Game of the Year 2018 (the best year for video games?) -

Game of the Year 2018 (the best year for video games?)

Chris Davis
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My top ten games of 2018 with some honorable mentions. By the time you watch this video, I’ll have already changed my mind on some of them.




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  1. I didn't even play 10 games that were released in 2018 in 2018, and I rarely play games within half a year of their release (unless I'm extremely excited about them, like with Celeste for example, where I cleared all B-sides and had a blast). I tend to prefer Indie games, but sometimes I enjoy AAA games too, I just don't tend to buy them shortly after release. Maybe Hitman 2 will hit me in 2019?

    Anyway, my top games or game things from 2018 are Distance (out of early access in 2018 lol), CS:GO Danger Zone, Marble it up! and Celeste.

  2. I would like to nominate Big Chungus for the PS4. Ftw.

  3. GoW 2018 is pretty good, but I think it's probably the most overrated game since GTAV.

  4. Celeste is my new favorite game of all time

  5. I really didn't expect that #1 from you haha couldn't agree more though, damn near flawless experience

  6. Please make a critique of each of the witcher games

  7. 30 years of gaming, that's basically me (35 years now). No patience to play these massive open world games, like you said – although I do get a lot of joy out of a couple F2P games that are grindy but fun

  8. CrossCode was crazy fucking good too. And I hate shemups. And I'm pretty apathetic when it comes to JRPGs.

  9. 2017 still gets the edge in my book. That whole year was just a constant blitzkrieg of great games. 2018 was great as well, I think it really paid to let the PS4 and X1 ride out a few extra years this generation. All of the really good stuff comes late and we're reaping the rewards right now. Good shit.

  10. I’m so happy more people are talking about the messenger. I absolutely loved it and it’s became one of my favorite games and the more people that play it the better

  11. It really seems like we are moving towards a era where smaller games/indies are getting more populair and huge AAA titles are moving the background,

  12. game of the DECADE? but sekiro comes out in 2 months!

  13. Obra Dinn was my GOTY, hands down. My second was probably the Doom mod Ashes 2063.

  14. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is my game of the year was my first smash bros, first switch game, first nintendo game in like 5 years (besides Mario Run but I mean come on) and first nintendo game I REALLY got into and IT IS PHENOMENAL so fun to get good at and play competitively though with 4 players or more with or without items it is incomprehensible and just not fun for me but god is playing 1v1 battlefield only no items worth the price alone but spirits is a lot of fun to get sucked into

  15. On first listen i almost thought you were Georg Rockall-Schmidt for some reason, great videos last year and good luck into the new one Chris!

  16. Thanks for not hyping rdr2 to oblivion. I liked it but definitely felt my time being wasted in it, slow animations, a story that continues on and on and on. I’m glad I got to it last year because I’m employed full time this year and will only have a few hours a week and I feel that it’s better used on games that appreciate you playing them or you can hop on and hop off with little consequence

    I also agree that AAA struggled this year. To me a top tier game is usually single player focused, and, a game you want to go back to. Two examples for me are the soulsborne series and games like New Vegas, they have their flaws and aren’t for everyone but I always like to play them through once in a while. Must be on like my 8th or 9th run of New Vegas by now. RDR2 did not generate that feeling, Far cry 5 I couldn’t finish, oddly, AC origins had this effect on me but a big part of that might be seeing how much effort ubi put into making sure you enjoyed the world you were in and walked that fine line of seriousness and levity.

    Also, fuck fallout 76

  17. Good video 🙂
    (but one question, are you political on a level with kotaku, Jason schreier etc?)
    Sorry for my bad English

  18. In Red Dead, you don't have to individually pick up each item in a shop and it doesn't have levels. Do you mean the missions? Better than the typical open world design of missions where you're just tasked with clearing out bases.

