Fighting as Spider-Man - Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 -

Fighting as Spider-Man – Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4

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With years of expertise and gadgets at his disposal, Marvel’s Spider-Man has a different combat style for every player. Insomniac and Marvel Games breaks down how they created a varied combat system for Spidey.


  1. Thanks for the Marvel Spiderman game. This graphics is awesome and controls I love this game

  2. The combat is WAY better than Arkham, I feel like I'm actually controlling Spiderman.

  3. is anyone willing to let me gameshare .. :/

  4. Combat is the worst part of this game. It's just so forced and underwhelming. After 8 years, you'd think you wouldn't have to unlock such pathetically underpowered skills, but there you go. It's a pale shadow when compared to Arkham City. I hate Otto's character and the constant police chatter is not only lame but incredibly distracting. Not to mention the plague of shield enemies that end up dragging every single encounter down.

  5. I'm so in love with this game!!! Please never end making SpiderMan games SONY->Imsoniac.

  6. I hope this game is the starting point of Marvel Game Universe. MARVEL pls make this happen. I think the Punisher or Daredevil's game would be nice for next installment.

  7. I can't help it imagining that if someone would actually do those things to a real person they all would be dead

  8. Experienced Spider-Man? Not the way I play him.
    Seriously, people, this game is freaking hard!!!

  9. If they make a spider man movie and make a game they should do the same with SlenderMan and Venom

  10. Please also put the symbiotes, and other great characters of spider-man as the sandman, green goblin, etc.

  11. I want it so bad but I don’t have a ps4

  12. Loving this game so far! Still getting used to the combat and the controls!

  13. Thank you Insomniac!! You made me feel like a freakin superhero! You guys are amazing!

  14. Well you playstion fans have this game but we Xbox fans have forza

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