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Evolution of Characters in LEGO DC Videogames

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Evolution of Characters in LEGO DC Videogames (Side by Side Comparison). This includes LEGO Batman: The Videogame, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as well as LEGO DC Super-Villains. #lego #legodc


  1. This is kinda misleading because he’s showing a lot of the DLC characters based off of the movies instead of the actual designs for the characters in DC Super Villains

  2. Il manque des personnages tu n'as pas montré des personnages qui était présent dans le 2

  3. Can we just take a sec on how downgraded some of these characters are? For example, Killer Croc from his nightmarish version from Lego Batman 3 to his simplistic downgraded version from DC Super Villains and Deadshot from his awesome looking version in Lego Batman 3 to another downgrade in DC Super Villains.

  4. I have lego Batman 3 and lego DC super villains.

  5. 1. LB2 Joker
    2. LB3 Joker
    3. LDCSV Joker
    4. LB Joker

    1. LB3 Killer Croc

    2. LB Killer Croc

    3. LB2 Killer Croc

    4. LDCSV Killer Croc

    1. LDCSV Black Adam

    2. LB2 Black Adam

    3. LB3 Black Adam

    1. LB/LB2 Scarecrow

    2. LDCSV Scarecrow

    3. LB3 Scarecrow

    1. LB2 Batman

    2. LB Batman

    3. LB3 Batman

    4. LDCSV Batman

    1. LB3 Nightwing

    2. LDCSV Nightwing

    3. L
    B/LB2 Nightwing

    1. LB Two-Face

    2. LB2 Two-Face

    3. LB3 Two-Face

    4. LDCSV Two-Face

    1. LB3 Sinestro

    2. LDCSV Sinestro

    3. LB2 Sinestro

    1. LB/LB2 Clayface

    2. LDCSV Clayface

    1. LB2 Superman

    2. LB3 Superman

    3. LDCSV Superman

    1. LDCSV Batgirl

    2. LB3 Batgirl

    3. LB2 Batgirl

    4. LB Batgirl

    1. LB3 Bane

    2. LB2 Bane

    3. LB Bane

    4. LDCSV Bane

    1. LDCSV Flash

    2. LB3 Flash

    3. LB2 Flash

    1. LDCSV Shazam

    2. LB3 Shazam

    3. LB2 Shazam

    1. LB2 Catwoman

    2. LDCSV Catwoman

    3. LB Catwoman

    4. LB3 Catwoman

    1. LB2 Wonder Woman

    2. LDCSV Wonder Woman

    3. LB3 Wonder Woman

    1. LB2/LB3 Poison Ivy

    2. LDCSV Poison Ivy

    3. LB Poison Ivy

    1. LB2 Harley Quinn

    2. LB Harley Quinn

    3. LDCSV Harley Quinn

    4. LB3 Harley Quinn

    1. LB3/LDCSV Black Manta

    LB2 Black Manta

    1. LDCSV Deathstroke
    2. LB3 Deathstroke

    1. LB3 Deadshot

    2. LDCSV Deadshot

    1. LB3/LDCSV Braniac

    2. LB2 Braniac

    1. LDCSV Killer Frost

    2. LB3 Killer Frost

    1. LB3 Frankenstein

    2. LDCSV Frankenstein

    1. LB2/LB3 Green Lantern

    2. LDCSV Green Lantern

    1. LB3 Gorilla Grodd

    2. LDCSV Gorilla Grodd

    3. LB3 Gorilla Grodd

    1. LDCSV Green Arrow
    2. LB3 Green Arrow

    1. LB2 Hawkgirl

    2. LDCSV Hawkgirl

    3. LB3 Hawkgirl

    1. LDCSV Hawkman

    2. LB3 Hawkman

    3. LB2 Hawkman

    1. LB3 Man-Bat

    2. LB Man-Bat

    3. LB2 Man-Bat

    4. LDCSV Man-Bat

    1. LDCSV Kid-Flash
    2. LB3 Kid-Flash

    1. LDCSV Fire-Storm

    LB3 Fire-Storm

    1. LB3 Etrigan

    2. LDCSV Etrigan

    1. LB3 Parasite

    2. LDCSV Parasite

    1. LDCSV Ra's Al Ghul

    2. LB2 Ra's Al Ghul
    3. LB Ra's Al Ghul
    4. LB3 Ra's Al Ghul

    1. LB3 Swamp Thing

    2. LDCSV Swamp Thing

    LB3/LDCSV Penguin
    2. LB Penguin
    3. LB2 Penguin

    1. LB3 Condiment King

    2. LDCSV Condiment King

    1. LDCSV Mr. Freeze

    2. LB/LB2 Mr. Freeze
    3. LB3 Mr. Freeze

    LDCSV Redhood
    2. LB3 Redhood

    1. LDCSV Music Meister

    2. LB3 Music Meister

    1.LB2 Riddler

    2. LB3 Riddler
    3. LB Riddler
    4. LDCSV Riddler

    1. LB2 Robin/Tim Drake

    2. LB Robin/Jason Todd
    3. LDCSV Robin/Damian Wayne

    1. LDCSV Red Tornado

    2. LB3 Red Tornado

    1. LDCSV Reverse Flash

    2. LB3 Reverse Flash

    1. LDCSV Solomon Grundy

    2. LB3 Solomon Grundy

    1. LB/LB2/LB3 Mad Hatter

    2. LDCSV Mad Hatter

    1. LB2 Lex Luthor

    2. LB3 Lex Luthor
    3. LDCSV Lex Luthor

  6. Soo I can’t be the only one to have a crush on Poison Ivy n catwoman from Lego Batman 1💀

  7. 2:35 – Wait a second, wasnt there one of them in lego batman 2? Im sure there was..


  9. the killer moth is cool but its not at lego dc super-villains

  10. میشه یه ایرانی بگه ۲۰۱۲ و ۲۰۱۴ جه بازی های لگویی هستن؟


  12. Okay but why does the Lego Batman 2 sinestro look better than the others

  13. Gorilla Grodd got a huge glow up every time.

  14. Lego Batman 2 Will always have a place in my heart

  15. 2:29 this and death stroke from lb3 are the best lego designs ever made imo

  16. Who preffers the old characters instead of the new

    Cause i do

  17. 4:57 Is no one else gonna talk about how Lego Batman 3 Robin's dance lined up perfectly with the music.

  18. Cara isso dá uma nostalgia mais essa música de começo até me arrepia e meda vontade de chora vc não tem ideia mano

  19. someone help me? my lego dc super villains is running only 30 fps, and i'm on xbox series x

  20. In Lego DC Super Villains, Scarecrow has a Stand.

  21. I don’t mean to hate but this isn’t accurate because some of the characters are DLC’s instead of the actual version in the regular game

  22. Mens and Womens Revolution and The Flash says:

    the Lego Vibe is based off of Vibe from the Arrowverse in the 2018 game.

  23. All kid flash designs are amazing

  24. Lego Batman 3 had better looking big figs like Bane and Killer Croc

  25. Is it weird that I think lego batman 3 characters mostly looked way better than lego dc super villains characters

  26. what is the name of the one after the joker?

  27. Nightwing parecia goku en los primeros

  28. Why are you wearing different costumes for the super villians one

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