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Dreams – Gameplay Demo | PlayStation Live from E3 2018

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Media Molecule dropped by the PlayStation E3 stage to show off a brand new hands-on demo of Dreams, showcasing the game’s incredible creation tools.


  1. Dreams PS4 is literally our Dreams come true 😍

  2. Did this take inspiration off of net yaroze?

  3. that female commentator was really annoying lol

  4. holly doesn't add much to this demo but also i want to propose to her

  5. Littlebigplanet players: Hey, I've seen this one before.

  6. Jsi to dejte tu hru do prdele kdyz to nema cz titulky .

  7. This is the game I dreamt of as a kid

  8. Have master chief pulled in with cratos into a altered verse to fight side by side against both of their worlds enemies that are altered themselves

  9. I had this idea in my head ever since I younger when i played farcry and Halo games. They all had these amazing creators that allowed creativity along with gameplay. I always wanted a concept that had the ability to create whatever u wanted and anything you desire, low and behold all these things are displayed in dreams. I'm absolutely amazed by this games development and hyped that my own idea has also been in likeminded ppl. Amazing vid

  10. I wish this thing was available for the PC. 🙁

  11. I'm not very creative but I love the idea of a game where I never play the same level twice

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