Ghost Pokemon would be OP in Super Mario Bros. - TLU 2018 Halloween Special -

Ghost Pokemon would be OP in Super Mario Bros. – TLU 2018 Halloween Special

Team Level UP
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Watch Gastly, Haunter and Gengar rule over Super Mario Bros by being Playful AND Deadly at the same time!
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This Team Level UP Halloween Special was Animated by Konico! Check out Konico for more Awesomeness!


There are 3 Mimikyu dolls hidden in the video. Can you find them?

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Gamefreak/GameChops/HeatleyBros

Lavender Town remix by GameChops:

Outro theme (8 bit summer) by TLU Member HeatleyBros:

A note from Level UP: There’s another Halloween Special coming to the Main Level UP channel everyone! ‘Mario goes Trick or Treating’ 😀

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  1. Happy Halloween from Konico, Level UP and the rest of Team Level UP! 🎃

  2. I feel bad about the first Goomba: He was in the frontline to experience true horror.

  3. More like Ghastly Haunter Gengar
    Would be op in super mario bros

  4. I love level up!! can you please make more videos!!!

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  6. 超級無敵怕貓叫聲的埃絲特 says:


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