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Dreams – Gameplay Demo | PlayStation Live from E3 2018

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Media Molecule dropped by the PlayStation E3 stage to show off a brand new hands-on demo of Dreams, showcasing the game’s incredible creation tools.


  1. This is MASSIVE!! how much memory will I need to install it? CAN'T WAIT btw….looks like I'll be spending more than a few hours immersed in this….a lot to learn, but it looks so intuitive….please let it be released this year.

  2. That chick is super cringe. Why don't people get that we don't want this. We want real people.

  3. This could possibly be the future of game development

  4. The Guy playing looks like Micah from RDR2

  5. mucha mierda en el proyecto si me ando comprando un kit completo de ps4 iui

  6. that guy in the shirt. you know who im talkin about. dont like em. not even a little.

  7. i think its getting a tad bit too complicated

  8. Talk about dissapointing that this won't be available on PC. I get that they want exclusives, but this is one of those games that should be on every platform.

  9. Bro this could literally give people big oppurtunities and chances to compose beats, act, make games, animate, etc. The list goes on. This game is changing the game 💯 and could change people's lives. I'm hyped!

  10. This is super impressive but if I bought this I might never play another game again.

  11. An entire community might grow from this game!

  12. Why isn't there something like this for the PC?

  13. Looks fab..looks like wix website for gameplay…brill idea

  14. It looks awesome! That's the creation game I was waiting for.

  15. Is it possible for an enemy to chase the player? If someone could respond that would be great. Thanks in advance.

  16. Only for PS4 and maybe ps5?…….Nah im too poor……..im gonna Just watch other people play it

  17. sory sony…but am i the onely one who think this game is stupid ?

  18. I'm not very creative but I love the idea of a game where I never play the same level twice

  19. I wish this thing was available for the PC. 🙁

  20. I had this idea in my head ever since I younger when i played farcry and Halo games. They all had these amazing creators that allowed creativity along with gameplay. I always wanted a concept that had the ability to create whatever u wanted and anything you desire, low and behold all these things are displayed in dreams. I'm absolutely amazed by this games development and hyped that my own idea has also been in likeminded ppl. Amazing vid

  21. Have master chief pulled in with cratos into a altered verse to fight side by side against both of their worlds enemies that are altered themselves

  22. This is the game I dreamt of as a kid

  23. Jsi to dejte tu hru do prdele kdyz to nema cz titulky .

  24. Littlebigplanet players: Hey, I've seen this one before.

  25. holly doesn't add much to this demo but also i want to propose to her

  26. that female commentator was really annoying lol

  27. Did this take inspiration off of net yaroze?

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