Game Room Tour and Video Game Collection 2021 | Cannot be Tamed -

Game Room Tour and Video Game Collection 2021 | Cannot be Tamed

Cannot be Tamed
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It’s been a few years since I last did a game room/collection video. My collection has changed quite a bit. I’m focused on NES, PS1, PS2, Sega CD, XBox, PC Big Box and Video Game Vinyl. Here I talk about my collection goals and ideals, give a little tour of main gaming areas and talk about every game I own and why.

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00:00 Start
00:09 My collecting goals and ideals
1:56 Apartment tour
5:17 Game shelves and console setup
12:14 NES collection
28:24 SNES
30:48 Sega CD
41:22 PS1
54:34 PS2
1:06:27 XBox
1:10:25 XBox 360
1:25:08 Nintendo Switch
1:33:42 XBox One/Series
1:53:14 PC Big Box
2:03:29 Vinyl
2:16:58 The end

If you’re interested in things like the MegaSD or various upscalers and other gaming peripherals, you can use my *affiliate link* for Stone Age Gamer:

I use the Retro Game Collector app to track my collection

Equipment I use for playing and recording games:
AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2Plus
Model 2 Genesis with a Mega SD
Analog Super NT
PS2 (the fat one)

Music used in this video, in order of appearance:
Paradise Killer (apartment tour), Journey to Silius (NES), Super Metroid (SNES), Star Ocean Second Story (PS1), Suikoden 5 (PS2), Jade Empire (Xbox), Fable 3 (XBox 360), Dead Cells (Switch), Crash Bandicoot 2 (Xbox One), The Pandora Directive (PC), Transistor (Vinyl)

Intro artwork, logo and banner by: @theMagdalenRose

“Cantina Blues” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Didn't you have a complete copy of Snatcher before?

  2. Your place is like mine lol. I have most of my stuff in my living room

  3. Great game room tour! This is now my favorite video game collection tour on YouTube. I loved how you showed each game one-by-one in detail. I would like to hear more about why you purchase so many Jurassic Park games. Also, might be interesting to see a video on your experience working in QA testing games. I did a bit of game testing back in the day (late 90's).

  4. You don't use a CRT tv for the retro games? They would look much better!

  5. I would love to have a girlfriend who likes to play games like you. In my country girls don't like men playing games

  6. After your two hours review performance it is surprising that IGN did not hire you yet…

  7. When you have a analogue super nt for your 8 game collection…..

  8. Please, Pam, marry me!: I love you … I love your doggy … I love your collection … and your cool TMNT t-shirt. 😎

  9. ‘Fuckery’ you my kind of gal 🤘 dragons dogma is a great RPG… memorable for its tough, long boss fights and an interesting companion mechanic, where online players can ‘borrow’ your pawn (companion) and they gain experience while your not playing. Items too sometimes.

  10. I've always loved a good room tour/collection video, and this really scratched the itch. Thanks for doing this, Pam!

  11. Yeah thanks for the tour I'm getting ready to move next year hopefully into a house and my basement is going to be my ultimate play room. Besides having my other systems throughout the house.

  12. If i collected games, you wouldnt even find 1 switch/wii/wii-u/nes game in sight. lol however, there would be a couple snes games and quite a few gameboy/gba & gamecube games. Mostly (if i had any money) i would collect saturn/master system/genesis/dreamcast/gamegear/xbox/xb360/xb1/series x

  13. Aliens, The Wire and Golgo 13, good taste i see

  14. I play SEGA-CD on real hardware SOC with my Mega Everdrive Pro and Retroad 5 plus 7" HDMI handheld with the Megadrive adapter. 98% compatibility I just can't seem to get cutscene audio but all other sounds are there. Popful Mail is my favorite always for CD games. I love the GB/GBC Extension Converter too. Ali-Express has all the Retroad products.

  15. I collect Famicom instead of NES because I have a Toploader and Rad2X.

  16. Blazing Rangers is a game I want badly for NES/Famicom.

  17. I guess I just feel talkative today. 🙂

  18. Amazing setup! 90s PC game boxes are just the best, you can´t go wrong with that !

  19. I sold most of my games very recently, but I just play/keep games that are always good and fun to play for me. The rarest game I ever owned, which someone offered $600 last year was the Turok Rage Wars NTSC bug fixed white cartridge, which only have a little over 100 in existence. Love the videos!

