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Halloween 2018 Trailer — War Robots

War Robots [WR]
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The Halloween event kicks off next week. Buckle up! It’s going to be… quite a Rush

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  1. Z30K0L
    Hope the castle will be temporarily renamed "TRANSILVANIA"

  2. Solo espero que traiga muchas cosas buenas y premios

  3. yo creo que deberian de hacer algo para que no se pueda bajar de liga porque ay muchos farmers y acabo de empesar

  4. i kinda miss playing wrr i dont play it anymore because the gb is to high

  5. What is the pumpkin thing, the new schutze me model. I think that would be cool

  6. Can we convert haechi component into spectre componenet

  7. Plz decrease the upgrade time if no then plz increase the time reduction after watching ads plz

  8. Android
    Is there any exact date when is this going to start?

  9. Event will be rigged, just like, you guessed it, literally every single event ever held up till this point..

  10. Deberian hacer mapas oscuros sin luz para que sa haga mas chido

  11. Hey war robots how can i get war robots stuff like clothes and those things

  12. The boys look more like the day of the dead, but good job.

  13. Pixonic en esta actualización va a salir el intercambio de componentes???

  14. When economy changes coming and when component conversion is coming??

  15. So when will the upgrade speed and event start?

  16. Awesome designed..it's looks realistic.. well done guys 😎 OWM575

  17. Job well done guys..looks great,neat&nice.. QBE1NI

  18. This is o.p and cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  19. ID: RT2RC1
    Platform: Android
    Ready to participate…

  20. Можно уменьшить время производства деталей в мастерской как это было ранее?
    ID: C7QX2R

  21. My tablet broke when the new laser weapons came out a while back what should I do I forget my ID but my name was Type 7

  22. Wow!! nice paint job

  23. The new inquisitor skin looks like something in the movie coco

  24. Are you ready? Give video a thumbs up if you want the event to start sooner 👍

    Thank you for turning 🔔our video notifications🔔 on, 10 first comments will receive their 1K Gold ASAP, be sure to be "first 🙋" (leave a comment not a reply) with the next official video and submit your ID & platform with correct symbols (copy-paste it from game menu)

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