  19. I admire your stance concerning Red Dead Redemption

  20. What's with all the RDR2 hate?! Why do people always feel the need to show how ''cool'' they are by hating on a Rockstar game. The game is a masterpiece and a shows how a AAA game SHOULD be done. A fantastic story that's NOT 7 hours long like most open world games, but feels waaaaay longer because of all pointless side missions ''couch'' every open world Ubisoft game ''couch''. An insanely huge, detailed, organic world that imo is one of the best over made. Outstanding performances that feel realistic, outstanding characters (Arthur is the best) a great score, the lighting is out of this world well done, fantastic animation, great sound design and just damm fun to play. Most important of all, a fantastic sequel to one of my fav games of all time (aka RDR1). Should have won game of the year imo. God of War looks also great (haven't played that one yet), but RDR2 is just more my thing. + in a time what games all cater to EVERYONE, especially dumb, young kids, it's fantastic that they make a game that's truly mature and not some oversaturated, cartoony garbage game, with characters doing dumb ''trendy''.

  21. Lot's of hipsters in the comments shiting on RDR2. Screw that shit, that game is what we needed. A singleplayer game that has some actual effort put into it! Not these ''always online'' or ''Ubisoft style'' garbage games. RDR2 it is! Yes, I know online is a different story, but for the single player. It feels great that they still make games for grown ups and not just idiotic kids that play fortnite!

  22. Celeste, 2010-2018, game of the decade? Nah.

  23. If it will be released in 2019, Cyberpunk 2077 should be fairly good.

  24. really don't understand the praise for The Messenger. levels are flat and empty, it has pretty cringey humor and doesn't add or change anything of value from the Ninja gaiden formula it's derived from. the 8-16 bit changing gimmick had been done before and doesn't change the gameplay enough, if at all.

  25. GOW is my GOTY for the simple reason this game is RE4 of this generation
    also my most played game of this year and this generation
    I have played this game 7 times and still love its amazing tactical combat, precise controls amazing world, characters, its physics its impact of the combat and biggest of all its developers love and care for this game which no other developers had done this many interviews, podcast and more then Cory Barlog this year him travelling around the world and doing interviews with fans I something I want more from game developers in future looking at you Rstar.
    if all souls games had a balance of it tone like this game has I would have played them

  26. The best game of 2018 as an rpg fan was Pillar's of eternity 2, best main stream title was spider man, but there wasn't all that much competition.

  27. This year has been pretty disappointing game-wise for me. Barely any of the big games that released interested me. The standouts for me were, in no particular order:
    – Monster Hunter: World
    – Warhammer Vermintide 2
    – Final Fantasy 15 PC release
    – Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    And I guess I enjoyed Assassin's Creed Odyssey as well, but I couldn't with a good conscience put it on a GOTY list with its scummy microtransactions.

  28. I respect your stance on the labor aspect of the issue. As for the game itself, I've spent a lot of time with RDR2 and it's been very weird hearing a lot of criticisms about the game because it's made me wonder if I'm even playing the same game as everyone else. 'Restricted' is not exactly how I'd say the experience has been, and it's taught me to take a lot of the online discourse around a game with a grain of salt because I think a lot of people have been soured on it by osmosis of negativity about the game. I will shit on the business behind RDR2 for days, but I can't find much to complain about with the game in general – and I have ridiculously constricted standards for the games I buy and enjoy. Perhaps this just fits within those standards exceptionally well, but not to other people over-all.

    There are a few minor annoyances in the UI layout I've noticed – and one major glitch that made my horse die because of a bullshit spawn during a mission. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Reginald, my trusty steed, so I reloaded that shit and worked my way back to where I was, which brings me to my biggest gripe about the game – I feel like I'm doing too much and the game isn't saving frequently enough to make me comfortable with leaving things up to the autosave alone. I've made a habit of hardsaving frequently just in case and that's alleviated much of that issue for me but I feel I shouldn't HAVE to hardsave as much.

    I think it comes down to the game design in that things within the game are not so strictly regimented in terms of activities – there are tons of random interactions and emergent happenings, as well as character growth, that I feel SHOULD be important enough to warrant an autosave but I think happen so randomly that they weren't sure how best to implement it. That's the sum total of my issues with the game – I'm happy with it. Not happy with the issue behind its production but goddamn, this industry is fucked in terms of labor, it makes me question why I have this as a hobby in the first place, but the game itself made me feel like the first time I played the Witcher III again and that was honestly cool to experience. I don't get whimsy over games, it's very few and far between and it happened with this one – so that's good enough for me. I'm sorry people can't get the same things I get out of it.

