Gears of War 5 - E3 2018 New Video Games Leaks & Announcement at E3 2018!? (Gears of War 5 News) -

Gears of War 5 – E3 2018 New Video Games Leaks & Announcement at E3 2018!? (Gears of War 5 News)

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Gears of War 5 E3 2018 Videos Games Leaks by Walmart Canada & Gears 5 Announcement at E3 2018!?
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Welcome back to another Gears of War 5 Video! Today we are going to be discussing Gears of War 5 being included in a recent E3 2018 Video Games Leaks where a ton of unannounced games were listed for pre-order, with this recent leak we look at whether there could be a Gears of War 5 announcement for Gears of War 5 E3 2018.

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  1. We all know gears 5 is coming it's just when can I pre order it.

  2. Rage 2 is on that list, and that was before it was announced. This is probably legit.

  3. Sometimes I wish MS made spiritual successors to Gears and Halo rather than direct sequels. That way the original story line in the 360 era wouldn't get tarnished.

  4. i want to see halo 6, give me a reason to use my xbox one please…

  5. gears 4 was garbage, hopefully they make a comeback

  6. gears 4 was garbage, hopefully they make a comeback

  7. gears 4 was garbage, hopefully they make a comeback

  8. Fake, if you watch closely it says "Forza Horizon 5" actually the 4th still have to come out, so that pic is fake AF

  9. i do wish Rage had a BETTER Sequel. it had cool ideas. it needed Better story and gameplay added to it. the first game felt short and half ass made and half the story was missing lol. even the dlcs didnt add much for it

  10. Gears 5 is gonna be taking loot boxes to the next level! Can't wait to see how they implement free to play game loot box systems into a full price game this time around. Go on moneysoft, put all our favourite characters behind low percentage RNG paywalls. Do it for the fans, we love it. All hail the loot box!

  11. Just put it on pc and they would get so many more players

  12. i take that back RAGE 2 is happening!!! Gears 5 IS REAL!!!!

  13. If some of it true all of it is likely to be true…

  14. Hopefully it wont drop this year. Still trying to get to tenth prestige

  15. Hmm hopefully this is true I love my gears lol but….how am I supposed to believe this when it literally says Forza Horizon 5….like yeah lets do Forza Horizon 5 and skip Forza Horizon 4 because why not? Lol

  16. I actually wanted Gears 5 to be delayed for E3 2019

  17. havn't played this game in ages its just no longer fun to play and im not going to bother with the salt and the constant character reskins pay money to get your favorite classic characters ya no im done with that i may not even bother with gears of war 5 and they better get the guns right cause i hate having my favorite loadout weapon stripped from the game mainly the hammerburst they should return it to being a semi auto single fire weapon like in gears 3 or the gears of war 4 beta the hammer burst was perfect in the beta.

  18. Maybe in the starting of gears of war 5 dom appears

  19. They should make the lead character a carmine.

  20. The amor of the cog in the thumbnail, had the face of a brumak… or is it a corpser…

  21. Soo annoying . No need to upgrade from gears 1 , its still the best 1 by far

  22. Welp ill keep buying gears games as long as they keep making them

  23. Im a die hard gears fan..but stop, please stop. It had its time and was the best, but now their just milking it..if it is coming back, let there be unreal engine and cliff coming back to company.

  24. More Gears!!! Golf clap Takes out gun proceeds to shoot self in head


  26. We just want locust or swarm skins in fortnite plzZzzzz

  27. ho they want to do another broken game ? But Why ?

  28. What I can't understand is why don't they bring in the pendulum wars I, mean that a rich storyline and character to work with.

  29. I believe halo 6 was confirmed for a 2019 release. Another halo game was going to be announced for this year to fill the gap at e3. I just hope gears and halo do not make a battle royal mode.

  30. I would like a gears of greed remaster like gold on gold it will be like bend and over, king of the money stack, team cash match preorder u get a gold nugget and need about 3 years of pay to play dlc and 10000 skins and remake all old stuff and only have one new thing added that would be a cool game

  31. hope they don't jump on the band wagon and make it open world and battle royal mode.

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