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Halloween H20 vs. Halloween (2018) | Rotten Tomatoes

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In one movie, a boozed-up and torn-down Laurie Strode must face the white-masked demon from her past and save her family; in the other, a boozed-up and… well, you get the gist. These two reboot/sequels, one released 20 years after the original ‘Halloween’ and one released 40 years after, share a lot of the same DNA. But DNA is also the key difference: in ‘Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,’ Laurie is related to Michael Myers; in 2018’s ‘Halloween,’ that element of the plot has been slashed away and Laurie is simply the obsession, but not the sibling, of the Shape. Which movie did the whole reboot thing better? That’s what we’re deciding in the latest episode of ‘Vs.’ Host and Rotten Tomatoes Contributing Editor Mark Ellis is pitting ‘H20’ and ‘H40’ against each other across four rounds – Box Office, Tomatometer and Audience Score, Storyline, and one wildcard round – to decide which sequel deserves the ‘Halloween’ franchise silver medal. (Because gold, of course, goes to ‘The Curse of Michael Myers,’ right?). As ever, if you don’t agree with our call, feel free to stalk us slowly and quietly in the comments.

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  1. It’s so funny 😂 how how both have a 20 year difference

  2. I was born in 98 and it’s weird how the 2018 one came 20 years after the other film that also came 20 years after the 1st

  3. Love the 2018 movie so looking forward to see Halloween kills!!!!!!

  4. This is a great video, wanna be youtube friends?

  5. Emotional response reason for H20(1998) taking the win. Yes, Laurie is a better more embracing character in H20, however the 2018 film is much better executed(no pun intended) and a closer sequel to the original Carpenter masterpiece. The better film imho all day and twice on Sunday is Halloween(2018).

  6. H20 is SO much better than Halloween 2018!!

  7. H20 Laurie was better than 2018 version in my opinion, but the 2018 Movie is better by how nostalgic it was to 1978, Laurie and Michael were no longer siblings. Also Michael was way more brutal in 2018 version which I like about it! Both Halloween movie will always be my favorite sequel to 1978 along with Halloween ll.

  8. The h20 thumbnail makes it look like lauries is in a submarine

  9. In my opinion these are the only movies of the franchise worth watching
    1. Halloween 🎃 👻 (1978)
    2. Halloween 2 🎃 👻
    3. Halloween 4 🎃 👻
    4. Halloween 5 🎃 👻
    5. Halloween 6 🎃 👻
    6. Halloween 7 🎃 👻
    7. Halloween (2018) 🎃 👻

  10. I agree, H20 wins as they dont turn the Hunter into the Hunted.

  11. Halloween 2018 seemed more like a Halloween movie to me

  12. Halloween 2018 is the much better film. Halloween : 20 Years Later felt too much like a Scream movie. H20 Michael Myers was weak as hell for the most part, he looked goofy as hell seeing his freaking eyes (Didn't he get shot in both eyes in Halloween 2 1981 ?), the CGI mask looked terrible in the scenes it was used, etc…H20 sucked, in my opinion. It's only looked at as being "good" or "decent" because a few of the earlier entries are even worse and it's sequel, Halloween : Resurrection, is a dumpster fire of epic proportions.

    My ranking of the entire Halloween franchise from worst to best…

    11.) Halloween : Resurrection
    10.) Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (2009)
    9.) Halloween 5 : The Revenge Of Michael Myers
    8.) Halloween 3 : Season Of The Witch
    7.) Halloween : 20 Years Later
    6.) Halloween : The Curse Of Michael Myers
    5.) Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007)
    4.) Halloween 4 : The Return Of Michael Myers
    3.) Halloween 2 (1981)
    2.) Halloween (2018)
    1.) Halloween (1978)

  13. Check out CinemaSins for both movies. I enjoyed Halloween 2018 in the theaters but it hasn't held up to repeated viewings. It's a pretty shameless money grab. Akkad is going to milk the franchise which should have been put to bed after the original Halloween 2. Fun for it's time but it's way past time for some original ideas. Wish Halloween had made it as an anthology series as Carpenter wanted.

  14. I prefer how Laurie was handled in H20 simply because her extreme ways work as an affect of what she went through in the first two films.
    The problem with the 2018 film is Laurie's too much of an extremist to the point not only is she wacko, but her family is destroyed… reason it's a problem is all this happened as a result of the first film. If the second film was still part of the timeline, Laurie's actions would make more sense.

  15. Halloween 2018 returned to became a legend horror movie again

  16. Since when does Mark Ellis work for Rotten Tomatoes? I follow SEN religiously and I never knew that…interesting.

  17. wow this is a great video halloween 2018 is one of the very best halloween movies ever

  18. H20s Storyline made much more sense. Halloween 2018 story was stupid and disappointing.
    I also liked Jamie Lees performance more in H20, including their final fight. For me, H20 was way better, it just needed to go 10-15 mins longer and ofc a better mask for Michael.

