Ghost Pokemon would be OP in Super Mario Bros. - TLU 2018 Halloween Special -

Ghost Pokemon would be OP in Super Mario Bros. – TLU 2018 Halloween Special

Team Level UP
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Watch Gastly, Haunter and Gengar rule over Super Mario Bros by being Playful AND Deadly at the same time!
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This Team Level UP Halloween Special was Animated by Konico! Check out Konico for more Awesomeness!


There are 3 Mimikyu dolls hidden in the video. Can you find them?

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Gamefreak/GameChops/HeatleyBros

Lavender Town remix by GameChops:

Outro theme (8 bit summer) by TLU Member HeatleyBros:

A note from Level UP: There’s another Halloween Special coming to the Main Level UP channel everyone! ‘Mario goes Trick or Treating’ 😀

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  1. Goomba: …
    The Block Active And Appear a Black ball
    Goomba: O-o
    Ghost 1: Jumpscare

  2. 0:40 did Anyone notice the mimikye however you spell it on the mountains? Edit: when I posted this I didn't know it was a challenge to find them

  3. I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just watching this. 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Can you please do this in 2020 Halloween: FNAF
    I have edited

  5. Imagine having this as a real Mario game
    Everyone: how much should I pay for your game

  6. 0:44 is that a mimikyu at the back in the moutain? Oh..level up is trying to put Easter Eggs!

  7. I saw a pokemon on the mountain where to goombas are!

  8. Not having the ghost Pokémon interacting with Boos Was such an missed opportunity.

  9. Was that Mimikyu at the back hill??????

  10. 2:01

    Gastly: Look! A flag

    Haunter: Cool! I will pull her!

    Gastly: No! I see this first! I will pull!
    Haunter: You
    neither hands has, you stupid ball! How do you will pull? I will pull!

    Gastly: I can create hands with my gases, you bastard! And i am more coolest than you, then i will pull!!

    Haunter: Never you will be more coolest than me! You idiot, i will pull!!

    Gastly: No! Me!!

    Haunter: Me!!

    Gengar: Can you two shut up!! No one will pull that flag, and come here to catch that guy right now!!

    Haunter and Gastly: Yes Gengar….

  11. 超級無敵怕貓叫聲的埃絲特 says:


  12. 超級無敵怕貓叫聲的埃絲特 says:


  13. I love level up!! can you please make more videos!!!

  14. More like Ghastly Haunter Gengar
    Would be op in super mario bros

  15. I feel bad about the first Goomba: He was in the frontline to experience true horror.

  16. Happy Halloween from Konico, Level UP and the rest of Team Level UP! 🎃

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