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Halloween 2018 in World of Tanks ► Dark Front Halloween Mode – Christmas Came Early?

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World of Tanks Halloween 2018 Special Event. World of Tanks Dark Front, 2018 Halloween Special Event + Rewards
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Let’s take a look at this year’s Halloween special event in World of Tanks called “Dark Front”.
Rewards seems to be really nice, but I am not super sure about how you have to unlock them… But hey, free stuff is always free! 🙂

This is Halloween event 2018!

What do you think about it?

► Player: Me

►Tanks in action:
– MT-Revenant, Specil MT-25
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  1. Oh, Wargaming is devious. You also get convertible free XP….So you have to pay gold to convert the Revenant's XP. After 4 or 5 games and my Revenant has 3400 XP to convert… And with the amount you'll have to play it to get to level 13…you're looking at tons of convertible XP….

  2. Why they didnt use the other 15v15 map as well ??? lazy WG, only 1 special event map

  3. the dead tanks near the vault doesnt come to life

  4. To bad none of this is for consoles, gotta love getting shafted

  5. There is also another function of the mode. All the XP you generate can be converted to free XP on the light tank used in the mode. just click free XP and it's there along with your others, for the same conversion rate of course, but it's there

  6. Did anyone notice the 0-13 bar looks kinda…phallic 🍆

  7. its not boring for me cuz i like general zombie waves games. this is kinda a unique take on it but i like it. and platooning in it would be more fun.

  8. I find it funny that they classified the Medium I as a light tank.

  9. Hi Dez,
    what are you complaining about in the video about getting no credits ? Look on 12:30 please…
    You have a daily resetting mission of doing 5 matches which gives you 75.000 credits. (netto earning)
    Additionally you don't have to unlock the levels on a daily basis (at least I think so), you may easy skip a day and catch up later if you want.
    This means you may just play every day your 5 mission, get your daily credits, get your weekly credits automatically (5 missions x 7 days x 150 avg collect = 5250).

    So for anyone who is not going for this unique stuff on lvl 13, this event is quite nice and gives you a huge amount of stuff for a nice little effort.

  10. It’s alright… last year was kinda better tho

  11. The number of hits it takes to kill a tank. Is how many points it's worth. 3-6-12…..

    And last year was better. You got to open free stuff. And it gave out random stuff…

  12. clan wars just got more usefull since u can use gold earned ingame from tourneys and CWs for this XD

  13. I enjoyed the game mode for the first hour but after that it just became repetitive, especially when you get used to a route to pick up matter quick and RNG allows the BDRs to hit you from a mile away from behind 😂😂

  14. I said screw it ill just get 13 with 5k gold

  15. It also shows WG could do night battles or add fog to reduce visibility

  16. I just dumped the gold into it. That's obviously what Wargaming wants, and I have plenty to spare from the old Christmas package. Gets me the bonuses right away. and that little event tank can bank XP very quickly. While the visuals are very imaginative, I don't really get to stop and look at them because I'm too busy driving fast to collecting gas blobs, or focusing on popping medium and heavy ghosts. If there were a boss event and enough time to kill all the bots to freeze the timer and spawn him in, it would be worth playing more of. As it is, I imagine the novelty would wear off long before you hit the 180 some odd battles required to fill your bar up to 13. I hope they bring back Frontline with a Halloween-style map for 2019 instead of this kind of fare.

  17. Hmm am happy ay stopped playing this game …

  18. Rather than grind this shit i suggest just go on grindr

  19. Do we get a permanent free skin for this mode?

  20. These Bots are better than normal players😂.
    GG WG!

  21. why is there no mini map like in regular mode? they said we will get tons of free XP…..but what we get: lots of REGULAR XP on Revenant tank that we can convert to free XP for GOLD!!!!!!……after 7 years I thought WG cant surprise me but they prove mo wrong again 🙁

  22. Rather had a Frontline themed for Halloween (autumn map).

  23. Boring gamemode but bots seem a little better but still crap.

  24. focus fire makes it easy, even the heavy bot tanks/ yust follow a teammate. one collects and other distracts the bot tank

  25. This mode is not worth it. I already have over 99 boosters I can use. And you don't make credits playing this mode. After the 1st game I noticed my credits didn't change. So fuck this mode!

  26. Its bullshit max 70 xp thats it no credit just waste 9f t8me….collect 4000 xp to get 15000 xp bullshit

  27. Played level 1 with a friend last night. Was ok for the 3 games it took us but no way would I want to grind that out every day, its dull as hell. Hadn't realised there were no credits, so no – not worth it! Also follows WG mantra of making the reward good but the grind long, frustrating and painful but with an option of skipping it by spending money.

  28. ITS BIGEST EVER WG BULLSHIT !!!!! how u gonna colect 26 k green mater in one day !?

  29. I like the gear you have in your store. Cool stuff Dez.

  30. THIS SHIT SUCKS… Last years Halloween was much much better….

  31. You don't take fall damage, so you can launch yourself off from spawn.

  32. a rip off 5k gold for a camo thats it. for all that grinding id expect more. i would of liked to see 2-4 big bosses like the leviathan of different types and abilities with support.

  33. Maybe the true Halloween nightmare isn't the game event but instead WG testing out auto-aim for wheeled vehicles? 😀
    Oh yeah, playing on an average of 80-100 ms is just rolling an RNG dice for getting hit since the shots become delayed and wiggling is a 50/50 death wish especially with the heavies.

  34. The way you say gucci makes me die inside lol

  35. Fun for few games, but dies out too quickly. Last year was way more interesting.

  36. do you know how this unique style looks like? It will last as camo only till end of event or its forever? thx

  37. Another boring ass marathon where your team fk you in the process by loosing the resource they collect cause they wake up too many zombies too soon in the process

  38. I find that it's not as boring if you get some music on while driving around. I was blasting some metal (Disturbed's new album) and was singing along while playing. So I was enjoying myself quite well.

  39. What if we don't do the one of daily mission then the other day can we make it rest ? Do any one know

  40. play this game give up your life ..for what , lol

  41. I play this with som players from my clan, and we have got some nice tactics going, so we earn about 220-230 green matter avrage per battle 😀

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