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Evolution of Characters in LEGO Marvel Videogames

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Evolution of Characters in LEGO Marvel Videogames (Side by Side Comparison). This includes LEGO Marvel Superheroes 1, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 as well as Marvel’s Avengers. #lego #legomarvel


  1. crazy cus this is how me use to imagine how we were and how we could get happiness out of anything now we’re all grown up and wish we could be kids

  2. Could someone make a list of all the characters?

  3. Carnage is bad but is so friendly with his teddy bear

  4. I played THREE of those LEGO MARVELS Games

  5. I remember when I was around 5 playing the first lego marvel game on my wii I miss the old days

  6. Superior Spider-Man has a more accurate mask in the first Game but the LEGO marvel superheroes 2 version has a more accurate suit and has Design on the arms and has a more accurate Back pack with the tentacle things

  7. Fun fact: When Lego made the Spider-Man figure in the Civil War set and the model in Lego Avengers they used the scrapped MCU design that was gonna be used in Civil War. Lego usually isn’t given much to go off of when they make the sets and since Spider-Man was added into Civil War on such short notice they probably rushed to give Lego a design and they ended up scrapping that design and either Lego didn’t have enough time to change it to the final design or they simply didn’t know. Either way, the suit design from Lego Avengers and the Civil War line of sets had Spider-Man in the scrapped design but in Lego Marvel 2 and in the Homecoming sets they changed it to the final design in the movie

  8. Hulk honestly looks weird comparing lego marvel superheroes to lego marvel avengers

  9. Как получить паука маьза моралеса

  10. Uff I still love Lego Marvel 1 till these days I play it ❤️❤️

  11. Are you playing it in PS4 i have that in PS4

  12. Will they make a lego marvel superheroes 3???

  13. mysterio on 2013 looks like a big snow ball

  14. 12:11 – hey, why trere's no version from Lego Marvel Super Heroes? I don't forget, he is really has got version on this game!

  15. Ngl the ghost rider and other fire hair guys look better in the og game with the cgi fire and not legs peices

  16. First dormammu and ghost rider were better

  17. lego marvel super heroes is my childhood game

  18. The robot dance iron man was doing had me in tears dude

  19. The devil dinosour has scream to music rythm

  20. Wait I know I’m 10 months late but that’s not the point the point is iron man is in lego marvel superheroes 2

  21. Lego superheroes 1 is the best lego game. Only legends can feel that.

  22. I only played the first two marvel games so here goes. I think Avengers is the best game of all three. Marvel 1 uses mostly the look of the comics while marvel 2 uses the movie looks for most and their voices just don't match at all with the characters. But Avengers is incredible because it combines both the dlc Is not just movie levels it's tv and comic levels, there are team up moves with specific Avengers, there's at least 6 playable areas, big figs could do the super jump. Most maps had a boss fight to unlock the character your fighting. Most avengers had a movie and comic variant. All this game needed was to have the Ant-Man and civil dlc for every console and maybe play through the civil war movie

  23. The best ist Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2013 i play this Event day

  24. Kingpin my man who tot you how to tap dance?

  25. They somehow manage to look worse each new iteration

  26. A lot of things were better in 1st game and avengers is great

  27. Can't believe I've only just regenerated Wolverine! I always kept his health up!

  28. Who still,plays the first LEGO marvel game in 2020

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