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Halloween 2018 | Exclusive Preview | WoT Blitz [2018]

Martin Dogger
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An exclusive preview of the Halloween 2018 tanks for World of Tanks Blitz. I can’t give you any more details than I’m doing here, sorry. But it’s an exciting sneak peek, with some cool features shown of the new tanks, the new map and the special game mode that seems to be coming.

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  1. Tanks that lay undisclosed mines…awesome!

  2. That vid created more questions and no answers lol thx for sharing!🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. I just want a premium tank that can Make money

  4. I can't wait to drive on the new map!

  5. Too many people in this comment section genuinely think these tanks are going in the actual queue. Its a new game mode people, get it through your skull.

    The tanks might go into the actual game, but I doubt they'd have those abilities with them.

  6. In this moment…….

    -Tier 6~Tier8 crisis in 2018,happy holiday,scrubs.
    By–WG(With a middle finger on the letter)

  7. So what just happen
    Teleporting tank , dracs Russian that use their vodka to speed boost welp those tank are gonna be like the t49atm which is like 26 days to play kind of thing unless you keep them for ever but only get the powers at Halloween like world tank LIkE THe BROKeN OI dragon and ThE DrACULa BIG BROTHER THE KV4 that heal it self but that speedy boi has a 130 -152mm gun I can smell the heat from hit t49 but better cause it see tier 6 and 7

  8. Sweet… bring them on. New tanks for the collection…

  9. O. M. G. I’m a purist – get me out of here!

  10. WG, just WTF. If this is not a separate game mode, don't expect me to play until the teleporting shit is removed from the game. As a separate game mode OK, but you are setting yourself to ruin the game for a month like the T49A guided missiles with auto-aim. Sometimes it feels the bar for WarGaming product management is not that high.

  11. I hope the Halloween tanks keep their abilities outside of that map. I just really want a teleporting tank tbh

  12. For me its a contest between WoT PC and WoT Blitz, let's see which one has the best event that gives the best rewards. That is where I'll spend the majority of my time. Thanks for sharing, Martin!

  13. A tank that teleports and fast as a light tank?? RIP heavy tank.

  14. I need that teleporting tank! So fun!

  15. Uuuulalalaaa… I want them all…. Missed drac and venhlsing last time…I will buy both and also the other two new ones…. Hope all 4 will come in a bundle too…

  16. 瞬間移動はちょっとダメじゃないか、、

  17. Oi, this will be the fall of blitz in my opinion. Remember if these turn out to be OP, Wargaming can’t nerf them because some people have payed and most have grinder for em’


  19. TIME TO SUPRESS SUPERNATURAL UPRISING WITH IS2 (if your wondering which is2,its the one with Stalin's name on it,not Mao,)

  20. Why man why first it was that stupid T49A now teleporting tanks no thanks.

  21. Martin Dogger are you aloud to say or speak to me in discord because does this mean we have the chance to win t6 drac and helsing along with the new tanks iswell or no just the 2 new ones

  22. oh no! dont tell us there's another set of fancy tanks coming..

  23. Looks like they leached health of the tanks

  24. Why all the stupid stuff ???? Just fix the match making !!!! Of my last 60 losses in 6 days…44 were 2-7 un-winnable battles….the other 16 just as un-winnable too….but the numbers were closer…. your not fooling anyone wotb….

  25. Martin Dogger do you know when news will be out on this event

  26. Oh look, tanks I most likely can never get because it'll probably be crate related or just pure pay to win

  27. oh please no teleporting tanks thats gonna be rlly unfair .-.

  28. Seems like is defender wont be available in the event.. stop spreading false news in the comments of other videos Martin!

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