  19. que the music..why is the crappy music still playing

  20. H20 and Season of The Witch are the most underrated ones. H40 is the most overrated.

  21. Obviously Halloween (2018)

    Anyone who says otherwise just has bad taste in films or they're a poor excuse of a "Halloween" fan

  22. H20 is my favorite Halloween movie above all and I really doubt Kills and Ends change that

  23. I love both H20 and H40. I feel like these films represent possible timelines for the story & now, we can choose which one to follow. For me, Michael Myers is only worth watching when his ultimate adversary, Laurie Strode/Keri Tate is there to confront him.

  24. Season of the witch is the best halloween sequel. Nth will change my mind

  25. halloween 2018 because it brought back the scares of carpetner's first movie, the reason it was such a classic because the movie showed us something that could happen you could feel it's real

  26. H40 is so much better H20 is too overrated!

  27. RT isn't credible if it gave Halloween 4, a low 29%. That movie is a fan favourite with excellent performances all round, especially from Danielle Harris – easily one of the best child actors ever.

  28. halloween 2018 was good, Now we want a jason vorhees sequel!

  29. I'd say H20 holds the win for me. It's made so good and I like how they changed locations. H20 is my favorite Halloween movie in the franchise

  30. Michael:”sees baby”
    ” sorry little guy, you have to be 8 or older to be murdered”

  31. Please…H20 is complete and total trash. It has nothing on the 2018 Halloween. Hell, there isn't even a consistent mask in H20, and they are all horrible. The main mask shows all of Michael's eyes…its super distracting…and it looks NOTHING like the original mask. And don't get me started on the godawful CGI mask. H20 also doesn't FEEL like a Halloween movie at all. I mean, Halloween 4 was a terrible film, but at least it FELT like a Halloween film. H20 barely even features the classic Halloween score! Instead, they exchange the classic Carpenter sound for a generic Scream-ish score with hints of Danny Elfman. The 2018 Halloween feels like the first time the REAL Shape has returned since 1981 and its the only truly good sequel. And the score rocks. I honestly don't see how you good be this off RT, H20 really sucks.

  32. They are both amazing movies in their own right and universe but H20 had more better moments. Like when Laurie ran to the closet but remembered the 1st movie encounter in there so she faked it but Michael evolved also destroying the closet so quick. Or her learning not to trust he’s Dead when it seems he is. All in all H20 was amazing and felt more real. Even with her PTSD trying to move on with her life but she feels he’s around when he wasn’t earlier in film in window shot she saw him behind her it felt more emotional and scary. Plus her motivation to kill him when she knows he was finally around… “MIIICCHEAL!!!!!!” Chills ❤️

  33. Alright. I remember when they filmed a part of Halloween H20 on Main St. in La Puente, CA, in the Old Town, which is just down the street from my house. Its no surprise, since anyone who know's about this town knows that it's a halloween town. Theirs a year around halloween store called Franciscos Halloween Shop and the colors that represents the city and the local school are orange and black. They also filmed a small part of a Jim Carrey movie called Man On The Moon and a part of an episode of the HBO series True Blood right there and most recently, the movie Bird Box; but the most famous movie filmed close by would of been Back to the Future. which an iconic scene in that movie was filmed in the Puente Hills Mall parking lot. although the mall is part of City of Industry, it bares the city of La Puente's name. Oh; and one of the neighboring cities, which is called Baldwin Park, also had parts of famous movies filmed their in the Kaiser Permanente, such as Congo, Starship Troopers, Face Off and Desperate Measures. Yep, those were the good old day's back in the 80's, 90's and I guess the 2010's. lol

  34. Halloween H20. I love Halloween 2018 but its a ripoff of all Halloween movies plus it ignores 1981's Halloween II which is a shame.

  35. H20 is way better than the average dull 2018 film.

  36. I will forever hate the fact that Halloween 2018 just wasn’t H40. H20 was probably the first Halloween movie I saw, and being a black man – i love that LL Cool J survived lol. I love 2018 Halloween too, but apart of me thinks the movie would’ve been better if it took place after H20, and erased Resurrection from existence. Only issue with that is explaining how Michael came back from the axe chop, I guess that’s the reason they had to erase it.

  37. Halloween (2018) went back to basics. It had a killer cast & crew, removed the TOTALLY unnecessary sibling storyline, brought back the pumpkin in the opening credits, John Carpenter composed the movie, Michael looked his best, Michael had the most creative kills, 3 generations of powerful and smart Strode women and the overall athmosphere felt so eerie. The movie wiped the slate clean after many unnecessary sequels and the Rob Zombie's movies. Can't wait for Halloween Kills. 🎃

  38. Halloween 2018 is much better than the lame Halloween H20.

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