Do Video Games Make You Violent? -

Do Video Games Make You Violent?

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  1. If Stardew Valley doesn't make me a farmer,My Summer Car doesn't make me a car mechanic,Job Simulator doesn't make me a businessman,FIFA doesn't make me a good football player,MADDEN doesn't make me a american football player, shooters won't make me violent

    and for those that noticed that i called soccer football,yes this comment was made by a Europian

  2. Here’s my take:

    The gamer playing the video game is very concentrated on beating that game, and if they lose, they will get angry (not all the time tho).

  3. Playing Football Manager doesn't make me want to manage football teams.
    But if I play GTA, I suddenly want to commit mass genocide?
    Something doesn't add up here.

  4. violent criminals and pacifists will play videogames , it really depends on your personality and the life you've been through (AKA your experiences) to either make you a good person or an evil one, videogames making people criminals ? yeah , surgeon simulator made me a qualified master surgeon too…

  5. after playing a game i randomly got mad on an apple- and threw it XD

  6. Fact: if you do anything violence there is a 99.9% chance you breathe air.

  7. It’s more likely that the things that causes rage in the players of games are factors like glitches, game breaking bugs, games crashing, bad story, or even difficulty spikes. But the most someone would do would probably break a cup, slam the desk, or throw a controller.

  8. Garbage games which makes up about 99% of them these days do make you violent. in fact after a playing one of set games a bit I feel very much like beating the makers of the game to a bloody pulp, to think they get paid money to give you high blood pressure. They should all be jailed plain and simple.

  9. Have you ever been you filipino computer gaming cafe shops?😂

  10. plays among us

    breaking news:a 12 year old child found wearing jellybeans suit and cutting people's head off

  11. I don't trust this video. There has been an increase in street gang violence since the 1990's, so, maybe videogame is not a contributor but simply a symptom, but there's definitely been an increase of a culture of violence, and the amount of violence in the average videogame media makes you wonder where is the alternative (it's marginal). In my youth we were hearing stories about the mafia but it was sort of distant, we didn't fear to be killed at every corner of a bad neighborhood. The causes for this might no be attributable to anything specific but if you study videogame history without remarking how increasingly violent it has become, than I think you are missing the point whether any videogame actually can make a specific individual more violent or not.

  12. The whole “monkey see, monkey do” logic is so-small-brained that it doesn’t go beyond WHY anyone would want to imitate what they see in media in the first place.
    Does anyone remember playing with their toys/with friends and act out scenes from games, movies, anime, etc? That doesn’t necessarily translate to wanting to become a school shooter, Disney Princess, etc. I know I’ve been through a phase where I wore princess costumes and played out scenes from Disney movies but when went through a huge °180 and started obsessing over shounen anime instead.

  13. This as a whole point does not make sense because violent crimes, wars, fights happened even more before video games were a thing. So at the end of the day it is just human temperament

  14. Ok I just downloaded fall guys now any minute I’ll be on American ninja warrior.

    Any minute now

  15. Played skyrim, now I wanna slaughter armies with my voice

  16. me:i played cod and does nothing
    Media: ViDeOgAmEs CaUsE vIoLeNcE

  17. Lets be honest, video games don't make anyone aggressive, but ping and lag on your internet connection does.

  18. I played Mario and now every time I see a turtle I get the urge to jump on it.

  19. Video games CAN cause violence depending on how dumb the person playing the game is
    For example if someone thinks they should do what they do in GTA the video game is the cause but it's the players fault

  20. My cousin that's 10yrs old plays GTA5 and he abuses his siblings and me

  21. Heres solid proof and will make the politicians that say games cause violence will crumble to the ground
    If games cause violence then what games did people play through out history In WWI WW2 and other wars

  22. Me after playing catch with my Scorbunny in Pokémon sword: Well I guess Imma go place a mustard gas bomb inside the local elementary school.

  23. plays godzilla ps4
    I wanna turn myself into a giant and destroy buildings

  24. Well video games doesn't cause violence Against Humans.

    only electronics

  25. "Video Games Cause Violence"
    -Prophet Muhamad before the Battle of Badr ( 624 ce )

  26. Videogames don't show us any more violence than what the media and news show us. Take that politards

  27. Tbh there might be a total psychopath want to kill people who want to see bloods like they see in video games

  28. Why you think the founders of jackass always sends a message before the show starts. Because kids will do some stupid shit that showed on tv.

  29. Games wont make you violent, but some competitive games like CSGO, Dota, LOL can make you more agressive and frustrated.. and lazy ofc

  30. "games are bad! they make you bad." -postal 2 protestors

  31. Me: *plays Minecraft*
    Me later: I'm going to destroy some home >:)

  32. Video game do cause violent but its our brain who response to it

  33. No games don't make you violent, I play to chill and relax.

  34. Parents and teachers when they find out there were wars before video games: *Confused unga bunga*

  35. It doesnt make me violent. Rather, it makes me wanna do suicide cause of the devs making games fun then ruining it with an update. And devs not listening to people to remove the stupid feature cuz they wanna make money.

  36. I don't think they cause me to be violent but for some reason I've always wanted a game where you can torture and kill people in the worst ways, or shoot random people with a bunch of gore. I don't know if I'm a psychopath or what.

  37. Well to be clear the games made me so violent that no one want to talk to me in school and some of them will bully me for being too violent

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