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Halloween (2018) – Horror Movie Recap

Slash Forward
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After 40 years of inactivity, Michael Myers is back at it, escaping captivity and stalking down his most favorite victims? In this horror movie recap we’ll be engaging in a full movie summary of the 2018 Halloween movie, a sequel to the 1978 original by John Carpenter. After decades of not making progress, Michael is finally set to be moved to a high security facility that is more focused on detaining dangerous persons until they die rather than learning from or rehabilitating them. But when the bus goes off the road, the residents of Haddonfield find themselves in a familiar situation.

In this video we’re going to examine and summarize the details and major plot points of the full movie Halloween (2018).

Horror Movie Recap is a series that takes a speedy tour of all your favorite horror films with a humorous tone, hoping to cram in all the pieces necessary to explore the movie in approximately ten minutes. Hopefully a good horror story will have more than five to ten minutes of action and suspense. So, if you want to see the best scenes from these horror movies, your best best is to find a copy or locate the films through your favorite streaming service in order to get all the extra context. A simple 10 minute horror movie recap can only accomplish so much. Set up as a framework not unlike a kill count or ending explained style video, the intent is to give a general idea about the major points of the movie. It’s highly recommended you check out the film for all the additional, gory details that can’t be covered here.

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  1. Watched the movie. I have to say this Halloween movie was a big disappointment

  2. About to go watch the sequel today, this was perfect for a bite sized refresher! Love your humor too, definitely going to more of your stuff!

  3. I never get notifications for you anymore and it makes me sad.

    I'm gonna binge the ones I've missed! <3

  4. Also, this movie would've felt more impactful to me if they hadn't said Halloween II didn't happen. I get they had to to wipe the brother-sister thing, but that actually made their connection more palpable and the entire second movie is a continuation of the original night so by removing it they really took away a lot of the extra oooompf this could've had for a longtime fan like myself.

  5. Also also, "She adds to the conversation by openly sobbing."


    Please be my best friend.

  6. This channel deserves a million plus subs

  7. You should do one on Daniel isn’t real. I can see your brand of comedy working great talking about it

  8. I'm confused, I thought the Halloween guy wore a hockey mask and was named Freddy?

  9. Gretchen ‘Gigi’ Suzanne Codename: GothBarbie3000 says:

    I loved the portrayal of Laurie Strode’s PTSD. Besides the fact that I’m biased toward Jamie Lee Curtis (she’s so awesome in my eyes, but that’s beside the point) the script wasn’t cringe.

    I mean, it still has its tropes; like really? You’re going to get out of your car and frolic amongst the listless loonies instead of calling the cops IMMEDIATELY from your locked car?! With your SON?! Fuck that.

    But we wouldn’t have a film without these events, would we?

    And let’s be honest, as far as story goes, Carpenter has helmed far more complex ones. Original Halloween was about his filmmaking skills with such a simple yet disturbing idea.

    And OMFGS THANK YOU! I agree with that approach 100%! Go into a film brain off and enjoy. I despise people going into a film just to be clever or with a gotcha attitude. But yes when critique is present, you gotta get to nitpicking.

  10. I liked this one a lot. It's probably the only Halloween sequel I like (although I remember thinking H20 was all right at the time). It occurred to me that in many ways Halloween 2018 is the second remake of Halloween 2 and the first remake of Halloween H20!

  11. The sarcasm on your videos is the absolute best.

  12. Wild I had thought you stopped uploading considering I even had the bell icon clicked, but no twas just youtube being shit. Glad to see your still pumping enjoyable vids mate.

  13. Worth your salt?
    I find it humorous you use such a corny, cliche term
    while critiquing what you see as
    corny or not well thought out plot points……

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