  29. I'd love to agree with all of these but am unfortunately fully incapable of getting into any pixelated indies for longer than an hour 🙁

  30. Last year was, for me, apparently a mid-budget game year, in terms of what games stuck out. The new releases I spent most time with, and felt most satisfied with, were:

    Battletech. Bugs and some odd balance does mean that this won't climb onto my all time favourites list, but I had a lot of fun with it, and it's a game I will probably re-visit next year.

    Pillars of Eternity 2. I'm a sucker for isometric RPGs, and while Pillars 2 was mildly underwhelming, I still had a lot of fun with it. I would say that Pillars 2 was more of a side-grade than an upgrade compared to Pillars 1, and it was released in a time where we don't have a CRPG drought, where as Pillars 1 was released at an early point of the current flood of good CRPGs.

    I also played Dead Cells, which was great, and CrossCode, which I did not enjoy nearly as much as I thought I would. Ghost of a Tale was also mildly disappointing, but not bad. it's worth getting, if for no other reason than how darn cute it is.

    And there are a couple of games from last year that I really look forward to trying, including Celeste, Into the Breach, Freeman, Frostpunk, Cultist Simulator, Warhammer 40k: Gladius, Two Point Hospital, Return of the Obra Din, Thronebreaker, Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Bloodstained, TISOQUE, Yoku's Island Express, Omensight, Forgotton Anne, Tower of Time…… yeah, I'm never going to be able to play all of those 😛

  31. I just completed my list (and long winded video) of games of played in 2018 which is mostly old games that have been in my back log. The trend I've noticed in my gaming habit is 1) I've been using my PS Vita to get through most games, that includes using the Remote play to some extent and 2) short indie games seem to be the more enjoyable.

    For new games that were released in 2018 that I played:
    1 – Monster Mind, a fan made flash puzzle game that has talking Pokemon via a webcam and your reward for completing the puzzles is using your disembodied hand to have sexual encounters with them through the webcam…this is a furry game.
    2 – Vampyr, I love how cheesy this game was as a mid-market game except it was being sold at a triple A price. Still, rather enjoyable for what it is.
    3 – Willy Bear Beach 2, an adult furry visual novel that's a nice slice of life and mellow game.
    4 – Delta Rune, I really shouldn't count this since it's essentially a demo but since I have very little…It was fun other than I was really hoping that Toby Fox's follow up game wouldn't us our nostalgia of previous established character in his next game but I'll still buy it.
    5 – The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, aka The Demo for Life is Strange 2. Another one I shouldn't count. I liked the imagination bits though I am curious to see what LiS2 is since this character isn't the protagonist (or so it seems.) I won't buy episodic games until their done however so I haven't played any of LiS2 proper; especially after what happened to Telltale.
    6 – Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker's Memory, I liked the first one and thought I would enjoy more of the same. It turned out be a drag with a convoluted story that is pointless, very Lion King 1/2. And I hated the queer baiting in this game.

    As for games I had the most fun with that I played in 2018:
    1 – Monster Mind, I think that says more about me than anything…or that the gaming industry needs to step it up in 2019?
    2 – VA-11 Hall-A, this visual novel/bartending simulator(?) really stuck with me. It might be a combination of the cyberpunk setting and character interactions.
    3 – Papers, Please, I played the PS Vita version that came out in 2018 though this game has been around since 2013 so I though it shouldn't really count. Still, I found myself strangely entertained with the monotony of bureaucracy. Maybe because I do something similar in my work?
    4 – Yakuza 0, I played Kiwami and 0 and found 0 more fun, probably because of how over the top 80's Japan is itself. This is a series I'm going to start to follow though I probably don't want to play each game right after another since that gets tiring.
    5 – Vampyr, what can I say? I enjoyed the clunky combat, bad acting and odd animation. I also enjoyed how it was the opposite of LiS in terms of how it locks your dialogue choice and actions after making them by auto saving not allowing save slots for each playthrough. It really makes you live with what you say and do rather than doing something to see what would happen then undoing it or rewinding time to see different reactions then choosing what you think is the most beneficial choice. It's not a perfect system but I still admire the attempt.

