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It has become tradition that every Halloween we dress up and dance like fools. This year is no different. The whole Smosh crew grabs their Halloween costumes and dances for their lives, because the lowest two scores will be punished! And what we have them do is very… despicable.

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  1. 🎵🎶I’m blue da ba de da ba di o da ba de da ba di🎵🎶

  2. I love how Noah is wearing sunglasses over his normal glasses😂

  3. "From the side Shayne looks like a really attractive female,"

  4. Wow Courtney Freakin Miller actually did her hair

  5. The first dance shows that 🎶It DO Matter If Your Black Or White 🎶

  6. Michael Jackson will still always be black

  7. Seriously though Michael Jackson had a disease called Vitiligo and it takes the color away from the pigments in your skin. And Michael was proven innocent

  8. My uncle was in swish swish live
    Fun fact: the people in heels were mostly boys

  9. When Courtney beat Damien there was an over 9000 joke to be made but, I don’t care enough to make it

  10. shayne just looks like he has long hair and took a shower

  11. Shane: I love that movie!
    everyone wants to: know your location

  12. Fun fact: my cousin was a back up dancer for swish swish and they were all boys

  13. Ok I need a reappearance of this with matt, sarah, and Garrett this year to make 2020 better!

  14. I got an ad for like a beer or something.
    “It’s Miller time”

  15. Noah: White Michael Jackson
    Keith: Black Micheal Jackson
    Me: White Jackson Power! Black Jackson Power!

  16. Man I just watched the first ever just dance on smosh games and it is so different compared to this

  17. Legit me the whole time wow that’s a good Katniss costume

  18. Yoo how tiny is boze. Ddnt expect her to be that short. 😂

  19. I love that keith said black Micheal jackson

  20. Dwight: identity theft is not a joke Jim
    Courtney Freaking Miller: then what am I

  21. Fact bears eat beats bears beets battlestar gallactica

  22. jin didnt ask namjoon for the cookies says:

    The 'Guy' costume, i cant-

  23. jin didnt ask namjoon for the cookies says:

    I think the Dwight costume was my favorite xDD

  24. just watching Courtney Frickin Miller in the background is enough content for me

  25. Them having to explain what flossing is was hilarious

  26. One of the great mysteries in my life is who is in the small minion costume

  27. At 2:04 did Shayne (Courtney Freaking Miller) just say "I ll turn you into jello Dwight Schrute"? As in a reference to the pilot episode of the office U.S? Cause that's AWESOME!!!

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