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Exclusive Interview With The Man Playing Spider-Man

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Yuri Lowenthal was recently revealed as the actor playing Spider-Man in the upcoming Insomniac title, and he sat down with us to talk about the excitement of getting the role and the process of portraying the classic character.
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  1. Ok hear me out. Theres a comic book where spider man and batman teamed up. Wat if, yuri lowenthal and kevin conroy got together? Huh? Think about it.

  2. I know him from persona 3 and persona 4 yosuke and minato.

  3. Patroklos Alexandra know most of people always hate him that's why he improve himself and become Spiderman

  4. He is narator in medal of honor Vanguard 😂

  5. His wife plays yuri in the game… and his name is yuri… bruh. Also get some better microphone dammit. Have some respect

  6. Spiderman using ElectroWeb:

  7. If James Arnold Taylor was to step down as Ratchet, I wouldn't mind Yuri at all. The problem is, he'd be the main person in 3 insomniac franchises xD

    fans DC : Sometimes it is a disappointing reality

  9. Y'all a bunch of normies he's not Spider-Man or fucking sasuke… He's Ben Tennyson.

  10. Yuri is awesome! Spider-Man, Ben 10, awesome! He just needs to voice Sonic The Hedgehog, and my life would be complete!

  11. this man is Yosuke from Persona 4(and other characters in that series), Peter Parker, and Sasuke, this man is a national treasure

  12. Literally as good as it gets…his voice dosent match him at all tho lol he has such a youthful voice

  13. Whenever I read the Spider-Man comics in my head I read it in a voice that I didn’t know until recently sounds exactly like him or the ultimate spiderman cartoon, imo yuri is the definitive Spider-Man voice actor

  14. This dude straight up sounds like Peter Parker. The tone and cadence with which he carries his voice, his really youthful sounding jovial but definitely exhausted nature, like it’s PERFECT. This was outstanding casting

  15. He could play a good live action peter b parker

  16. It’s awesome to see the same voice actor who played Ben 10 voice Spider-Man and Peter Parker

  17. I hope Yuri voice Spidey for Avengers game too

  18. Imagine
    Just Imagine

    Yuri Lowenthal as Sonic the Hedgehog

  19. just found out we are birthday twins share the same birth date

  20. Sasuke/Ben10/Suzaku as Spider Man…. idk how to feel about this lol

  21. Yuri Lowenthal is becoming the new Troy Baker.

  22. He voice acted some of the famous characters in our childhood btw lemme tell you that he even Voice Act Teen Age Ben10

  23. Why am I hearing Peter. Like Peter's face in my mind is replacing Yuri's face.

  24. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate alot of things, and don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan and destroy certain someone."

  25. His excitement is so contagious, and his performance is one for the history books

  26. Yuri lowenthal

    Age: 50

    Sounds like: 25

    Hooolllyyy sshhhiiiittt

  27. i hear peter parker and sasuke uchiha at the same time😂

  28. Why can’t you so-called “fans” properly spell “Spider-Man”?

  29. I can’t believe the voice of Spider-Man is also the voice of courier six in fallout new vegas, a voiceless protagonist

  30. If there was a voice actor to voice a younger Yuri Spider-Man, as in Spider-Man PS4 Spider-Man, it would be Drake Bell. it would be great as there portrayal of the character are similar and he has voiced many a Spider

  31. Sasuke wasn't lying when he said he was an avenger.

  32. I wish they could have him as an older Spider-Man in No Way Home. Even a cameo just to acknowledge him.

  33. I just recently bought game bundle Spider-Man Remastered & Miles Morales for ps5, currently i am playing the remastered version for ps5, dude im loving it <3

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