    I played the first Guacamelee! in 2018 and really enjoyed it so I'm likely to pick it up at some time; hopefully I'll still have muscle memory from that game. I also want to get Return of the Obra Dinn considering how much I enjoyed Papers, Please. I've heard really good things about Celeste but watching gameplay footage makes me anxious at the thought of trying to execute all those jumps to avoid death. There's a few other indie games in 2018 that I do want to play with like the only triple A games that appeal to me from 2018 being God of War, Spider-man and, because it looks like a mess, Detroit: Become Human.

  32. "Rockstar made people work to hard on RDR2, so I'm not going to spend money on the game people spent so much of their time making." I'm sure that's what those employees want. Not to be compensated for their hard work, but for the game the tirelessly labored away at to be boycotted, and thus not making any money lol. It's a good thing more people weren't this stupid

  33. I liked RDR2 and am planning on 100%ing one day it but I completely understand the criticism and found myself more frustrated with the game’s controls and mechanics the further I got into the game despite becoming more and more invested in the story and the characters. I believe Arthur to be one of the best characters ever created because of how the player is able to really connect and empathise with him. While I have heard it is vastly different how you may feel towards Arthur depending on your honour and your choices (I had some friends who played max dishonour) I played max honour and by the end of chapter six I only had 4 stranger quests not completed so I felt I got the most out of Arthur’s story. Because of my choices the scenes I saw, such as the one with the nun at the train station which is my personal favourite from the whole game, really helped me connect with Arthur and see him as more human than any other character in a game I have played as. However that connection to character and anxiety of the gangs deteriorating state would be dashed by moments where I would fail missions for attempting to go a better path to the objective that was not intended which really did detract from the experience. I am confused by those out there who defend the game saying it has no faults when clearly it does, having an incredible story does not simply excuse bad game mechanics and it’s something that these people really should learn

  34. Just for those that don’t know Celeste is free on Xbox live gold too right now so there is no reason not to play it if you have Xbox live gold lol

  35. sotc is such garbage, wtf is wrong with you. lol and the idiot didnt even include MHW

  36. I'd make the argument that the decision best/terrible year for video games heavily depends on if you look at PC or console. For PC, I cannot remember a single big release which would stand out in any way, maybe Hitman 2 and to some extent FFXV?. Then there were Frostpunk and Deep Rock Galactic, Subnautica – Everything else I played was meh or simply mediocre.

  37. another terrible year for pc gaming. the only one i liked was monster hunter world
    2019 should be much better and metro exodus is almost out!

  38. My lists these days would be all indies, basically. I don't think AAA games are better than just decent very often. Much more interesting to play a bunch of creative indie games. There's such a wealth of game genres and cool ideas. And even better: The games are also cheaper and you're supporting the little guy instead of supporting big companies. Win/win. Screw AAA games tbh

  39. What you said about RDR2 means you take whichever information you like to keep because the same developer explained that he did not mean everyone was working 100 hours per week all the time just a selected few before release but I guess that doesn't fit the narrative. Also even if they were working so much your choice of not buying it shows you do not want to appreciate and support their hard work.

  40. For me, taking away all of the hype, I felt like GOW was objectively really good. If not a 10, very close to it for being the most complete and fun experience I've had this year. Have to disagree on the exploration as well. I really liked the world and the backtracking to unlock new sections of the map when you had new abilities felt like the right way to do it. I love the exploration aspect of gaming almost more than anything else, so this could be specific to me. After watching the whole video I see that you are a bit burned out on triple AAA gaming hype and want to shed more light on indie games, which I can totally understand.

  41. these games all sucked, gaming sucks, movies suck, books suck, what happened to our culture?

  42. Maybe stop believing every article made by a shitsite like Kotaku and start reading for yourself, the whole thing with rockstar was a huge missunderstanding and if you believe something like 100 hours per week are possible in a western and famous videogame company you are a fucking moron, and you actually sound like one. OH YEAH lets make the moral choice of not supporting something many game devs put their sweat and hearth because im a fucking hero.

  43. Hope you keep making vids, love your content.

  44. You have a wildly different taste in games than what I'm used to seeing on YouTube and it's much appreciated.

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