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Evolution of Horror Games 1982-2019

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Evolution of Horror Games from 1982 to 2019

List 📑

3D Monster Maze 1982
Halloween 1983
The Evil Dead 1984
Friday the 13th 1985
Uninvited 1987
Sweet Home 1989
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 1990
Alone in the Dark 1992
The 7th Guest 1993
Alone in the Dark 3 1994
Clock Tower 1995
Resident Evil 1996
Resident Evil 2 1998
Silent Hill 1999
Evil Dead: Hail to the King 2000
Silent Hill 2 2001
Eternal Darkness 2002
Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly 2003
The Suffering 2004
Condemned: Criminal Origins 2005
Manhunt 2 2007
Dead Space 2008
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origins 2009
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 2010
Dead Space 2 2011
Slender: The Eight Pages 2012
Outlast 2013
P.T. 2014
Alien: Isolation 2014
Soma 2015
Layers of Fear 2016
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 2017
Visage 2018
Man of Medan 2019

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  1. People in 1980's: horror games in 2020 will be badass
    2020: Granny

  2. Imagine if that 3d dinosaur video was 2021's first horror game

  3. Silent Hill 2 was actually a very good horror game for 2000s kids

  4. Missing Parasite Eve and Kagero Deception. Love your list.

  5. lowkey, im actually more scared of the old games wayy more than the modern ones, im not sure if its just me

  6. and nowdays Granny and Eyes the horror is the top horror games 😭

  7. so Horror games are about to turn 40 next year? damn, kinda shocked.

  8. i remember still playing the 7th guest in 2017 lol

  9. Guys u know my mother's name is SOMA ( a horror game mention in this video)

  10. Silent hill 2 in2001 was the only game that actually scared me when it came out the ones before were nothing and I was only 7 when I played it

  11. in Visage 2018, I thought it was a goddamn possum hiding in the cupboard.

  12. Me: seeing very scary games
    Me: nah

    Also me: seeing infection horror games

  13. Bro, 1 help from you I used to play 1 game when I was child, but I can't remember the name of the game, but I can remember the role of game, it's like we used to bomb the floor, and floor would become empty and the devil uses to fall in it, and then we had to move forward, that's all I can remember, please help me with the name of the game or anyone who See's my chat

  14. You missed out:
    Clive Barker's Undying
    & Nosferatu

  15. The 1st resident evil & silent Hill had an atmosphere that are still unmatched today…

  16. I think it should have been Silent Hill 3 in 2003

  17. Imagine a remake of 3D Monster maze that would be hmm well not that hard to imagine someone just making a maze game with a Dinosaur coming after you

  18. PT is from 2014 but had better graphics than now

  19. And what about The texas chainsaw massacre on atari 2600 (1982, i think) and Ennemy zero (1995) on the sega Saturn..??

  20. The First Horror Game Was Made In 1983! It Was: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  21. 4:31 I thought that two monsters were doing biology homework (yep I see it like that 😂)

  22. You forgot bendy and the ink machine and granny

  23. Fnaf: You forgot about us!
    Cussan: I always hated you lol
    Also fnaf: crying because cussan didn't put me in the vid

  24. Horror game theme during 1980s do sound really terrifying and it gave me nightmare

  25. What's the music playing during 3D monster maze

  26. I wrote music for Silent Hill. I want an interview

  27. Sach me mere pass bhi kafi horror gameplays hai.. Me to horror games ko fun me badal deta ho.😊

  28. Ann: *dying*

    Jennifer: ”hold my brain”

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