Creepy Halloween Games 2018 to Play -
Halloween Games 2018

Creepy Halloween Games 2018 to Play

One wants to enjoy something spine-tingling on a holiday like this. So, check out a list of browser Halloween games 2018.

Google Doodle Halloween

A team-based adventure, it pits ghosts against each other in a restricted area. Collect blue souls and take them to your base. Work as one unit to outperform opponents.

Halloween Spooky Roads 2

Welcome to racing in a spine-chilling environment. Control your vehicle, complete tracks, and don’t get busted by dangerous traps. For instance, sharp blades or explosive pumpkins.

Halloween Archer

How are your marksmanship skills? Get primed for a lot of bow shooting. Hit all kinds of strange objects: from evil-looking pumpkins to flying eyes.

Instagirls: Halloween Dress Up

Choose the best costume and shoot cool pictures. Receive likes from your subscribers and earn in-game currency to buy even better clothes. Experiment with styles and show your creativity.

Trollface Quest: Horror

The adventure features the scariest moments from horror films. For example, Scream, Anabel, and others. Click on characters and objects to proceed to the next animation. Warning: it is totally hair-raising!

Trollface Quest: Horror 2

If you are through with the first episode, welcome to this chiller. More movie scene imitations. And more heart-pounding and unexpected twists. Scare monsters to proceed to the next level.

Undead 2048, One of the Most Meditative Halloween Games 2018

A clever puzzle with a dark-themed atmosphere. Move the creatures on the board to make an identical pair. Collide them and enjoy the transformation. Earn points and see how far you can get.

Tactical Retreat

The experiments in a secret lab went sideways. Enormous creatures are crawling out. As well as valuable scientists. Kill every wave of beasts and make sure that people are safe.

Pumpkin Run

Take on a role of a skeleton that tries to escape from a mad witch. Collect pumpkins and gather points. Funny animations and challenging obstacles won’t leave you bored.

Scary Maze

Lead a white dot through red corridors towards the light. Don’t touch dark areas. The first couple of rounds are easy. But later you’ll need to concentrate more to succeed. Attention: the title is super spine-tingling. One of the creepiest Halloween games 2018.

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