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Halloween 2018 In Review – Halloween Movies Ranked, Reviewed, & Recapped

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We rank, review, and recap the original 2018 sequel to John Carpenter’s Halloween.

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Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:30:15 – Plot
01:15:00 – A segment with no name
01:49:50 – Haiku in review

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  1. Thank you Elise for the pumpkin carving kit recommendation. The life hacks coming in hot for this In Review series!

  2. My only problem with this movie is the fact they felt like they needed to retcon the second movie and remove the sibling element.


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  4. Watched the movie for the first time last night and loved it. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think. Super excited to see the sequel next week now. Thank you for doing In Review to actually motivate me to watch movies I haven’t gotten to.

  5. Interestingly I agree with James and Elyse's criticisms (at the start) but disagree that I like it more this time. Maybe its because I didn't have any hype going into it when it was released in theaters, but I remember being blown away by how good it was in 2018. And watching it again this time I definitely noticed the flaws way more, and especially after watching the original. This time around it just didn't hit the same for me.

    That said, the fake-out at the end when the daughter shoots Michael is A+++. "Its not a cage, its a trap"

  6. This one is absolutely awesome. Serving as a direct sequel to the original and ignoring the other ones is the right move. Laurie’s arc makes sense to me because she’s dealing with her trauma by prepping to not be a victim ever again.

    I think this trilogy is going to be the one that kills Michael Myers. Getting Jaime Lee Curtis to come back in such a prominent way is huge. She’s probably gonna die in the third one. I love that she’s become a weathered down survivor and has been constantly training for Michael’s return, like she knows he’s coming back.

    My favorite scene has to be that long shot. The tension felt throughout is masterful. I was on the edge of my seat when Michael passed by the baby’s crib.

    I’m watching the sequel this Friday and I can’t wait!

  7. It's astounding how this film manages to have the exact same vibe and look as the original while also updating it significantly. This film is rad, I loved it. And watching it back to back with Friday the 13th was a trip

  8. I kinda hated this movie, I remember going to see it opening night and feeling like a crazy person as everyone else was cheering throughout the film. I mean the kills were cool and Jamie Lee Curtis was great, but I thought everything else was atrocious.

  9. This one was ok but I thought that the first Rob Zombie one was better

  10. No joke, as Tim starts comparing this to Scream, I see that the trailer for Scream 5 is out. Had to leave this video to go watch it. Totally hype.

    Edit: So I totally agree with all of James and Elyse's criticisms. It's still an enjoyable film despite that because of how they filmed this. Also my baseline for Halloween are the ridiculous non-canon sequels. So this is levels above those.

    Also, I was completely excited that James also got that Down Periscope reference

  11. Huge Halloween fan, really enjoyed this movie, can't wait for Kills.

  12. Dead serious I want that link for the pumpkin carving kit.

  13. I felt that the jokey dialogue was cringe in the movie. It felt completely out of place. Other than that I thought it was okay.

  14. I agree with James, JLC's character is what I expected Sydney to be in Scream 4, but following the original Halloween it feels like a stretch too far. I did enjoy this movie though

  15. Here's hoping to Halloween Kills being the best Halloween 2

  16. Nick, you bring up at the end how the room at the end of the film is similar to the room from the end of the original film, that's because its an exact copy. They were going to have a flashback scene from the original film, re-doing a couple plot points, but they decided against it last minute. They had already built the set and just decided to use it for this scene, since it was already built.

  17. Always bwing the long wange wifle, Nick.


  18. I feel like Halloween 2 sets more of this movie up than the original. That’s where the whole “direct sequel” thing really breaks down. Also Halloween 2 slaps and more people should watch that movie.

  19. Michael arranges the mannequins, simply known by the blood marks left on them by his fingers getting blown off 😬🎃

  20. Thanks Uncle Nick for citing my The Shape comment from last movie 🥰

  21. Personally I just don’t enjoy this one at all, feels very nostalgia heavy with no central focus by taking elements from nearly every sequel but ignoring them and making it a direct sequel to 78. The atmosphere is lacking and the visuals have that modern stale digital look of sepia browns and blacks. Also I noticed this weird thing of the supporting cast having heavy southern accents since they shot this in the Deep South. A watchable film but largely throwaway.

