Google Doodle: Halloween 2020 | Full Game -

Google Doodle: Halloween 2020 | Full Game

Project Detonado
Views: 140395
Like: 2541
Original release date: Oct 29, 2020
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  1. The next game is gonna be in outer space I know it

  2. Lightning can penetrate into the sea, kill all fish

  3. Well,i have completed this second part of the game.But the first part is harder then the second part.i am still in the 4th level in the first part of the game.

  4. Level 1:easy
    Level 2 :eaay
    Level 3 little medium
    Level 4 medium
    Level 5 HARD but i did beat it

    I did play this game and i also did not die once but i did in a different time but its fun but i dont like the coach part in part 1 level 4 theres a ghost with alot of symbols and ghosts that go fast with 2 or 1 symbols its hard

  5. pretty sure the game was from 2016, but i may be wrong

  6. Also, the fact that it teaches you something new about the ocean (or sea) is amazing! Quite an educational game!

  7. If you like stress, panicking, and heart attacks, then this is the game for you! Also thank you for playing this, I can't because this game amplifys my stress by 100

  8. I think for Halloween 2021, they ghosts would invade outer space.

  9. This is the best game they've ever made ngl, as well as the sequel and Halloween 2018

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