Google Halloween Game 2018! -

Google Halloween Game 2018!

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How did we win that game? …the hidden carry.
I think I skipped last year’s game… But this one is pretty fun :3

wanna play it yourself?:


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  1. Green team: we win
    Purple team:nope
    Green team: hacker

  2. All hail our almighty Jesus for we must rejoice as he has returned

  3. Legend has it..
    Every year…*waaaaay past Halloween*…when the full moon rises
    Jeeeeesus uploads a google video..

  4. Legend has it..
    Every year…*waaaaay past Halloween*…when the full moon rises
    Jeeeeesus uploads a google video..

  5. If theres a orange icon at the end on a ghost, that means that ghost is a bot :v

    btw my highscore is 469
    there were no bots ok

  6. Me:this game sucks
    Me after watching:this game is so good because of jueeeesus edditing skills
    Me after playing: HELP ME I NEED EDITS

  7. me: why you wont play roblox r2da 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. It was the extra spirit flames you gathered up at the beginning match, they counted and you guys won by like one

    He ran away….

  10. u did the 2017 mate
    jsut play epac game for efpc like

  11. um jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee year later * eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *decade later eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now us where is the reason 2 get triggered gameplay?

  12. Something about it's in-game soundtrack gives me nostalgia of something, but it is not a clear picture.

  13. Aren't you gonna go back to R2DA instead of doing a random video?

  14. lol bro my friend literally got 733, the world record. we emailed the creator of the game and he confirmed. beat that scrubs

  15. My dude you won at the LAST second

  16. for 8:06, go to the top left corner or the bottom right

  17. Best game ever, but when somebody has a bad internet in the server, other players gets affected in the server too

  18. Только я тут Русская? Из России?

  19. So basically, i liked that game, and i liked you too.

  20. why am I watching this in 2020?
    and most importantly, why am I enjoying this?

  21. is that at the end of the game, if there is time left, they can put in the ghost that they had left

  22. Yeah! Hilarious! F***ing Hilarious! Look I laughing: Haaaaaaaaa!🤣😂😏

  23. The tie screen is the big blue thingy that gives more points and runs away

  24. Little did he know there is a chance of losing 26 points once lol

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