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Easy Tips for Spookier Builds in Terraria (Halloween 2018)

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WaTcH MoRe SpOokY TeRraRia ViDeOs…

For this years Halloween Special I’m going to be teaching you 5 easy tips to improve you Halloween Builds in Terraria

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  1. i can’t use cobweb my weapons will keep destroying it

  2. Legend says if you say a youtubers name 3 times he will heart your comment


  3. Weren't you sick in the beginning of october too? You sure get sick a lot man, bad luck :c I hope next year you'll have a stronger immune system lol

  4. coolest video EVER thanks for the great tips bro.

  5. The second i clicked on this video i just knew that he would be using the bloodroot trick to make cracked walls

  6. with my friend,we made a halloween biome in our modded playthrough. we painted everything (grass,trees,dirt,plants,etc.) deep orange,used solar monoliths for the background,added desert water fountains,and pumpkin moon music boxes. it actually turned out pretty nice,but the mountains in the background showed up over the solar one,so i just disabled backgrounds.

  7. I liked your tips Chippy, but all of my builds are just squares.

  8. I only played modded because of you Chippy, I love watching your playthroughs and keep up the good work

  9. Here's a tip for haunted libraries: step 1 shadow paint a section of the wall. Step 2 place a bewitching table on the shadow painted section. Step 3 shadow paint all of the table except for the book.

  10. I love the look of that house you did amazing.

  11. It took me like three looks to realize, it ws pumpking on the thumbnail. 😀

  12. Youtube algorithm did work but this video wasn't the best one of yours 🙁

  13. I like this tips, thanks Chippy. Chippy, i´ve experimenting some "troubles" in my worlds, as I go deeper under more and more areas of the map I appear absent, what do I mean by this? It appears to me as if there were nothing, I only have vision of the vases, the treasures or the mobs that are there.

    There comes a point where I descend and the game allows me to see the area as it normally should be, but if I go back I still see distorted, I have an image, but I do not know how to send it to you. Hope u can help me, thanks Chippy. Luv ur videos.

  14. Cobwebs are mysterious

    So is my living room lol

  15. To be honest I quit caring about making awesome builds or rather try to make awesome builds for 2 reason. 1. No one but me will care and see my builds. 2. There is always people out there making so damn awesome build the shit I make is not even worth doing. So in the end I build some square boxes to store my npc and items chests and and don´t give a damn about building anything but that I mean what´s the point.

  16. Simon Buck - Among us!!! )and also forite🥶🥶) says:

    nice cool

  17. James, If you use the orange strange plant and paint it black (with shadow paint) It looks like cracks cracking upwards.

  18. Thanks chippy I'm a builder and I'm constantly looking for new ideas

  19. instead of painting the grass, you could also use a solar monolith to make the entire environment orange?

  20. I have a question for you. Will there ever be a new update for mobile?

  21. Chippy plz read this… Amber's original purpose, the Orange Torches, were apparently added because of a "really persistent nagging brit." in reference to Youtuber ChippyGaming AKA James Bennett[1]
    Official terraria wiki people’s…

  22. 5:28 Luigi’s mansion doesn’t have a dungeon but there is a secret hole in the roof that leads to the sealed room

  23. Great video chippy! I can’t wait for you to reach 500k!

  24. Hello James, could you answer me something? I just opened my Terraria most recent world and the moon doesn't look like a… moon. Seems more like a planet with a ring around it. Is that something new or I just normal and I'm getting nuts? lol

  25. If I wanted to see a spooky build, I'd call yo mamma!

  26. I have Terraria on my Xbox and I haven't been playing it in a long time I wish the dungeon defenders event was on Xbox because I really want that flaming dragon sword it makes sense because dungeon defenders isn't on Xbox

  27. I’ve always been bad at building but good at the game lol😂

  28. man, now i wish i never ruined my whole world with a lot of random houses,

  29. Hey chippy, if you were to ask me what I’m scared of most in terraria, My Only Words Would Be:

    Antlion, Swarmer.

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