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Halloween Horror Nights LIVE | 2018

Universal Orlando Resort
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Get an in-depth look at Halloween Horror Nights 2018 from the creators behind the world’s premier Halloween event.

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  1. This is so cool! You guys should do something like this every year! And whoever made the music at the start and end of the video did a fantastic job.

  2. Murdy would never do this for us 😒😒

  3. This is just OUTSTANDING! Please do this every year. Maybe even consider a follow up mid event roundtable.

  4. That was amazing! Even more excited than I was now. 😀

  5. What a great video, so much passion, so much fun and great stories and information. Please do this for each ride/show that is going to open in the future, it's fun!

  6. The key to a great event is to have that centralized villain . Last year didn’t have one and the year with Chance was sort of weak. I wish they would bring back Jack , he is perfect to have that central villain to the event .

  7. Coming to HHN for the second year in a row. Hoping to make it an annual tradition.

  8. So, for the Poltergeist house, WE are the "lost ones" being guided to the Light? AWESOME.

  9. This was awesome! So happy to see universal connect with fans at this level. Just hope we keep calling them houses here in Orlando!

  10. This is so cool since I’m going to HHN for the first time ever.

  11. Awesome going for the first time this year can't wait to be scared

  12. I just wanna record in houses 😭😭😭

  13. awesome video wish you guys were sitting in the horror makeup show room or something would love to see old school horror stuff around you such a boring room!

  14. Why they calling it the demigorgon it’s the demOgorgon emphasis on the O

  15. I look forward to this each year! If it’s half as good as last year, it’ll be amazing!

  16. Looking over the Top 100 hits in 1984 for the USA… Ghostbusters, Footloose, Jump, Karma Kameleon, Let's Go Crazy, Sunglasses at Night… What a great music year.

  17. I wish you guys would do houses based on horror roleplaying games. Vampire the masquerade, Deadlands, Call of Cuthullu, Rippers, All Flesh Must be Eaten, Doctor Who….all of these would be great IPs to base them on.

  18. The idea of the Wicked Witch making horrific versions of beloved fairy tales is something totally in character for her to do which makes it even more scary.

    Also have you guys considered at one point to do a maze/scare zone of cartoon characters coming to life as monsterious killer versions of themselves like Bendy and the Ink Machine? That's an idea that hasn't been done much so it's an idea to do for a future HHN if you want. 🙂

  19. This year will be my first Horror Nights. Super excited and I love the theme

  20. A sit down podcast with Universal Creative for Shows & Attractions would be awesome.

  21. When are you going to let Jack out of his box?

  22. I wish we could get a house with Music By Slash, like Hollywood Universal gets!

  23. This was a great show! You guys should definitely do more 😊

  24. The demogorgon was mostly practical actually. There was almost always a person in a suit. Touched up with CGI but mostly real.

  25. 'It's going to be really exciting for the guests to go through.'  WE'LL be the judge of that, buddy.

  26. Monster spaghetti guts only on Syfy

  27. I have been going to hhn since middle school (2008). I've grown up with the event, hell even the culture. I love hhn and am very proud of each of you for giving your all each year. I wish I would be more evolved with hhn. Had to drop out of school to stay working. I should have applied to universal or hhn but knew I couldn't make ends meet in the starters. Maybe one day. Maybe I'll get my degree. Maybe ill be a part of all of your amazing teams. Thank you for reading this guys. 🖤🖤🖤

  28. Thanks for this! I'm an HHN junkie, and also help with a local haunted house during October for charity. This year we have a forest theme and were stuck on how to make convincing forests indoors. The comment about using mirrors to line the walls may just be the answer we need! Love HHn, and all of you who make it happen!

  29. This is so awesome! As a Canadian who has been following HHN since HHN16 and still hasn't had a chance to go visit this is exactly what I've been wanting to watch. It really excites me to see people so passionate and knowledgable about their jobs. I seriously can only hope that I eventually get the chance to spread my love for the horror genre in such a fun and satisfying way!

  30. Aw so cool, so 80s themed! Bill and Ted are gonna fit in so great…oh wait…

  31. myhororishalloweenthepopisescaryweyoulovamberhii

  32. I'm curious to know what that "scare from eight years ago that's too graphic to talk about" is. 🤔

    Also, someone please tell Charles Gray to publish his HHN short stories to a collection in a book! I have been binging the ones reposted to the HHN wiki, and they are just SO GOOD!! I would happily pay to own a book with a collection of HHN stories based on their haunted houses and screamzones from years past and heading into the future!

  33. Any plans to do one of these this year? 👻🎃💀

  34. Are you guys going to do another one for this year? I would love to see a live sit down like this for hhn 29.

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