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Halloween 2018 Trailer — War Robots

War Robots [WR]
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The Halloween event kicks off next week. Buckle up! It’s going to be… quite a Rush

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  1. Are you ready? Give video a thumbs up if you want the event to start sooner 👍

    Thank you for turning 🔔our video notifications🔔 on, 10 first comments will receive their 1K Gold ASAP, be sure to be "first 🙋" (leave a comment not a reply) with the next official video and submit your ID & platform with correct symbols (copy-paste it from game menu)

  2. The new inquisitor skin looks like something in the movie coco

  3. Wow!! nice paint job

  4. My tablet broke when the new laser weapons came out a while back what should I do I forget my ID but my name was Type 7

  5. Можно уменьшить время производства деталей в мастерской как это было ранее?
    ID: C7QX2R

  6. ID: RT2RC1
    Platform: Android
    Ready to participate…

  7. This is o.p and cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  8. Job well done guys..looks great,neat&nice.. QBE1NI

  9. Awesome designed..it's looks realistic.. well done guys 😎 OWM575

  10. So when will the upgrade speed and event start?

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