From Metroids to Plasmids: Genetic Engineering in Video Games | PAX West 2018 Panel -

From Metroids to Plasmids: Genetic Engineering in Video Games | PAX West 2018 Panel

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  1. 19:02
    "Who is our real worst enemy?"
    That answer is obvious. That one group of people who wants to behead other people for not believing their religion.

  2. Carl, just so you know, it's been found out that oxpeckers are actually detrimental to the large animals they eat the ticks and such off of. That's because they wait until the tick feeding on the animal is engorged with blood before eating the tick. And what's more, if there's no ticks to feed on, the oxpecker will outright peck open a wound in the large animal to drink its blood.

  3. So, you did like more Buzz Lightyear, now everything makes sense

  4. AndySagan42 just doesn’t roll if the tongue…

    But great job! You’re freakin awesome and a HUGE inspiration! Keep it up you spaghetti monster.

  5. I would shoot myself up with muscle virus. Even more poon to slay.

    Then add some fun genes for looks and replace some limbs. Like an Ultranaut. And add brain to brain communication like a conjoiner.

  6. Hope the Last Of Us cordyceps makes an entrance.

  7. Carl, do you know "science slams"? You didn't mention it in this video, but it's very much like this and it's a regular event in many cities, at least here in Germany. Usually there are more participants and they have a fixed time, unless the audience decides they can go on, and at the end there's a winner by points (I don't remember the exact point scheme). The style of presentation is very similar to this video.

  8. Hey Carl, It's nice to see you at PAX talking about science stuff. :*

  9. You are actually really good at science presentations

  10. What percent of blood is actually spaghetti sauce?

  11. Carl
    Has the power and mind to create a virus to end the world
    Also Carl
    Lets play some mario!

  12. Well… Actually it was not US to infect the krogan with the genophage, it was the turians' idea and the salarians achieved it, but so what… At least we cured it, right?

  13. you may want to double-check your rhymes
    repetition is among the worst crimes
    but at least you tried
    I'll let saying "twice" twice slide
    after all, Brandon said "right" 86 times

  14. Wait, your name is Andy????

    I thought it was Larl!

  15. Rewatching this and recommending to friends and family in this time of misunderstanding. Thank you guys for the science

  16. 56:52 : "We're overdue for like, a superbug…"
    In 2020: COVID-19

  17. Seeing this in 2020. Joe was right about us being overdue for a world spread disease and Carl was sadly wrong about us being able to prevent it properly…

  18. If Carl's name is Andy, shouldn't we splice it and just call him Candy now?

  19. I wish we had a playlist where carl just talks about science stuff

  20. Wow, 39 people thought this was a troll level, and got trolled themselves

  21. Out of the mouth of babes. Nature rolled a crit.

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