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GOKU, the evolution in video games [1986 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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On the occasion of the release of Dragon Ball Fighterz, discover in this video the evolution of GOKU in Dragon Ball video games from 1986 to 2018. I have deliberately not integrated some card games in which there are no animated characters.


➥ VEGETA, the evolution in video games [1990 – 2018] :

➥ CELL, the evolution in video games [1992 – 2018] :


  1. Hyper Dimension was and still is a great game

  2. Rose-tinted glasses told me that the SNES and earlier games matched anime pace and Tenkaichi+ slowed it down.
    Now I can see that actually it's the opposite – the games have only recently up to match the anime!

  3. ゲームボーイアドバンスの幼少悟空の冒険のやつめっちゃ面白かった

  4. You missed Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (or 27) released for PSX in 2003

  5. There's a nice video about Fighter Z's art direction, how they made it look more like an anime by actually leaving out some movement frames rather than keeping them all in like with a typical 3-D model. Keeping them all in makes the movement look unnatural

  6. I thing the videogame Dragon Ball Z:Super Butoden 3 in super Nintendo

  7. Thenx db budokai tenchaichi 2 😔

  8. I don't know why but i love playing dbz supersonic warriors on my gba. Ahhh good old times

  9. I do not know if it counts but I miss you don stadium (ps2) and j star victory (ps4, ps3)

  10. dragon ball fighterZ was made for xboxone and pc also.

  11. The the thumbnail is clickbait. Dragon Ball (anime) had barely become a thing in 1986. Z wasn't even close to coming out.

  12. All of thes games are not for ps only
    (Ignore my english)

  13. Anyone knows why i always see the number 66 in everywhere ? No joke.

  14. DBZ supersonic warriors was the game I never stopped playing when I was little

  15. 3:20 se e horrible por es de la nintendo game cube en la PS2 era lo mejor de lo mejor

  16. el ultimo de playstation 4 se ve re bien

  17. How many fuckin' dragon ball games released in 2004-2006?! Wow. How did they all even sell? You would think they would conflict.

  18. haha the guku of 2018 gives a beating to the goku of 1986 I like good video

  19. The thumbnail looks the same just with better graphics on one side

  20. I like how 2018 brought us anime looks.

  21. FighterZ ist the first video game of Dragonball with a nice quality. I want a game with the quality of FighterZ and Where you can flying overall the world to search Dragonballs.

  22. Who else totally forgot about burst limit? Lol

  23. Oh dang it freezer now I have to give you more

  24. Straight Tenkaichi 3 the best dbz game.. at least in my opinion..

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