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Spider-Man: No Way home is around the corner! With 5, possibly 6, villains on loan from other Spider-Man movies, Tom holland sure does have his work cut out for him. If only Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man could lend a hand, right?

Presales for this movie have gone through the roof – the hype is real – and if its good it could be one of the biggest Spider-Man movies ever. With that in mind, I want to rank every Spider-Man movie worst to best. Oh boy, I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye.

0:00 – Introduction
1:32 – The Amazing Spider-Man
08:07 – Today’s Sponsor
09:18 – Spider-Man 2
20:21 – Venom
22:23 – Venom: Let There Be Carnage
24:01- Far From Home
28:56 – Spider-Man 3
44:50 – Homecoming
52:37 – Into the Spider-Verse
58:42 – Spider-Man
1:14:41 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Spider-Man. 2002. Directed by Sam Raimi.
Spider-Man 2. 2004. Directed by Sam Raimi
Spider-Man 3. 2007. Directed by Sam Raimi
The Amazing Spider-Man. 2012. Directed by Marc Webb.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 2014. Directed by Marc Webb.
Spider-Man: Homecoming. 2017. Directed by Jon Watts.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman.
Spider-Man: Far From Home. 2019. Directed by Jon Watts.
Spider-Man: No Way Home. 2012. Directed by Jon Watts.

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  1. you typed amazing spider man 2 as number 1 and spider man as number 9

  2. I think your outrage over the First Amazing Spider-Man movie is a bit overblown. Quite literally the only two points I’ve agreed with you on with it is the disjointed and abandoned plot threads and the Peter’s parents plot line being dumb. The movie has its flaws, but this feels like the same type of over reaction the people that call Toms Spider-Man “Iron-Boy Jr.” have had over the past 2 years.

  3. So I have this idea for an alternate spiderman 3 that fixes most of the issues and leads into a proper spiderman 4. First, no venom, still have the Eddie plot, but spiderman keeps the black suit till the end. Then after harry remembers everything, he's the one that teams with sandman and kidnapping m.j. promising to pay for markos daughter medical bills. Now in the final fight, Peter won't try to reason due to the influence of the black suit and true to m.j.s warning he does something he regrets and kills harry. (Or the suit goes full venom and does it, but Peter still blames himself. With his financial security dead sandman runs away. He's not really a murderer so he not gonna keep fighting now. This is what spurs Peter to reject the suit and when Eddie gets it in that cool scene, it cuts to credits as he bites the camera

  4. I have a soft spot for the Raimi Trilogy, as a kid in my undies I’d put those movies on and pretend to be Spider-Man jumping off my couch and pretending to climb on walls. I really enjoyed TASM 1 when it came out and envied Peter (He was a skinny pretty boy with great hair), TASM 2…well the marketing was insane at the time. But Tom Holland Spider-Man is my favorite, he goes through the things I’m going through at my age insecure in your ability and wanting to do more that you forget where you are now. I’m worried that NWH will be too bloated and the rumors I’ve heard just don’t entice me but I’m hopeful.

  5. honestly after watching them all just recently in preperation for No way home, my only major disagreement is spider-verse. that's my #1 easily, not even close

  6. The reason toms Peter kept the iron spider suit is bc it wouldn't make any sense for him to not use it. They got around that pretty well by making him want to not bring it with him on vacation but aunt may packing his suit anyways.

  7. describes king pin as well rounded in terms of character

    I cannot not laugh at that I'm sorry

  8. You got me with those chapter titles, Amazing Spiderman 2 no1? Hahaha

  9. You are very boring and sound like a tory but your bias towards the raimi films isn't as bad as hitop films.

  10. Croco Dylian Ch.「クロコ ダイラン」 says:

    I honestly prefer Amazing over Raimi's Spiderman, not only Andrew is a better fit for the character, but also the interactions between his character and Gwen are far better that between Tobey's and MJ, and also, I prefer much more Emma's Gwen over Kristen's MJ, MJ was so annoying I literally hated her, instead Gwen even helped Andrew, while MJ was basically useless, even Aunt May did actually defend herself agaisnt Octopus. And the chemistry between Andrew and Emma was so much better than Tobey and Kristen.


    do you think it’s safe to call the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield movies MCU movies now considering they’re in NWH

  12. This was such a whopper of a video, and I wholeheartedly agree with your points 🙂

  13. I've got a VERY different list(I haven't seen the TASM movies, but I assume it would be TASM 2 and then TASM 1 for my ranking, also, I'm ranking these as personal opinions):
    Worst to best going down

