CSC Monthly Pack - September 2018: Video Games RELEASE (NOW WITH FULL DIFFICULTY) -

CSC Monthly Pack – September 2018: Video Games RELEASE (NOW WITH FULL DIFFICULTY)

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Here it is – the first ever CSC Monthly Pack to feature full difficulty, so that everyone can rock along, no matter how good they are at the game. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Special thanks to m9 for an incredible preview video.

Downloads and more:

Next month’s theme is HALLOWEEN!

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  1. Please chart some horror movie themes for Halloween! I would love Killer Klowns from outer space, Halloween theme and Saw theme.

  2. brilliant! now my idiot friends can play with me too

  3. Thanks for more Machinae Supremacy, Metroid Metal, and full difficulties!

  4. Whoa! Fulgore Type-03 theme! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!

  5. Hell yeah, I'm not too good at Guitar Hero lol this is perfect :')

  6. I swear these keep getting better and better

  7. Thanks for doing Full Difficulties for all the people that suck like me

  8. Some of these need a little more work on the lower charts – Medium feels like "expert but we don't use the orange fret" on some of them. Charting difficulties is, ironically, highly difficult though. I hope to see people get better at it as they practice!

  9. The space cadet returns looks fun as hell. Thank you SO much for the work put in on this pack

  10. Holy shit i had so much fun playing the mario kart chart!

  11. Yes! Finally! I love rhythm games specially guitar hero but i can only get to atleast medium difficulty. Plus if any friends who dont really play come over and want to try it and find a song that they like ill always have to warn them "this one is on hard only" and we basically cant enjoy it to its fullest. But if you guys are able to do this more often (which btw thank you so much, i appreciate the hard work) we can now enjoy the game while not having to be great at it.

  12. Thank you so much for starting charts in full difficulty.

    If i can ask anything from you guys, could you please do charts for
    World's End Dancehall, by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, produced by wowaka,
    and non expert difficulties for
    Word Disassociation by Lemon Demon,
    as well as non expert difficulties for The End Of Solitude by Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len, produced by Hikari Shuuyou?

    Sorry to ask for so much, but i figured it would be better to get all the possible requests out now than once each request.

  13. Halloween could be so nice. Creature feature spooky scary skeletons. Oml

  14. impressive, love your guys' work in all the packs and actually find it a nice touch to add all dificulties as my nephew wants to have fun playing but he can only go up to medium and myself to hard. Thank you again for this treat of the month, pretty stoked for the halloween pack too next month

  15. Threw me some feels at the end there. Nice work. I just found out about CH and now I have to go search KH and FF soundtracks in addition to my actual musical interests.

  16. The full difficulty is something the community really needs. Most charts are expert and none of us noobs can play any good songs besides what are in the main game setlists. Thank you guys.

  17. i come back to this game because of you guys!!<<3<3<3

  18. finally full difficulty! my dreams of playing custom songs on hard are coming true.

  19. me encantaría el paquete de charts de el soundtrack de Donkey Kong 😀

  20. You guys do a fucking amazing job! Congratulations and a big THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  21. The intro here reminds me of a avgn vid well done peeps well on this setlist loved playing the BFG edition still trying to get that FC on Hard before I can start on expert

  22. Kinda sad to see no Devil May Cry tracks made it on this but it's still a damn good selection!

  23. NO ZELDA!! FUCK!! Still downloading it….

  24. You already catch me with the Kingdom Hearts haha

  25. 0:10 i only know this music from Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo
    but can anyone tell me what is the real music?? or what game had this music??

  26. i like the concept
    but i expected some more iconic stuff

  27. The best thing in this Doom's chart is the breakdowns by using the open notes! This is sick hehe!

  28. yall should make another one of these with songs from persona 5, doom eternal, kirby, mario, zelda, kingdom hearts all the classic soundtracks, I like this line up but I feel like there is still al ot of uncovered grounds you could tap into

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