  22. Excuse me but where is the link for the pumpkin carving kit?

  23. This group is so damn fun to listen to! Love you all 🙂

  24. When the in review is 2 hours you know it’s gonna be a banger

  25. In relation to what James says about how it's far fetched to see Laurie be this super prepper and hyper focused on Michael, I think her prepping has to do with the fact that she had that traumatic experience with Michael, but also the fact that she had the experience at all. As a teenager and a kid in general, you have this mindset of you being the center of the world, and kind of put blinders on everything. Especially in the late '70s. In the 2000s we've been spoiled with the aspect of everything is at our fingertips and we can know what's going on everywhere in the world. Back in the '70's and 80's this information wasn't as available, so I feel like her experience really opened her eyes to the horrors of the world, and then in turn caused her to be ready for anything, not just Michael. Michael still being alive adds to her trauma, but this whole thing isn't as focused on him. I think that it's not until the podcasters show up at her door and starts talking about Michael, that her attention focuses solely on Michael.

  26. Anybody else look for the link to the pumpkin carving kit…..🎃😄

  27. So this may be obvious but did anyone else notice that every white dude with a speaking role died in this movie? The only one that survived was the one that dressed as a chick. This had to be intentional, right?

  28. You’re high if you think this is close to as good as the OG thriller. It’s a good modern reboot though I’d rank it: 1978, the trailer for Halloween 🎃 Kills & then this movie in 3rd place 🥉

  29. no Rob Zombie Halloween? by the scariest imo, I always need a shower after lol

  30. When they are talking about Michael in the backseat, Nick opens Diet Coke and smells it. Elyse leans over to James and says something like “did you see Nick just smell Diet Coke” and they chuckle in disbelief quietly

  31. This is the United fucking States of America. Why the hell did she not have an assault rifle??

  32. Is the plot twist in the sequels gonna be that Michael is a demon? Because he's got super strength and unnatural durability. That's not a human.

  33. I still think Laurie should of set him loose

  34. Tim, how can you kill KFAF, the greatest show on the Internet* (*self proclaimed), and refuse to let the preejaculation podcast within a podcast die. You're the real Michael Myers here

  35. Tim, how can you kill KFAF, the greatest show on the Internet* (*self proclaimed), and refuse to let the preejaculation podcast within a podcast die. You're the real Michael Myers here

  36. Joey and Nick hit the nail in the coffin with her comments on the trauma. I think very understandably Elyse and James are looking at it through the lens of a slasher series. Where for example someone like Sidney in Scream her trauma is sort of a background element and she handles it better than expected. But here they give us a more realistic approach to it, like imagine your friends all die from this one man who you saw get shot and he escapes? Then you find out he's alive and well in a mental institution like he escaped before. It feels pretty understandable that Laurie's only way to feel safe was to go as extreme as she did. I think that depth and focus on trauma is what makes the movie so special compared to other Slashers and grounds it more than them but also gives us the supernatural Michael to sort of reaffirm why she would be like this.

  37. Ray was in Halt and Catch Fire, one of the best shows ever

  38. A new trailer dropped today so I thought come by and say it. ATTACK ON TITAN IN REVIEW FOR THE FINAL SEASON. CMON GIVE IT TO US

  39. Julian is on the cast list for Halloween kills. All is right in the world.

  40. I would love to see Busta Rhymes return to hit Michael Myers with another spin kick.

  41. Thank you for putting the pumpkin carving kit in the description LOL

  42. I am fully with Nick and Tim on Laurie going commando being justified. If I was attacked by a psychopath, who killed my friends, and I watched suffer fatal wounds 3 times and just keep getting up and coming after me, then I would spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.

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