FIFA WORLD CUP video games evolution [1986 - 2018] -

FIFA WORLD CUP video games evolution [1986 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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FIFA has licensed FIFA World Cup video games since 1986. In this video, find all the games dedicated to the FIFA football World Cup, official and unofficial games from 1986 to 2018.


  1. I‘m the only one who still play 2014 2010 world cup in 2021

  2. Just really hope 22 World Cup adds but road and other features

  3. 2010 is still the best I buy 2010 Fifa wc

  4. Hey I have FIFA 18 on my Nintendo switch

  5. Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.0 says:

    World Cup Carnival To World Cup France 98 (GameBoy): 2 Bits-8 Bits Era

    World Cup Italia 90 (Sega Genesis)-World Cup USA 94 SNES: The 16 Bits Era

    World Cup 98 France (PS1): 32 Bits Era

    World Cup 2002 (PS2/Xbox): THEt 64 Bits Era

    World Cup 2006-2018: THEEEEEEEEEEEE 128 BITSSSSSSS

  6. Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.0 says:

    1:36 Sounds Like Lost Signal

  7. the first one on the cover is 1998, not 1986, you hack.

  8. Feel like Brazil 2014 was a downturn from South Africa 2010…

  9. 1:10 I had that game when i was 4. I called it Tadpole football.

  10. I had the Italy 1990 on Amiga. A little looked like the Atari's version shown here.

  11. the obe to the left is 1998, you idiot.

  12. I Hope 2022 World Cup Game Is With All The Nations And Qualifyers

  13. How come EA is being lazy with FIFA?
    1998-2014 World Cup: a full game with more than 100 countries, qualification rounds and full immersion into the event importancy with detailed crowd fans and stadium effects
    2018 World Cup: just a small add-on to the FIFA 18 base game, adding only a scoreboard, few teams and some stadiums

  14. I really miss the old games, The commentary, gameplay, celebrations, controls and everything, I hope FIFA 21 and PES 2021 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar game and the actual tournament goes fine

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