    Spiderman 2- This movie literally ruins the first one, and the first one is made worse by this one existing. I was sitting being bored for the longest amount of time compared to any of these movies on the second watching, and I didn't care for Peter's motivations, as in the first movie, he was sorta a creep who was way too obsessed with women. Also, MJ, Harry, and May are all pretty garbage in this movie. Otto was really good, but not nearly as good as Goblin

    Spiderman- Objectively, the 2nd one is better, but in this movie, it has the best villain of the trilogy, the best supporting cast(Harry was alright, MJ was better in this one than in the second, and May wasn't as bad), but the daily bugle was the best part. At the very first scene, I was cracking up immediately and it was comedy gold. However, the ending of this movie is cheapened by the ending of Spiderman 2, which is lame.

    Spiderman homecoming- This is probably the best spiderman movie there is(other than spiderverse), but it's not the best general movie. I don't get as much enjoyment out of it as something like spiderman 3 or ffh, but yeah, the supporting cast is great, but May is underutilized. Overall, great movie, just I don't get as much enjoyment out of it as these next ones

    Spiderman 3- This one is so bad. It's not a good movie. It's just really funny to watch. I think of these movies as comedy movies, and as those, they're great, but the space in between the comedy can make them horrible to get through. However, in this one, it's so bloated full of random crap that it's hysterical.

    Spiderman Far from home- Mysterio is the best villain out of the whole series in my opinion. This movie is just a lot of fun and does quite a lot to make Tom my go-to spiderman.

    Spiderman into the spiderverse
    This is a masterpiece. I don't care what anyone says, this movie surprisingly doesn't fill the thing with tons of fan service because Tobey's peter is in it, which I appreciate. Overall, I love this movie.

  14. Into the Spiderverse should be first but I think I relate to Miles the most of any other spidermen. As an actual teenager watching each movie, the stress of school workload, getting into a good college, and trying to prove myself to my friends, family, and myself were always at the forefront of my mind. While other aspects of being a teen are delved into in the other spidermen, they aren't nearly as on point. I'd say the relatability of spiderman is easily the most important/beloved aspect so its all selfreflection on which ones you like the best. E.g. I really can't relate to Toby's version (although I recognize why others do) so my list would be fav from worst to best: SM1, SM3, FFH, SM2, ASM1, ASM2, HC, ITSV

  15. my opinion of andrew garfield is the same as yours – he's a fantastic actor in pretty much everything else he's done (give him his damn oscar for tick tick boom) but yeah, the ASM movies are trash. that's enough of that.

    and okay i'll say it: i hate tobey maguire in this role. he is so painful to watch. he's not a great actor to begin with, and i get that peter is awkward and dorky so that's likely part of why people think tobey fits, but i cannot stand him. kirsten dunst is terrible too; they have zero chemistry and every single scene between the two of them is utterly cringeworthy. the first two raimi films are only worth watching for willem dafoe and alfred molina, and while they are both truly great, they're not great enough for me to get any real enjoyment out of either film. i've rewatched them both recently in anticipation of NWH, but dude… i just can't. i can't. punch me all you want, i don't care. i didn't grow up with the raimi movies so i don't really worship at their feet.

    so just give me tom holland for as long as he wants to play the role and for as long as the scripts are as good as they've been so far, i'll be in the theater every opening day. i adore him. the end.

