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Evolution of Just Cause Games (2006 – 2018) – Map Size, Graphics & Gameplay Comparison

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All Just Cause Games EVOLUTION (2006 – 2018) Map Size, Graphics & Gameplay Comparison

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  1. the fact that just cause 2 looks way better than just cause 3

  2. Never thought I’d hear entry point music in this guys channel

  3. I dare say that just cause is a very underrated saga deserves more love for being an incredibly fun saga.

  4. JC3 the worst one
    JC4 the best one
    JC2 average

  5. Trust me others saying jc3 is better than jc4 bit jc4 is better the grappling hook customization is awesome graphics are awesome etc

  6. JC1 – Tbh, I only played like an hour of it, but I could see how it was amazing at the time

    JC2 – Hands down the best map. SO MANY LOCATIONS, and tons of variety and unique areas to explore. I've poured the most hours by far into this one.

    JC3 – Easily the best looking and best mechanics. Map felt pretty barren but looked breathtaking with a better colour scheme. Also the wingsuit and better grapple aiming just makes it feel so fluid.

    JC4 – Felt like a reskin of JC3, and honestly the grapple mods like the balloon and booster were so clunky I rarely used them. The tornados and extreme weather was sick though.

  7. Just Cause 3’s massive sea and islands makes AC Odyssey look small in comparison lmao

  8. I never played this series, but from what is shown here does Just Cause 3 looks better than 4?
    It feels more polished, there are no antialiasing artefacts, and the entire world looks better as a whole.

    What's going on?

  9. 2nd and 3rd are best ones whenever Just Cause 4 Are awful (If we talking about story)

  10. 😄😆🙃🙃🙃🙃😇🥰😍🤩🦣🦣🦣🦣🦣

  11. Just cause 1 is the best, even if the other have better graphics, nothing beats the fun of just cause 1.


  13. 海の綺麗さで進化具合一目瞭然

  14. The moment I realized that my earphones stopped breathing.

  15. All games are good but i still love just cause 2

  16. Jc4
    What if you, wanted to liberate a base with the helicopter, but god said, 0 missiles 0 machine gun.

  17. I hate when want to sprint in JC2 the screen start shaking

  18. Unfortunately I've just started playing JC with Pt.3 but wondering, how good graphics was in JC2…

    But currently I'm having a lot of fun destroying everything in Just Cause Pt. 4 😀

  19. I like just cause 4 its the best

    with mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. JC2 was so hard for me at the beginning. No ammo, don't know the controls, lot of enemies. Living my life with 5 C4s 😂😂😂

  21. Ya'll know why he did this video about the games Just Cause its awesome! boiii!

  22. I like JC3 and JC4 because Bavarium Wingsuit and Skystriker Wingsuit

  23. JC2 and JC3 looks shit🤪🤪🤪, i prefer JC4😎😎

  24. Which Just Cause is your favorite!?

    Don't forget to drop a like! 😀

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