Google Doodle Halloween 2018 Playthrough & Secret Rooms -

Google Doodle Halloween 2018 Playthrough & Secret Rooms

Your Waifu Peridot
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Me playing all the stages of the doodle and entering their secret rooms (except the last one, not sure if that has a room). They require you to be invisible to enter them.


  1. I play this game before 😉and it really 🤩

  2. yo juego mucho ese juego y yo tambien atravese paredes

  3. I have been been learning about life cycles in school lately. This, I call, is a GAME CYCLE

  4. This game is so stupid and yet so fun lol

  5. They should make a sequel and turn it into a app and make it not only for Halloween

  6. Imagine if there were 6 teams:

    Red – Juan, Alex, Jared, Isabella

    Orange – Katelyn, Sarah, Peach, Kiwi

    Yellow – Lori, Jackson, Mike, Pooch

    Green – Jade, Sage, Kelly, Olive

    Blue – Christopher, Tony, Isaac, Blueberry

    Purple – Plum, Periwinkle, Iris, Mulberry

    Tell me what you guys think of those teams with those names

  7. I wonder if there's another power up after walk through walls

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