CSC Monthly Pack - September 2018: Video Games RELEASE (NOW WITH FULL DIFFICULTY) -

CSC Monthly Pack – September 2018: Video Games RELEASE (NOW WITH FULL DIFFICULTY)

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Here it is – the first ever CSC Monthly Pack to feature full difficulty, so that everyone can rock along, no matter how good they are at the game. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Special thanks to m9 for an incredible preview video.

Downloads and more:

Next month’s theme is HALLOWEEN!

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  1. Thank you sooooo much. I've played for ever but only really enjoy the medium difficulties. U DA BEST!!!

  2. yall should make another one of these with songs from persona 5, doom eternal, kirby, mario, zelda, kingdom hearts all the classic soundtracks, I like this line up but I feel like there is still al ot of uncovered grounds you could tap into

  3. The best thing in this Doom's chart is the breakdowns by using the open notes! This is sick hehe!

  4. i like the concept
    but i expected some more iconic stuff

  5. 0:10 i only know this music from Kero Kero Bonito – Flamingo
    but can anyone tell me what is the real music?? or what game had this music??

  6. You already catch me with the Kingdom Hearts haha

  7. NO ZELDA!! FUCK!! Still downloading it….

  8. Kinda sad to see no Devil May Cry tracks made it on this but it's still a damn good selection!

  9. The intro here reminds me of a avgn vid well done peeps well on this setlist loved playing the BFG edition still trying to get that FC on Hard before I can start on expert

  10. You guys do a fucking amazing job! Congratulations and a big THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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