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Dunkey Halloween Special

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  1. I like how he’s generally unfazed up until he tried to go in the attic

  2. Hahahaha first time watching horror gameplay and its more funny than its scary

  3. This game is just ripping off mr mosquito for ps2

  4. dude how do you get me to laugh every time. EVERY TIME. ok i know, i know now. you used to be a comedian. yep thats it. you were a comedian right?

  5. Is this a Horror Game? or a Real Estate Agent Simulator.

  6. The ghost can't haunt the house if you burn it down. haha got em.

  7. *Presses E
    Dunke: that’s it!
    Radio: This is a cow, MOO!
    Dunke: *interupts, oh goddamnit
    lol 😂

  8. That ending tho.

    Had me laughing more than I would like to admit.

    Dunkey never fails to add an unexpected twist. 😆

  9. There's a roblox remake of this and it's quite accurate

  10. Ah, the new lol expansion, league of malfunctioning lightbulbs

  11. 7:08 "It's coming towards me!" "Is she coming?!" "She's still coming" "Is she though"… This happens all the time in the bed 😂🤣

  12. This might be donkeys best intro to a video of all time and I have no idea why it’s so funny

  13. “This really makes you feel scared. 8.25/10” – IGN

  14. Is she really coming ? So funny , best part.

  15. knock three times on the closet if you dunkey…

  16. I love visage. It's fucking creepy…

  17. I love how from 7:48 to 7:58 you can tell Dunkey has that genuine nervous feeling we all get when being chased

  18. Bruh, who created this game it's actually insane lol. My goodness.

  19. It's so awesome that big Youtubers like Dunkey reference obscure video games. To me, it just gives them more attention like they deserve.

  20. whyd i get this reccomended today

  21. 03:32 Jesus CHRIST dunkey! Why would you just drop that in a video all Willynilly?! That’s so fucked

  22. bunkey if you dont m,ake a video on touhou no more cute animals

  23. This open house simulator would be better if they turned the lights on.

  24. i love how youtube thinks this is five nights at freddy's

  25. Why does YouTube claim that this game is five nights at freddy's

  26. Dunkey: Hey guys im playing a game called Visage
    Youtube: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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