Finding the BEST Spider-Man VR Game - Part 2 (TRAILER) -

Finding the BEST Spider-Man VR Game – Part 2 (TRAILER)

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The Hunt is Far From Over.

heres the trailer for my new minidoc, the hunt for the best spider-man vr game – part 2, a sequel to my most successful video that isn’t just a cash-grab and that i had planned before the first one even came out!

following the events of part 1, i once again continue my hunt for the best spider-man vr game. this time, i’ll be reviewing Superfly, SWARM, and the ever-requested The Silkworm.

stay tuned for a preview coming at some point soon idk lotta shit happening in my life rn. including me staying up tomorrow night to buy NWH tickets. love yall, enjoy.

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  1. Bro gained like 4k subs off the first one, Im curious to see how many he'll get after this one

  2. Dorian you mad lad I'll be waiting for you at the finish line

  3. I actually got to know you for the first episode of it and I'm more than super hyped for this one

  4. I am so pumped for this. I have a quest 2 and one of the games that u played in the this trailer I've played hours on end and it's prob the best. I just don't know how you are this small of a youtuber with this great of content, keep it up man.

  5. Bro really made a trailer for this 💀 nah this is gonna be awesome tho

  6. boneworks with the spider man mod is the best there is

  7. I have never seen a YouTuber make a trailer for a video that came out this well. This genuinely has me excited—super glad to see Swarm getting a shout-out too!

  8. This is a really good trailer! Excited about the video!

  9. My man made a trailer for a video and the trailer looks like a funking film 🎥
    Iam excited 😊

  10. There's also a new quest game called Resist that has some pretty cool swinging mechanics.

  11. the first one went really good, and I know you won’t disappoint with this one. Good luck bro 👍

  12. Y would I even consider the silk worm yea it’s fun for like 5 mins than it kinda gets boaring

  13. you should definitely check out boneworks with spider-man mods. its gotta be the best one imo

  14. Bro why does this look like it’s going to be an actual movie

  15. Ok no…. After seeing the swarm shooter… I’m freaking buying a oculus.

  16. Did you plan on saying "the hunt is far from over" anyways or you got the inspiration from the new spiderman movie title?


  18. There is the paradox you can be spider-man and flash and invisible

  19. Idk why but this feels like a actual spiderman movie trailer and I got really excited keep up the good work

  20. You should play resist vr the swinging in it is amazing

  21. I’ve never been so hyped for a YouTube video ever before…until now

  22. I'm going to get the quest 2 on january 5th, I will consider your options to my first game

  23. This man is amazing

    U get what I mean like the amazing spider man huh huh funny

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