FMF 2018 | Video Games Music Gala | Journey Apotheosis -

FMF 2018 | Video Games Music Gala | Journey Apotheosis

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Muzyka: Austin Wintory
Wiolonczela: Tina Guo
Orkiestra Akademii Beethovenowskiej
Dyrygent: Ludwig Wicki
Realizacja wizji: Dominik Lichota |


Music: Austin Wintory
Cello: Tina Guo
Beethoven Academy Orchestra
Conductor: Ludwig Wicki
Vision: Dominik Lichota |


  1. Parece que Tina se puso nerviosa al principio

  2. It was very emotional! My favorite game!

  3. Damn, this should be age restricted because the lady played her cello with such passion, that she indirectly had sex with her instrument! Love when people play with such passion.

  4. Lovely. Wish the violins hadn't been slightly drowned out during the first part (2:082:50). If you listen to the studio recording they only move to the background during the second part.
    Also, as much as I like Tina Guo the occasional flourishes are uncalled for when the original is as beautiful as it is.

  5. its been passed 6 year to first time i played this game and this music brings a lot of memories and i realized i lost so much

  6. Just played the game! A masterpiece!!!

  7. I dislike the soloist and her improvisation at the start. I don't think it was on point. There is no room for improvisation in this piece, as it already fully resembles what happens at the game in the ending. Original score was just perfectly right. She also added more variation in the last verse, which I disliked too.
    Other than that, orchestra played flawlessly.

    I get it that she was the original performer at times this was recorded for the game, but this makes me wonder even more how comes that she misunderstands so much about what fits into the score and what doesn't.

  8. I played it today, it's mesmerizing. Ahead of its time.

  9. If mascara was something guys wore, mine would be running… every time I hear this song. I still can't nail down precisely why, and I think I like it that way.

  10. This game, including soundtrack, is a masterpiece.

  11. Pretty sure that's Austin Wintory conducting.

  12. This work is such the substance of apotheosis…

  13. Apotheosis is the best musical piece I have ever heard.

  14. The layers in this score! Gets me like woa… at the cellular level every time.
    It includes every emotional state. Power, fragility, sorrow, dejection, victory, uncertainty, hope, resilience, transcendence from adversity, honor, peace, war, action, reflection… you name it, it's all there. It has all 4 seasons. ❤ good job Mr. Wintory. Thank you for your contribution. I'm inspired.

  15. CD買ったよ…好き過ぎて…

  16. seven people have problem with their mouses

  17. Sheer, unrestrained beuty
    Combined with the visuals of the final level, this composition is even more stunning

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