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Evolution of Car Crash Physics in Video Games 1980’s-2018

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Evolution of Car Crash Physics in Video Games 1980’s-2018 * Over 30 years of simulated automotive carnage!

Car crash physics in video games have come a long way over the last 30 years or so! This video will show you just how amazingly far car crash physics have advanced since its birth in car video games of the 1980s.

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Best example of the 1980’s
Out Run – 1986
By the mid 1980’s, video game popularity was blazing skyward like a rocket. Every new game released was more impressive than the last. The first car game that I remember really being awed by the crashes was a very popular arcade driving game called Out Run. It was the first time that I ever saw a car actually flip over in a game, which was unprecedented at the time and very cool to me!

Best example of the 1990’s
Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now – 1998
The 1990’s brought forth the age of three-dimensional graphics and realistic physics which did wonders for car games! The 3D models were pretty blocky at first, but improved greatly throughout the decade. The Carmageddon series was the pinnacle of car damage realism of the 90’s for sure and was made even better by a huge community of modders (my own modded version is used for video), which to this day are still going strong, to further improve graphics and physics to very realistic levels!

Best example of the 2000’s
Burnout Paradise – 2008
The 2000’s strived to take the model complexity, texture detail, and crash/handling physics of cars in video games up a huge notch! The racing game series that sucked the public in the strongest to its spectacular cinematic quality car crashes was most definitely the Burnout series, in fact; the entire Burnout series was solely focused on delivering the biggest car crashes possible in a video game and it did just that, especially with its final installment of the series, Burnout Paradise!

Best example of the 2010’s
BeamNG.drive – 2015
There’s no better time than the present decade for car crash realism in video games, in fact; we have pretty much reached totally realistic levels with the incredible and groundbreaking vehicle simulator known as BeamNG.drive and it keeps getting even better and better the more updates it receives from it’s creators as it is still technically in the early access stage!


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  1. I feel like putting beam ng in here is kinda cheating XD

    Unlike literally every other game in this video which only has baked premade animations, models, and particle effects, beam ng has a revolutionary 100% LITERALLY DYNAMIC FULLY DESTRUCTIBLE SOFT BODY PHYSICS ENGINE XD

  2. Dunno how on God's green earth the devs of Burnout Paradise managed to get those really good crash physics on such limited hardware in 2008. Carmageddon seems even more impressive in retrospect.

  3. The first one is still better than forza’s car physics 😂😂😂

  4. dude it’s 2020 and I still play BeamNG drive

  5. The Veterans played Rigs of Rods.
    Amazing game

  6. You missed Interstate’ 76! Much better than Carmageddon.

  7. The 1998 game had better crash physics than literally any car app these days.

  8. The burnout crash cut scenes are so satisfying

  9. Cyberpunk 2077 vs Carmageddon 2 anyone?

  10. ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪꧄𒐪𒐪꧄𒐪꧄꧄𒐪꧄ ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪꧄𒐪𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ says:

    beamNG drive is SUPER fun

  11. beamng drive was not relased in 2015 ayyyy it was relased in 203

  12. I'm always a little disappointed when these don't put rigs of rods in them.

  13. Do not tell. You played beamNG in 2013, it's so boring

  14. Cakepiecakepiecakepiecakepiecakepiecakepiwcakepiey says:

    Burnout paradise actually kinda dope

  15. You might want to check this out: "Viper Racing", a 1998 game.

  16. Me remebering and still playing burnout paradise

  17. Carmagedon did really surprise with it for 1998 time

  18. Honestly burnout paradise just has to be number 1

  19. All games are best in their time like first game was good in 1980

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