  16. I don't know man, I don't think I need a Spider-Man 4.
    At the time it sounded good, but when you think about it, Spider-Man 3 is a solid conclusion to the story. Yes, there's a bit of a hanging thread on whether or not Pete and MJ get back together, but the simple fact that they close the movie with the two of them dancing says to me that they're going to be alright. Pete was in his own head before getting the Symbiote, and now that he's witnessed the very worst of himself, he's going to try harder to be there for MJ when she has her problems. It will take some time, but in the end, I believe that they still truly love each other and eventually do get married. It also sucks that the finale of the movie isn't a grand Web-slinging spectacle with a choir, but the movie's tone just didn't call for it, and I'm content with hopeful optimism than pretending everything's just magically okay with Spider-Man swinging off to the next adventure after two hours of angst, revenge, and some light crying.
    The real kicker though is Harry's death. Harry is the only character to go through an arc across all three movies than just a single arc per movie. All three movies he lives in his father's shadow slowly becoming worse and worse until he finally redeems himself. He's the one that always got the stinger for the sequel, too. You wanted to see what happened in the next movie because Harry had it out for Spider-Man, and then he found the Goblin's lair. Well, there's no setup for a sequel to Spider-Man 3, not even a lingering shot of the Osborn estate or something to do with Oscorp. Not even Dr. Conners lamenting the fact that he's missing an arm. What happened to the sample of the symbiote? Sandman was forgiven, but he's still capable of committing crimes to try and get his daughter the medical help she needs, right? Or perhaps he becomes one of the heroes and as such his debts to society will be made void. There's certainly potential to continue the story, but they just didn't put anything in the movie that suggested more was to come.
    And it was always Harry, Pete, and MJ in those movies. They had varying amounts of interaction with each other, but Harry being gone would feel pretty weird in Spider-Man 4, and since he redeemed himself, I doubt ghost Harry's going to be haunting Peter like Norman did to Harry. I have no doubt that Spider-Man 4 would have been as awesome as Raimi could make it with studio interference like he did with Spider-Man 3 (Not to mention he was having a hard time making the story work for himself), but who are Pete and MJ going to meet up with when things go wrong, or what horrific thing is going to happen because of Oscorp science? No doubt May's always there, but she's there to provide wisdom, Harry's someone their own age to commiserate with. There'd have to be a new character, or you'd have to bring in somebody from the first movie like Flash, but it wouldn't feel as earned since they weren't around for the whole ride (although I did spot him at Harry's funeral, so maybe everyone did make up in the end). Gwen was slated to stick around, but why? It would seem kind of awkward if you ask me.
    The Raimi movies got a proper conclusion, and while the adventure certainly still continues, I think that with where things are left off, for the most part things are going to be better. The characters were put through their hardest struggles across all three films, so now all there is left is to go make the best of life that they can because they'll be able to handle whatever's thrown their way. Vulture happens, Lizard happens, Black Cat, Mysterio, Carnage, whoever, they'll all have their struggles for Spider-Man to overcome, Mary Jane will get captured every time, maybe she'll even get to fight back a couple times, too, but this world is going to be in safe hands no matter who or what pops up. That's what I get out of Spider-Man 3, and I love it dearly. Not as much as the first two, but I still love it flaws and all.

  17. As a head's up, you made an error in your time stamps. 9:18 is Amazing Spider-man 2, not Spider-man 2 (the Raimi movie).

  18. Without actually watching this video, No Way Home is easily number one

  19. I hate reviews or rankings like this. If he doesn't like the movie, then everything is "awful", without recognizing even one good thing about the movie

  20. After tonight, you're gonna need to update that #1 spot.

  21. the chapters for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 2 are mixed

  22. Will you do a review of the latest season of doctor who after the final episode comes out? Or will you wait a while for hype of a new doctor to calm down

  23. Spider Verse is aesthetically my favorite animated movie ever. It’s such a beautiful movie to look at and literally every single frame of the movie is it’s own piece of art. I’m somebody that really doesn’t watch movies over and over, but I’ve seen it around 8 to 10 times, and about half of those were just to admire the animation and artwork

    It definitely helps that it’s also a masterpiece on storytelling and superhero adaptation

  24. Mary Jane sucks I'm the first 3 she is so needy and seems so back on forth doesn't seem like she wants a commitment at all, they have great moments yes but amazing spider man's female role is the best of the 3 100% Andrew is also witty and I enjoyed it, but yes the first trilogy is so brutal with it's fights u catch yourself clinching the chair rest in the punches so that's what makes it fights scenes the best, but isn't as witty as Holland or Andrew I feel unless I'm forgetting something. Toby, great peter. Andrews female role best, and Holland is best Spiderman


  26. Putting Amazing Spider-Man 2 over Amazing Spiderman 1 is objectively wrong.

  27. My best list:
    1. No Way Home

    2. Spider man 1

    3. Spider man 2

    4. Far From Home

    5. Home Coming

    6. Spider man 3

    7. Spiderverse

    8. Amazing 1

    9. Amazing 2

    10. Venom 2

    11. Venom 1

  28. I CANNOT wait to hear your spoiler-filled review of NWH. I saw it last night and as a fan of Spider-Man, the MCU and cinema as a whole—I thought it was damn near perfect.

