Google Halloween 2018 Doodle - Review + hack - Random Bits -

Google Halloween 2018 Doodle – Review + hack – Random Bits

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Proof of concept cheat and gameplay of the latest Google Doodle yet.

Extended songs:

All credit goes to Google (and the game might still be playable):

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  1. Wow it looks really nice in such a wide screen. I love the small details such as being able to move through cracked walls and bookshelves. It really encourages strategizing and planning. After this doodle is taken down, (it already is) I’m still going to play in in the google doodle archives instead of doing stuff I should be doing. Just search up “google doodle Halloween 2018” to aces it after it is down. Its a really good time killer. It would be cool if google published this game in the play store/AppStore so we can take this game in our pockets.

  2. you can google " halloween google doodle" and still play the game

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