL, the evolution in video games [1992 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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On the occasion of the release of Dragon Ball Fighterz, discover in this video the evolution of CELL in Dragon Ball video games from 1992 to 2018. I have deliberately not integrated some card games in which there are no animated characters.


➥ GOKU, the evolution in video games [1986 – 2018] :

➥ VEGETA, the evolution in video games [1990 – 2018] :


  1. Eu amo dragon ball ❤ abraços do brazil 👍

  2. After Goku and Vegeta, I present you today the evolution of Cell in Dragon Ball video games. What do you think ? Which one do you prefer ? Thanks for watching !

  3. imma shoot video game evolution ass99999998888888888 times

  4. Frieza the evolution in video game

  5. Waait Gohan is playble in the PCE game? I thought that only Goku was playable

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  7. i think you missed extreme butoden

  8. Looks like cell finally reached his perfect form

  9. My favorite character is android 17 and 18

  10. That picture of Perfect Cell in the thumbnail was from Tenkaichi 3 which was from 2007, not 2018

  11. Burst Limit Graphics are great even in this days

  12. The next nfl player shoul be mike vick💨🔥

  13. Amazing Channel bro, you got a new supporter. I don't know if he ever thought of doing the history of Final Fantasy because they went from 2D NES all the way up to the newest one Final Fantasy 15 which looks amazing. But if that's not your cup of tea, I don't know maybe God of War the new one looks great and there's plenty of them. Either way keep up the great work.🐲

  14. OH I remember playing Super Butoden on super nintendo. The entire game was in japanese. You couldn't read any of it. hahaha

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