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BSOI #41!
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Outro song: “Pongathon” by Matt Buckley


  1. Star Wars Fans Fundamentally Misunderstand Star Wars? I'm a Star Wars fan, and I'm pretty sure I get it. Why let a group of mis-measured TINY group of obtuse loud individuals characterize a whole fan base? It's a mistake for anyone to let that title challenge you. That article title doesn't beckon me to read it. And despite anything the article has to say, there are certain things I do like and don't like in my movies, and I didn't like The Last Jedi nearly enough to embrace it as a representation of the ideals – not as a movie I waited two years for. A Facebook post? fine. Not a movie. Besides, if a movie wants to try to break stereotype and present something out of the usual, that's fine – but integrate it well into the story – don't ram it down our throats. I didn't think that way when I watched the movie. I just didn't like the movie very much. Trolls are all about bombastic collectivism. Trolls existed long before the internet, they just have a new place to practice.

  2. i actually really enjoyed Rob zombies version of the character. Wish he could have made his own "dark universe" and also do Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm Street, Texas chainsaw massacre even. Yay or Nay?

  3. A movie filled with aliens and colossal games of "laser tag"…..and people get mad about ONE actress's race and looks…..c'mon people…=_=

    And I will admit…I'm one of those people who never really joined the social media craze…never had a Myspace, never had (and never will have) a Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. Pinterest and tumbler I do have simply for looking stuff up ( I don't rally interact with anyone, just lurker accounts if anything )…I don't even have Reddit…sorry folks but my mental health comes first o -o


  5. I don't know why but this is the first year I have high hopes on the Nintendo conference.

  6. this halloween retcons everything after the original so its just the 78 halloween and this one so the whole michael myers being her brother isnt cannon etc.

  7. It'd be cool to see you guys cover E3 and give your thoughts on the games coming out! I'm most excited about Nintendo. Mostly because Smash Bros. 😁

    Also, 32:40 is probably the best editing Conner has done so far. Well done.

  8. I’m hoping and waiting for MK11 and for my Queen Sindel to be playable in it!

  9. I don't think it's fair that Kelly Marie Tran is getting all of this coverage when people like John Boyega and Anna Diop have been getting slaughtered and have received way more hatred by racist people and no one's batted an eye. I personally think people just don't care because the color of their skin.

  10. I didn´t watch The Last Jedi, honestly at this point the franchise just lost me, but from what I gathered online it seems that theres a growing opinion that the general writing of the movies and its characters is getting worse over time, with Rose being a prime example of this. I think there´s a legitimate argument to be made for this, but cyberbullying an actress that isn´t even responsible by how her character was written isn´t the way to go and will only create more problems. These are trolls and should be ignored

  11. I'm looking forward to the new Halloween movie 😁

  12. All of these crazy BSoI weeks have matty feeling SKEPTICAL

  13. To be honest, I'm most excited to see reactions/analysis from you both and other Youtubers I watch this E3.

  14. Can't wait for Halloween. &, unlike Matty apparently, I can believe a woman in her early 60's can prepare to defend herself from attackers.

  15. The most exciting thing about E3 is the next Mortal Kombat game. If they do announce it, I hope you guys will do a Story Mode like you did with Injustice 2.
    I mentioned it before but I actually started watching you since MKX (april 2015) so that would be kind of nostalgic 😀

  16. I cannot believe Loyless to the Star Wars franchise have a problem with this movie this is not a redo of the original series they are not redoing this series thay are added on to the original series of the story line so I don't know why people have a problem with this movie also I can't believe people have a problem with movies being more diverse anybody should be allowed to be any movie no matter what race you're in I can't believe people are so racist they only allowed a certain kind of people in a movie no matter what I think that's a horrible way of thinking and I can't believe people are like that and stop giving her a hard time just because she's Asian in a Star Wars movie so what she I thought she did an amazing job as Rose she was very funny and very clever the last Jedi and force awakens was one of my favorite movies of all time and I thought they did a amazing job with it and I can't believe people are having problems just because they're having other kinds of characters

  17. I'm getting excited to learn more about the new Fallout game coming out ☺️👍

  18. Interesting fact, I was almost a background character in the newest Halloween. It was being filmed in Charleston, or at least some of it. The only thing that stopped me was getting sick the day of filming

  19. Yeah I really liked last year how you guys went over each conference and made a video on each one of them. In my opinion I would enjoy that the best, but I’m okay with you guys streaming it or anything. I’ll still watch 😁

  20. I don't think they were attacking her because of race or gender

    I think it's because her character in The Last Jedi was just terrible. And that's why people are mad. I can kind of see where they're coming from, but it's not her fault the movie was badly written

  21. I have Detroit become human it is so good just don't live stream cause I like series about games like life is strange and walking dead

  22. Yeah that whole Kelly Marie Tran thing was entirely messed up and completely immoral. Look, I agree that the movie wasn't all that good, but that was the writing…not her. She's an actress, not the character. She's an actress, not the writer. Leave her alone people.

  23. Hey, I would LOVE to see you guys react to “empty” by Jaiden Animations, and boyinaband. It’s really popular right, and I think you guys would like it!

  24. Life is Strange, AKA Life is Tumblr, Life is Cringe, Life is Cliche.
    The technical failures and the massive f u plot twist at the end of Chapter 4 makes the game horrible.

  25. Have you guys seen Hereditary? It's so good! I remember you guys mentioned you liked mother! and I think if you liked that one you might like this one too

  26. I hope something comes up about Mortal Kombat 11 so I can continue the story

  27. Did you guys see the new Ori and the Blind Forest trailer?

  28. This is the THIRD time this franchise has been rebooted, first with Halloween H20, then Rob Zombie's thankfully short-lived remake series, and now basically a retcon of all eight films after the original (not technically counting 3). Yeesh…

    And I thought Friday the 13th was a mess. Honestly, I'm burned out on Halloween at this point and suspect Curtis took this job partially for the check. I don't particularly care that Danielle Harris wasn't asked to return to play "Laurie Jr." either.

