GHOST HUNTING w/ FRIENDS! (Phasmophobia) -

GHOST HUNTING w/ FRIENDS! (Phasmophobia)

Typical Gamer
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Phasmophobia multiplayer gameplay livestream with Samara, Typical Gamer, Avxry and neekolul!
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  1. Flico like if you get it

    ssundee/biffle/sigils/henwy/garyblox/k8:) sorry if i missed some one

  2. 1. that is a UV light 2. you are the best YouTuber in the entire world no cap

  3. CR super close at at one of your friends over or if you want the golden get you you can anger the ghost mistletoe theater fight the ghost a bit close

  4. (Scary) lol RUN RN FROM DEMONS

  5. Really miss the time you guys were coming back to the van 🚐😎😎😎

  6. Okay 👍🏻 how is this one coming out of my business

  7. I kept saying say are u friendly then he said that I said Ohhhhhhhh m godddd

  8. Me and my uncle play that together at 8:00 at night to 12 in the day non stop with vr lol

  9. i think the ghost does not like them because they are loud.

  10. “The attic is sus” who is making that sucking noise” 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Yow u guys are so dumb lmfao not being rude but omg when u hear loud footsteps that means hes hunting u to kill u u go hide in a room and stay quiet cuz the slightest noise he can find u. Broooo yall shouldnt got Gloom to play with, she is amazing at this game. Also you guys are not ready for pro asylum. No way u guys would die in less than five minutes no cap

  12. Adam died and you guys came back I saw something behind the girl and then I saw the baby when you went behind right to the side

  13. Who else saw Tg get mad over samara getting to close to one the other guys Nono square

  14. I was crying I got laughing so hard at this. That last case was hilarious. Went off the rails quick X ) I saw the sign lol

  15. Halloween is in like a month, you need to do this again 100 percent.😀🎃🍬🍭

  16. Can you please do more Phasmophobia and Friday the 13th

  17. Dudeeeeeee this video is going to be so good 😊 plz do more of this

  18. Please play this again soon! They made more types of ghosts and equipment to use to find out which ghost it is! It’s hilarious and we love it!!!

  19. do more of this with your friends its soo funny and scary

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