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Everything Wrong With Halloween (2018) In 18 Minutes Or Less

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It’s Spring, and everyone’s thoughts are turning to scary things, costumes, candy, murder, and all things Halloween. Right?

Anyway, here are the sins of Halloween, the 2018 remake. It’s actually pretty lame, outside of a couple really cool moments. And it’s got sins. And hell, we weren’t going to sit on this until the real October came around.

Next week: zombie sins and caper sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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  1. So they pretty much burned him just like the second movie

  2. i cant even name the number of things laurie and the girls did wrong while trying to kill michael….

    after clearly managing to shoot him in the head from behind while he is looking down in the basement, why not just shoot him again and again???….. literally, problem. fucking. solved

    why go through all the trouble of attempting to elaborately trap him in the basement with the huge risk of getting YOURSELF killed in the process, only to then attempt to slowly burn the house down. and then not only LEAVE the place entirely, but then they just randomly hitchhike some persons car, take the murder weapon with them, and dont even contact the police????

    what the hell was laurie thinking?? after 40 GODDAMN YEARS of preparing for this…. 4 DECADES…. you'd think someone would have a better system rigged in their house other then some jerry-rigged blowtorches, a trap door basement, and spotlights on the house???… why? why not just lure him into the house, auto lock every possible entry and exit shut, barricade the whole place down, and then burn the whole place down right then and there??

    they could have literally just shot him in the face and chest 5 times, and that would have been 10 times more effective than trying to basement trap him…

    but you know…. plot armour

  3. Cinema Sins: You must remove sin 86 about the cage in front of the door. When the dude(I don’t remember his name) goes outside he opens the door and never shuts it. This can be seen when he is approaching the car. Also, the fencing seen at the windows are two separate pieces. Remove that sin!

  4. I don't get this now the movie had a lot of problems but "Michael being a myth only works if the movies before happened" what are yall on about? If a man killed 5 people and then was shot 7 times fell from a second story was stabbed multiple times and fucking survived he'd be a god damn myth people still talk about how 50 cent was shot several times and survived so you are full of it if you think a serial killer who pinned people to fucking walls and was shot several times and stabbed in the neck wouldn't be the center of God damn attention. Then said serial killer has a credible psychologist say he's pure evil nothing more and should be fried and also hasn't spoken a god damn word in 40 years?!?! PLUS Laurie wrote a fucking book about her experience and called him the god damn boogie man after detailing all this shiy. You gotta be a special kind of stupid to think he wouldn't be considered unstoppable even with a single night of kills.

  5. Do non of the victims in this movie fucking lock their doors? Or does Michael have the magic ability to pick locks. Also how TF does he know right off the bat which houses have babysitters? So many questions

  6. Technically he is a serial killer. He has a type: teenage girls starting with his sister. He stalked Lynda and Annie and Laurie, and placed the headstone above Annie's body as if he were recreating his first murder.

    He killed the truck driver for the clothing and Bob because he just happened to be there, but he was focused on the girls.

  7. Is it necessary to take God's name in vain??

  8. He technically was an serial killer killed Judith & the people on Halloween night..you get a sin cinemasins!

  9. I still don't know what dry f**king is, seems like the script was written by some teenager.

  10. Also, the scene where Michael moves without the motion detection lights activating should take a sin away, and the scene where the daughter sees Michael for the first time and that score plays should also take a sin away.

  11. I love that a woman who is scared of a serial killer is living alone in the wood

  12. They could've called it Halloween Returns.

  13. 2:57 The dialogue in this movie is unbearable. Referring to him as The Boogeyman all the damn time is something Vince McMahon would do

  14. my question is: 'does shatner get royalties every time they use that damn mask ?'

  15. donald pleasance is turning over in his grave, have some respect hollywood !!!!!!!!!!

  16. This movie was bad. Not scary. No jumps. No atmosphere. Zero suspense. Terrible writing and acting.

  17. Stick a big round black hat on Jamie Lee Curtis and take off her glasses and you have Mr Quaker Oats.


  18. One of the best yeets I have ever seen in a movie

  19. When did Micheal learn how to drive and how did he know where she lived?

  20. My dad even liked this movie its impressive, hell my dad doesn't even like me.

  21. Also, how did Michael know where Laurie's house in the woods was?

  22. This was the most overrated horror film in recent years. SO poorly written. Still don't get why it got such high marks. It was fun to watch it get deservedly skewered, here. Well done.

  23. Here is something how about you make a Halloween film so it can criticized by those of us who enjoyed the film which has been the best since the original even better than the 2 Rob Zombie Halloween movies.

  24. Holy crap pulling that Adnan Syed reference out of nowhere!

  25. Why do they keep insisting on the Laurie Strode storyline? That plotline was over by the 2nd movie at most, Halloween isn't about Laurie it's about Michael, i wish they would just stop making her the centre of attention when her involvement is completely irrelevant and uninteresting.

  26. Bruh you missed the part in the bathroom where micheal and that other guy where fighting she could have escaped

  27. The argument that the mask doesn’t looked properly aged is flawed, do you seriously want Michael running around with a mask that’s falling off of his face? No they did a great job with the aging of the mask and having it still being one of the most memorable masks in the series

  28. I think it's appropriate that they used a William Shatner mask for pure evil. It fits.

  29. Am I the only one who liked this movie and can't wait to see the new one? I mean I know these are exxaterated and made as a joke mostly but I know for sure they really hate most of these movies.

  30. I loved all the Halloween movies, but I still also don't understand how they think that people that have seen all the others are going to act like we went from Halloween 1 till this one as 2? Really And as I am just seeing this youtube they are making another 1 that comes after Like I said loved all the others, but will this next 1 finally be the last? October 2021 I guess we will see

  31. I know this movie has some weird things, but I still love this movie even more than the original. And I’m watching Kills in opening night.

  32. Can't believe Jamie Lee Curtis got so Old….
    Like Damn…. 🙁

  33. 11:56
    Movie: Revolvers never jam
    Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*breathes in*hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Such bullshit they never stop jamming

  34. I mean I dont think michael broke into that hardware store,like if you watch the movie he already has the mask well laurie walks to school and is at school..flash forward laurie and annie are OUT OF SCHOOL when they run into annies dad at the robbery scene.Plus you never see michael use a rope .Thats always confused me

  35. Dude I'm late af watching this but im watching it now and mid movie im like I need cinema sins! I love these movies but lol damn!

  36. How are you gonna give the movie a bad mark for not having the same dr. Loomis voice when Donald pleasence passed away 🤨

  37. Michael never stole the mask from the hardware store he killed his sister boyfriend then he took it from his sister‘s boyfriend.

  38. I feel you're just a hater. Stop ruining movies based on your opinion

  39. “I’m a doctor, lock your doors”
    Saying I’m a doctor held a lot more meaning back then huh?

  40. The Doctor putting on the mask made no sense. And officer Hawkings should've been retired while he could he shot at him (while he was walking) then loses him, hits him with the truck and still couldn't kill Michael. Laurie shots Michael multiple time and Michael's not faded at all. It's amazing how Michael had Haddonfield mapped out he took his sweet time while killing those people and he was the world's strongest man when pulled apart the kitchen counter right after getting his fingers shot off. Michael runs that town.

  41. The total erasure of every other movie in the franchise is the single biggest mistake any franchise has made. We are expected to believe after the end of the first Halloween that the police managed to capture Myers and simply lock him away in a mental institute for 40 years? Hahahahaha.

  42. Did anyone else wonder why Jamie Lee Curtis’s hair is short in the thumb nail?..

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