    Halloween has progressively diluted into a bad joke. John Carpenter made an icon out of a simplistic but memorable idea that's been milked to Hell & back. Just have the mercy to let Michael Myers DIE already with some memory of dignity.

    No matter the director, cast, or script, it'll never recapture 1978's lightning in a bottle. Times have changed and so have audiences. Sometimes, the best way to respect something we love is by learning when to leave well enough ALONE.

    🎃🎵 #TellTheWorldImComingHome 🎵🔪

  29. While I personally find it overall a lackluster standalone film & Star Wars film, I can understand why people enjoy TLJ and one would think it should go without saying that there's NOTHING wrong with that. 👍 I went into it open-minded:

    I've watched multiple videos defending it + TFA, I opened myself up to the other side's pov in depth. I know all the major defenses of Rey, Luke, Ben, Leia, and the plot/politics inside & out. NO ONE can tell me I didn't listen to the opposition.

    I've heard all the popular defenses of the prequels too, which I still happen to like to an extent in spite of their many flaws, and even criticisms I myself made of the originals. I never wanted this trilogy to be a rehash of the OT.

    But I also recognize that fan service (at least in moderation) is not necessarily a bad thing. Giving people too little of what they were expecting can potentially damage a brand just as or more heavily than giving too much.

    Like it or not, in ANY billion dollar flagship franchise, especially one as influential as SW, what fans want matters, not just the respective Director's "personal story" (This is what Rian & Kathleen didn't understand and/or didn't care about).

    You can't realistically ignore what your audience is expecting from the return of some of the most iconic characters in cinema, dismiss criticisms on grounds of sexism + blind nostalgia, and not logically expect divisive results. 🤷

    Of course SW needed to change for the next generation, nobody I know of is arguing otherwise. But it also needed to respect what came before and remind us (as with any soft reboot) why we fell in love ❤️ with it in the first place.

    The classic argument I hear about ESB being just as initially polarizing in 1980 is also a false equivalency, as it compares two significantly different audiences at different times in context of the franchise's content growth & expectations.

    A prior film getting away with something is NOT a blank check for future entries to homage or emulate it and expect similar reaction. This applies to many TLJ comparisons, including Snoke vs Palpatine, Kylo vs Vader, Rey vs Luke, etc.

    One of the most common TLJ defenses I hear is that it "subverted expectations". But subversion in itself does not make a quality story. It's what specifically you subvert, the context of why, and how you execute it that counts.

    Disney's SW needed to find a balance between BOTH challenging the comforting familiarity of the past & delving into bold new themes while meeting or surpassing fans' expectations to a healthy degree, NOT prioritize one over the other.

    This trilogy's overarching problem thus far in my experience has been that, in multiple aspects, TFA (celebrates the OT's tropes) and TLJ (deconstructs the OT while alienating veteran fans) took 👈 both 👉 directions to the extreme.

  30. Hey you all should check out the Halo Infinite (aka Halo 6) game demonstration for their new halo engine called the slipspace engine. It looks pretty.

  31. I got so hyped when you covered Halloween. I have marathoned the entire franchise (old, new and the weird Halloween 3 that no one wants to talk about) about 100 times. After watching Resurrection for the first time (the one following H2O), I was so pissed off at the way in which they supposedly ended Laurie's life. For years I was hoping that they would add one more installment showing that she isn't dead yet and that she can somehow end the seemingly unending curse that is Michael. She was one of the original scream queens and I'm so excited to see this in the fall! 🙂

  32. I'm so happy you're planning on playing Detroit 😍 can't wait!!!

    I think twin mirrors might be really great, I hope so!

  33. I think I'm most excited for The Last Of Us II, even though it's not coming out until next year(I think)
    I feel terrible about Kelly Marie Tran, I had no idea this was happening to her. It's 2018, you would hope people would be beyond shaming people for their race or body type.

  34. Purists?…more like Fanatics and Extremists ><

  35. People keep wondering why SJWs are so politically correct, well it's because trolls keep ganging up on them online. When one side is driving the other to suicide, it's not surprising they get paranoid.

  36. Aww Matty felt bad when Lissy told him that he was being a bit of a cynic 🙁
    Now I feel bad too.

  37. I feel so bad for Kelly Marie Tran. I had no idea that was happening to her. As a fellow actress who is Asian, that trolling is scary. I had someone pretend to like me and as soon as they found out I was Asian called me all sorts of horrible names. I was so happy for her because she got into a huge franchise and was a badass woman in the movie that could also be a love interest. They didn't play her up as a stereotypical Asian woman, but rather just a woman. I admired that choice. I just don't understand why someone would troll her unless it is the "purist" thinking, jealousy, or just anger at adding more characters and messing with this crafted world. But making threats to the actors in ridiculous to me. It's like can you really not tell the difference between this created world and reality? I applaud her for getting rid of social media just because it is getting more concentrated with negativity.

  38. Lissy bleeps herself and covers up the reddit name to make it say BlackMagicEfferyactual reddit name with curse word in it is immediately above her head on the right side of the screen … Haha. You know what they say about the best laid plans, right? Anyway, DEEEEEEmonitized!

  39. Speaking of corporate conferences gone wrong, Bitconnect. There’s a video somewhere so if you haven’t seen the conference, watch it.

  40. saw a GAME called 'Black Mirror." forgot if it twuz 4 STEAM PS4 or switch

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