  20. The cover art for NES Ultimate Stuntman looks like Donald Trump trying to cosplay as Duke Nukem

  21. I haven't played The Wizard of Oz – but there's no way it can be "the worst SNES game" as long as Pit Fighter exists.

  22. Excellent video, is a great collection ❤️❤️🎮🎮

  23. I watched this whole video and I regret nothing!

  24. I tried to get into the Witcher 3 many times because everyone says it’s such a great game but I just didn’t like it.

  25. I know you said ridge racer only had 4 track but did you know you could remove the disc and add a music cd while playing ridge racer to make it a more interesting experience

  26. What a wonderful collection thanks for sharing! Brought back some memories.

  27. "My favorite final fantasy game is Final Fantasy X-2"

    this is a crime

  28. Small-box PC games existed even in the 90s, as I recall. Back then, stores needed to save shelf space just like they did later on. Big box games were often reserved for first-run, first-issue PC games from major publishers. If they sold out, the re-issued versions were often smaller, plainer boxes intended for the bargain bins. I bought a tennis game from EA in the early 90s and it came in a puny box with inferior box art. Origin re-issues of the Ultima games were the same way. Some bargain bin games had no box at all. I bought a PC platformer called "Halloween Harry" and it was just a floppy in a sleeve. But many re-issues were done with nice boxes and great fanfare, such as those LucasArts Archives collections.

  29. Same here…I sold most of my SNES stuff as I didn't really play it. I was more of the Genesis console instead so now I just own a SNES console and a cart with 120 games etc. I sold most of my games and consoles as I was once a harder and hardcore collector but after moving into our house I was short on room and just said.."Fuck it." If i'm not going to play it…then I'll get rid of it and make room and so I did. So now I only have what I play or care about and that's it.

  30. Enjoyed chipping away at this the past few days, not much of a collector myself but love seeing other people's collections. And I agree on Bioshock, Infinite didn't do much for me compared to the first two.

  31. So cool ,I feel good now, I also got my NES in 1990. I was late to the party. But did get the Super Nintendo at lunch. 1991

  32. Astayanax(NES) was based on an arcade game called "The Astayanax" A hack and slash game like RASTAN.

  33. Totally agree with the collecting methodology. Collect what you like and play what you like. Great video thank you for sharing.

  34. Great collection. But I really miss when people purely collected and played actual retro cartridges. There seems to be a shift to emulating everything now and it's kinda sad to me.

  35. Where can I purchase this shirt? I love it

  36. I really enjoyed this video Pam and I am also happy that you are on Team Air fryer oh my God I love my air fryer

  37. I'm excited to hear what your thoughts on Crystalis will be.

  38. Great tour ☺️ Great to see how others tackle how to sort and display a full collection. One dilemma I’ve had! Trying to have some order, without clutter and be aesthetically pleasing too 🥺 I’m no completionist and have a similar size collection to you.

  39. Great video. I was wondering if you can put out a list of every NES game you own. I'm curious to know which ones you have. Great collection. I too grew up with playing just NES and only played SNES at friends and family's houses.

  40. (Calling Nintendo controllers shitty) Preach it! 🙏

  41. Hello from Ukraine! Pam you have nice game room and cool games! Thank you! I like XBOX Sega,Dendi and Nintendo. In USSR (80's) i was play …ATARI, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo Game and Watch (Micky Mouse Eggs, Wolf, Racing, Cook, Deep ocean …) and Slot Mashines . Today i have XBOX ONE S,X, XBOX SERIES S,X PS4. In the 1985 i was see Star Wars – 4,5. I like Star wars (movies and games)…STAR WARS – BATTLEFRONT 1,2 and STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER, STAR WARS – JEDI OUTCAST 2, STAR WARS KNIGHT – JEDI ACADEMY. I like Indiana jones movies and games. INDIANA JONES – THE INFERNAL MASHINE (1999) and INDIANA JONES – THE IMPEROR TOMB (2003). Thank you Pam!

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