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Evolution of Moorhuhn Games [1999-2018]

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Evolution of Moorhuhn Games [1999-2018]

List of Games:
1. Moorhuhn Jagd [1999] (Windows)
2. Moorhuhn 2 [2000] (Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance)
3. Moorhuhn 2: Die Jagd geht weiter [2001] (Game Boy Color)
4. Moorhen 3: Chicken Chase [2001] (Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance)
5. Moorhuhn: Winter Edition [2001] (Windows)
6. Crazy Chicken: Kart XXL [2002] (Windows, PlayStation)
7. Crazy Chicken X [2003] (Windows, PlayStation, PlayStation 2)
8. Moorfrog [2003] (Windows)
9. Crazy Chicken: The Pharaoh’s Treasure [2003] (Windows, Nintendo DS)
10. Crazy Chicken: Kart 2 [2004] (Windows)
11. Crazy Chicken: Wanted [2004] (Windows)
12. Moorhuhn: Pinball [2004] (Windows)
13. Moorhuhn: Der Fluch des Goldes [2005] (Windows)
14. Crazy Chicken: Invasion [2005] (Windows)
15. Crazy Chicken: The Good, The Egg & The Ugly [2005] (Windows)
16. Moorhuhn Sky Botz [2005] (Windows)
17. Moorhuhn Mah-Jongg [2006] (Windows)
18. Crazy Chicken: Soccer [2006] (Windows)
19. Moorhuhn Kart 3 [2007] (Windows)
20. Moorhuhn: The Winged Pharaoh [2007] (Windows)
21. Crazy Chicken: Heart of Tibet [2007] (Windows)
22. Moorhuhn Adventure 2: Curse of the Gold [2008] (Windows)
23. Moorhuhn: Fun Kart 2008 [2008] (PlayStation 2)
24. Chicken Hunter [2008] (Nintendo DS)
25. Crazy Chicken: Kart Thunder [2008] (Windows)
26. Crazy Chicken: Jewel of Darkness [2008] (Windows)
27. Crazy Chicken: Atlantis [2008] (Windows, Nintendo DS)
28. Crazy Chicken: Star Karts [2009] (Nintendo DS)
29. Crazy Chicken: Tales [2009] (Windows, Wii)
30. Moorhuhn Deluxe [2009] (Android, iOS)
31. Crazy Chicken: Carnival [2010] (Nintendo DS, Wii)
32. Moorhuhn Das verbotene Schloss [2010] (Windows)
33. Crazy Chicken: Pirates [2012] (Nintendo DS, 3DS, Android, iOS)
34. Moorhuhn Combat [2012] (Windows, MacOS)
35. Moorhuhn: Tiger and Chicken [2014] (Windows)
36. Crazy Chicken Strikes Back [2016] (Windows, Android, iOS)
37. Moorhuhn: Remake [2005-2018] (Windows (2005), Switch (2018))
38. Moorhuhn: Knights & Castles [2018] (Nintendo Switch)


  1. спасибо автору 👍 вспомнила прослезилась

  2. Не все заслуживают на ютубе лайка но ты его по праву заслуживаешь! 😁😁

  3. Заебумба, игры детства, вспомнил – прослесился 😉

  4. Oh man, was für ein Nostalgie Kick den ich grade verspüre.. Ich habe diese Spiele geliebt. Ich wollte immer Moorhuhn Fluch des Goldes durchspielen, aber es war zu schwer für mich als kleines Kind und ich kenne das meiste vom Spiel bis heute nicht.

  5. Where is the moorhuhn kart multiplayer racing?

  6. Тащите таблетки,деду плохо

  7. Ohh that winter edition i was about 8 and all i played was this and that sheep game Sven bømwøllen on old big computer..then i was introduced to hitman;D

  8. Karts are my fav. I remember playing on split-screen with friends.

  9. There was also Moorhen Kart for Nokia cellphones

  10. so the genre changed and the graphics are still ass wtf

  11. 9:04 Ема, частичка из саундтрека Unreal Tournament 3, а именно из трека Defector.

  12. This franchise is all kinds of crazy; I love it!

  13. They really scraped the bottom of the barrel with the unrelated genres. Slap the Crazy Chicken name on everything you can.

  14. I remember the good old times … miss them so much. In the 2000ths I thought those game had good graphics. I will buy ps2 now and play the good old moorhuhn wanted until I’m te wolrd one

  15. When i whas little i played morhuhun like two three year old kid i playd this on computer i stratrted to play 2011 2012 and i stil play it childhood game

  16. What is your favourite Moorhuhn game?

  17. I grew up with Kart 2 and Crazy Chicken X

  18. I played the absolute heck out of Kart XXL and 2, never even knew they made more after.

  19. Смотрев Moorhuhn в 2019 году, я всегда думал, что Phenomedia издавала игры для Windows XP/Vista и Nintendo DS. А теперь мне стало понятно, почему Phenomedia была издателем игр для Windows, телефонов, PlayStation и Nintendo.

  20. i grew up playing moorhuhn and this crazy chicken was a huge part of my child hood

  21. You forgot Moorhuhn 1984 (Easter egg in Moorhuhn Invasion). And my favourite: Moorhuhn Director's Cut. Greetings from Germany.

  22. A lot of games were missing, some appeared multiple times. But thank you for the nostalgic throwback! <3

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