Dead by Daylight - Happy Halloween 2018 -

Dead by Daylight – Happy Halloween 2018

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Halloween Celebration for 2018. Today we played the shape and used his ultra rare add-ons that allow me to remove a player from the game immediately. This evening we’ll be doing some special stream and giving away a cool collectible for Dead by Daylight! Check me out at 1pm PST!

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  1. Tyde, I have noticed a change in you, for the better. I feel like we got the old Tyde back, lately. For a while, you seemed totally disgusted and over this game, and it seemed like you only complained about it, rather than have any fun. I always loved your older videos (before the beard) and how funny you were, and legitimately love this game and it showed while you played. That Tyde is back again and I'm loving it! Keep it up man!

  2. I got the same Dickies coveralls for my Myers costume this year!

  3. Lmao. Great stuff. Love the disconnect pumpkin.

  4. Its halloween. This explains why im only getting myers lobbies. Lmao

  5. OMG THE INTRO 😆😂 Happy Halloween all!

  6. You do the tombstone build and get survivors that run up to you. I try for the achievement and get the most skilled survivors ever lol. Still haven't got that achievement.

  7. The fuck is this shit, 0/10 worst scare ever. We all know the scariest player is nea.

  8. Funny how the tier lists are placing Michael under hillbilly these days..though pulling off ultimate evil Myers is impressive

  9. Let's play! Make a "scary 5 words"!!!!

    Ok here i got one:

    "My wife is not talking"


  10. why can't i get a team like that when i'm going for that achievement lol

  11. The skit in the start was pure gold😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  12. Ty for the Halloween video nice to wake nd bake to. Have a great day tyde

  13. The scariest thing is a killer disconnect when you have a good offering

  14. Love that the last one just accepted fate. Perfect Halloween homage.

  15. I think when Myers is set up to kill survivors he should be able to kill them when they're on the ground like any other mori in the game. Discuss.

  16. Hey Tyde I would love for you to make a in depth guide on the nightmare. Huge fan of your videos too!!!

  17. my plugged in laptop suddenly turned off on its own while watching this video. dislike.

  18. Holy shit!! I have that exact mask!! Im being myers too

  19. How is Myers top tier ? watches this video

    Well shit

  20. Not gonna lie that whole running into a locker thing to avoid the mori is a bit of a dick move

  21. A survivor was right behind the tree at 3:34 you can see a point of light

  22. Being a killer main, and since it’s the end of the event now, and I don’t like survivor much, this was one of the most annoying events ever. If I was lucky and everybody put in a petal, I couldn’t get a full vial because I needed 6, NOT 5!! While yes I did get what I wanted for the huntress, which I main, this was so stressful for me as a killer. All I wanted to do was play the game and if I was near one, I’d hook a survivor on the hook, but most of my games took 30-40 to complete, all survivors just wanted to be friendly, and I didn’t have fun at all! Me and my friends all just stuck in private matches for most of the event after we got what we wanted. I got so annoyed on day 3 of the event, I was able to get my Meg PRESTIGE 3, SHE WAS PRESTIGE 1 LEVEL 10 AT THE START!!, overall, this event was good for survivors, but terrible for us killers

    Edit: While yes they did make it so each survivor and killer could get 60 all together, making survivors go back to survivors and killers going back to killers, this didn’t fix the issue with the lobbies for us killers, I still had 30-40 minute games, and took me 10-15 minutes to find a game

    Edit 2: while I did have fun messing around with friendly survivors, in day 4, it just got annoying. The only time I had fun farming with survivors was when I kept getting the same Nea over and over again, we got to the point where we found each other so much, she would always bring a flash light and I would always throw my hatchet in the air to say it’s me, we even got into a party together and just in one day, we found each other more than 20 times!!

  23. Hey, Tyde! What's youк take on "Last year: the nightmare"?

  24. TydeTyme, I appreciate all you do on the Dead by Daylight series as I am new to the game, just a couple of days now and I was blessed to have found your videos. I have been binge watching your 173 videos collection and have gotten much better. So thanks a Million brother! Keep up the damn fine work and gg!

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