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It’s Halloween so you know what that means! We dress up and dance like FOOLS! We’ve got costumes like Sora, Michael Jackson, Black Panther, and… another Black Panther?! I’m sorry, what?

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  1. you notice that the suit is a bodysuit for shayne

  2. There is so much chaos between Bose and that baby alone……. my god

  3. He doesn't have the scar and that was just disappointment

  4. Why are all these men so dummy thicc XD

  5. Seeing Todoroki dance is the best thing ever

  6. 3:38 ok, I will not be surprised if Boze is hiding joker venom in that costume.

  7. 8:51 this part was funny and then as soon as they started Shayne dropped his phone😂

  8. I love the half n half cosplay what an amazing boi to cosplay the boi with daddy issues

  9. How could he… HOW COULD HE?!?!!!??!?!!??!

    FORGET TODOROKI'S SCAR?!?!!!?!???!!!!!!!????!?!?

  10. who’s watching this and saw keith as black panther just after chadwick bozeman passed 🥺😭

  11. I love how there are weebs within the Smosh group

  12. Me: sniffles
    Mom: why are you crying
    Me: Keith is Chadwick

  13. doesn't matter how much time passes– just dance videos at smosh have peak level crackhead energy

  14. I never thought that we'd see Courtney's Boneless sooner 🤣

  15. 0:56 we've got the whole smash fam here
    Me: excuse me smash, wheres anthony

  16. Shayne is the better Black Panther, his Wakanda salute was correct, RIGHT over Left arm for the salute

  17. 19:05 I’m not sure if they timed this in any way, but I do appreciate things going insane when the crazy music kicks in. That very well could’ve been conveniently timed, but it’s still great nonetheless.

  18. Ian’s costume…….. is…… uh……… revealing…

  19. I’m so happy they danced to Big Bang 😆

  20. Todorokiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Who hear in 2020???

  21. “ I love Post Malone” 😂😂 Love you Shayne 😂😂

  22. I absolutely love Damien's costume for this one, he looks soooo good 😍

  23. This is actually one of my fav smosh vids simply because of shaynes entrance and damiens complete breakdown reaction to it.

  24. I'm rewatching this and I just realized courtney is doing her boneless voice


  26. the title say just dance 2019 but it was posted on 2018 did they time travel

  27. I'm sorry,the way Shane said wakanda forever got me😂😂😂

  28. Keith: Wakanda Forever
    Shane:Wakanduh Ferayver

  29. atleast bring this back if not summer games

  30. everytime bang bang bang plays im just gonna imagine shayne and keith dancing to it omg (or the dreamcatcher cover)

  31. Shayne said "wakanda forever" in the whitest voice and pitch I've ever heard omg 🤣🤣🤣

  32. I really admire Shayne's lack of commitment here.
    The man knows how accelerometers work.

  33. That Sora outfit was actually pretty cool

  34. I'm sad there isn't a just dance for 2021

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