  29. Your rankings in my opinion are on point.
    Kudos to you! 💯

  30. JJ is an absolute legend for not giving up Peter .. my man didn’t skip a beat to lie to Gobbie

  31. I respect your opinion on the Amazing films, however I think you were way too harsh on them. Yeah, they aren't the best, but they have some genuinely great scenes. Uncle Ben's death felt genuinely painful thanks to Andrew's performance, like this is a real person who just watched his father figure get shot. I love some of the scenes with Peter and May, sure Jeff Donnell's nowhere near as great as Rosemary Harris, but she gives the role her all and it shows. I like the subway scene where he can't control his powers yet. I like the first person swinging scene where it reveals the suit. I like the final fight and how all the crane operators somehow coodinate to make it to where he can swing across faster. I like the scene where he's getting used to his powers and makes the suit and web shooters. I like the suit in the second movie, particularly for the VFX.

    They aren't the best but they are pretty good. I feel bad for Andrew because he loves Spider-Man, it was his dream since he was a little kid to be Spider-Man and when he finally got that chance, everyone hated him.

  32. For me the Webb duology is better than the mcu movies in almost every aspect, but i respect your opinion tho

  33. 9: Amazing Spider-Man 2
    8: Amazing Spider-Man
    7: Venom: Let There Be Carnage
    6: Venom
    5: Spider-Man Far From Home
    4: Spider-Man Homecoming
    3: Spider-Man
    2: Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse
    1: Spider-Man 2

  34. Exactly my ranking of those movies! The observations on all the movies are very insightful. They coherently put into words a lot of the same thoughts I've had and even got me to consider some deeper themes I wouldn't necessarily have been able to express—such as how the Raimi trilogy presents a much less cynical world and that is definitely one of the things I love about them. I also particularly liked your video on the Captain America arc, for the similarly insightful commentary. 👌

  35. Okay totally get that these are matter of opinion and from listening to uiur reviews I can see why you get your order as you like some of the most hated stuff in the ones you rank higher but for me, worst to best:

    Venom 2: the relationship undertones and lack of actual conflict between venom and carnage is atrocious.

    Venom: just bland and to be blunt not remotely Venom or eddy brock.

    Spiderman 3: just a mess and bully maguire is cringe worthy.

    Amazing spiderman 2: agree with most of what you said but yes is more of a mess than the first.

    Amazing spiderman: a decent spiderman but a rubbish Peter Parker

    Far from home: enjoyable but predictable.

    Homecoming: pretty fun and good movie if a little avenger tie in heavy.

    Into the spiderverse: just so much fun.

    Spiderman: slightly dated visuals but otherwise outstanding and fun. Plus the actual best two spiderman tie In songs (the hell was that shite in amazing 2???)

    Spiderman 2: just a near perfect superhero film.

    No way home: no spoilers… but damn. It peaked here.

  36. Here's my ranking, from the worst to the absolute best:
    1. The Amazing Spider-man 2
    This is just painful to watch…
    2. Spiderman Far from home
    The only good thing about this movie is Mysterio and the post credit scene, MJ only cares for Pete because he's Spider-man, Ned was reduced to a fat joke, Aunt May finding out was wasted and Nick being a Scroll wtf?
    3. Spider-man 3
    Fuck Avi Arad
    4. The Amazing Spider-man
    Peter from this movie isn't comic accurate at all but he's the most realistic Peter Parker ever, he's (except for looks) the best modern representation of the modern Teenager, I know that because I was a teen not too long ago. Suit looks amazing in my opinion, except the eyes, just make them silver for fuck sake. But, Lizard is just painful plain crazy scientist, honestly he belongs more in the Superhero movie from 2008 than in this, Uncle Ben's killer is just forgotten about and so many amazing scenes were cut for no reason what so ever.
    5. Spiderman Homecoming
    Ahhh, it exists…Vulture is pretty good, for ever cringe moment there is a ten cool ones, unlike in Far From Home.
    6. Spider-man 1
    Timeless Classic
    7. Spider-man No Way Home
    I have only seen it once so far so it might go down a bit later on.
    8. Spider-man 2
    Pizza Time
    9. Into the Spider Verse

  37. isn't that literally Andrew's arc in TASM1 though? he doesn't have to do severe acts of selfishness to prove he is flawed. Those little moments of carelessness and anger are what makes him the teenager that's emotionally uncontrollable, and the fact that he has this power, really brings out Ben's responsability line. It feels desperately needed.

  38. Your timestamps for SM2 and ASM2 are flipped. Might want change that. 😂

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