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Everyone wants to know how to get free games right?
Well in this method I show you how to get free games aswell as getting some paid games off the playstation store.

I hope you guys Enjoy!



  1. I don't think Sony would be on that. I mean they get hacked easily.

  2. 😊😂 You're Amazing, thankyou for this video! Awesome way to get games on playstation. 😊

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 Thanks for clearing that up on idiots will believe that

  4. It works for me Thanks dude
    If anyone need help
    Msg me on psn Jaxon1001
    Ill do it for you

  5. Thanks for the notice, that it doesn't work.
    But hey, i got HITMAN for free.👍🏻

  6. It worked for me thanks dude!
    It anyone needs help
    Msg me my psn:Jaxon1001
    Ill do it for you

  7. Hey actually we have to add payment method first

  8. Good job at first I thought it was clickbait but in the end even though it's true, I respect the fact he is telling the truth since there are no gritches

  9. That made my day because it was so funny and I am so happy u put that out there

  10. Guys if you want any game that is out for free, go to Walmart and ask them to take the game out of the case and once they give it to you run! It works 100%!! No virus, no glitch, no hacking!!

  11. They Never press the download button. I Wonder Why ?

  12. Please dont do click bait


  13. I remember I actually did find one before and I bought the division

  14. Can u at least game share god of war with me

  15. im unsubing i actually tried and bought it and i got grounded

  16. Men, I seriously got rainbow six and overwatch for free using a glitch.

  17. I remember one time when a 6 year old (correct me if the age isn't right) child randomly founded a serious glitch on psn some years ago, the case was reported all along the world, and Sony ended up recompensing the kid with some free stuff for reporting it instead of sharing it on the internet.

  18. This the first time i had fun while being clickbaited😀😂

  19. I'm scared if I do this I buy something by accident from all these steps will I up something or what??? Please tell me

  20. There did used to be a glitch that worked back in 2017 . I got fifa 17 but then it got patched later.

  21. Please is still work in 2020 please say yes

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