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HALLOWEEN KILLS Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Spoiler Review And ‘Ends’ Sequel News

Heavy Spoilers
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HALLOWEEN KILLS Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Spoiler Review And ‘Ends’ Sequel News. We recap, review and explain the new 2021 film Halloween Kills starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s the final film for the franchise before Halloween Ends and we talk about how it ends as well as what could be happening in the future.

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0:00 Halloween Kills Intro
0:39 Halloween Series Recap And Easter Eggs
1:34 Halloween Kills Opening
2:17 Title Sequence
2:42 What The Sequel Fixes
3:38 Returning Characters
4:30 Movie Story Breakdown
7:11 Ending Explained
10:10 Halloween Ends News
12:14 Movie Review And Reaction

Ok so Halloween 2018 was a mega reboot for the franchise that wiped everything other than the first movie from canon. This included the second Halloween film which introduced the idea that Laurie was actually Michael’s sister. It also heavily featured the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital which too features in this entry.

Halloween Kills actually has several references to the aforementioned work as not only does it follow on immediately from the first night but it also shows the outcome of the night that Michael was captured by. This includes an appearance by Doctor Sam Loomis played by Donald Plesence. Originally Loomis went out onto the lawn to find that he’d escaped into the night but Kills changes things up so that’s where he was captured.

One of the big issues that I had with the 2018 movie is that we never saw how Michael was caught however this corrects that and at least fills in the backstory of how he was brought in.

We very much see things through the eyes of a young Frank Hawkins who got up close and personal with Michael after the events of Halloween 1978.

Michael very much gave up and allowed himself to be taken but just before Loomis could kill Michael, Hawkins stayed his hand and allowed him to live. This feeling of regret very much hangs over the town and the movie is very much about righting the wrongs of the past.

Michael getting caught in the opening of the movie in front of a house somewhat juxtaposes him escaping the burning one that he was trapped in during the last one and it’s sort of like Poetry, it happens again in a similar way.

This idea of a fire rising is very much laced throughout the film, including the title sequence in which we see a pumpkin burning. In 2018’s version it was a decayed and rotten pumpkin being restored to it’s former glory and that the metaphor that the franchise was being reborn. Here it’s just flat out carnage and though the film is getting pretty mixed reviews I think that it’s definitely something that you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of the franchise.

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  1. Michael Myers is always masked up so I guess hes not anti mask!!

  2. bruh these series are getting so boring its the same thing every time "today is the day evil dyes" and then there's 20 other movies.

  3. I’ll give the movie a hard 5! The killings, visuals and music is great!

  4. Double M is supernatural. Duh! This movie is pure shit! A money grab taking advantage of those who are for some reason still fans of this long dead franchise. You can't explain away how Jamie Lee's character ruins her life and everyone's around her preparing for Michael Meyers to come kill her for 20 fucking years and she fails in spectacular, bonehead fashion. You follow that up with no one in town knowing how Myers looks and that he's supernatural despite the stories and survivors still being alive. I'm never going to see anymore of these sucky ass movies ever again!

  5. I am a lover of the Franchise. My favorites being those that feature Jaime Lee as Lori and the top of those being the ones where she is kicking ass. The H20 installment being absolute revenge porn for me. Something about it struck a heavy cord, and ever since it has been a salve to my heart in the darkest moments of Grief over my Uncle murdering my Grandmother. When she hacks off his head, It feels absolutely amazing for me. When I learned they were bringing Lori back, for another movie I was elated. When I saw she was a gun toting survival woman, I was absolutely onboard. When they revealed her Family, and that her Granddaughter was named Alyson I felt absolutely attacked. Considering that is my name. I deal with these movies on a very different level than most of those who watch them, I know, and maybe I forgive them, too much. I do however love the Remake, and this I think does build on the story, Very much in the way you describe. You can not know what it is, to obsess about the what ifs of a murderer who traumatized you escaping from Jail, does. I could absolutely relate with Lori in the 2018 movie, and with the way she could not stop thinking about what she would do if he got out. Even going so far as to plan his murder should he ever see the outside world again. So that was not a problem I had with Lori's motivation. I think you are right about the possible End. I think Alyson might just be the Final girl, but I am not sure she gets away unscathed either. If not dying, then maybe she becomes the New threat. Maybe she goes to far her mind snaps and she becomes the Shape, and the Final Girl. I Do think Michael and Lori will probably go out together if at all. who knows, I guess we will see. Thanks for the Vid, I do enjoy dropping by to watch your content.

  6. Halloween Kills was a PSA for mental health and mob mentality.

  7. Loved the new mask and the flashbacks. Was looking forward to the return of Tommy and Lindsey, but thought the mob scenes were overdone.

  8. Halloween 2 will always be the Sequel. Forget the new woke franchise

  9. To me the ending was like a endgame scene taken out of a video game, where the heroes gather together and fight the final boss. However, Michael had another health bar, an unstoppable second form and decimated the entire bunch lol

  10. I hope Karen Judy Greer somehow survives. Love her. I need to watch her scenes closely again bc it seemed weird things were going on w her. Maybe like a traumatic break bc she was always the collected one? Come back crazy Judy Greer!!! Lol

  11. Halloween 1-3 only, if Jamie didn’t walk away from horror Halloween 3 would’ve had Myers and would have been completely different than what it turned out to be.

  12. Just finished watching it! I can not believe how the ending was. I totally thought it was gong to be another thing but it wasn't. Karen died and I was not expecting that. Now I can't wait for halloween ends.

  13. Watched this tonight, very mixed feelings. Almost every scene with Michael was great, but I hated just about every townsperson

  14. Just watched the movie. I really enjoyed it and I think you can tell the people making it really care about the franchise. I thought it was awesome to bring back the 2 kids who Lorie saved 40 years ago. I didn't know the actress was the same one from the original but think it was cool. I enjoyed your recap. I did hate that Lorie's daughter died especially since she did try to keep the mob from killing the psych patient. But OTOH I think her death sets up a lot of the emotional beats that will have to be dealt with in Ends. Personally I would have been fine with H2O being the last as Lorie decapitating MM was very cathartic. I could NOT believe they then did the Busta Rhymes Kung Fu kicks MM to death movie. PEE YEW! I'm glad at least that was undone.

  15. Have we seen the same movie? Because this is the stupidest shitty excuse of a movie with the name 'halloween' on it that I've seen since Halloween 3. It has no fucking clue on how to movie, just shoves old cameos and introduces characters to immediately kill them. This film is just somebody jerking off to the first Halloween movie and cumming on a sock.

  16. If Halloween ends then there is no final girl. I think they kill eachother.

  17. Thats for clearing up the apparition of Michael in the glass. I thought it was Karen seeing herself as the "Jamie Lloyd" character.

  18. I was really not expecting Karen to get killed. I'm kinda hoping she isn't dead maybe.

  19. Gotta say, i hated this as a huge fan of the franchise. Mask was cool and the kills were entertaining. Thats it. It feels like i watched one giant build up to a finale that won't be out for a while. So that was annoying.

  20. ALL the H3:Season of the Witch mask easter eggs could be pointing to The Clown Mask young Michael wore being a Silver Shamrock mask that cursed him … to be possesed by literal PURE EVIL,a force of nature… eternal,cold,& unyielding… void of all remorse … inhuman… AND it killed his sister… via his body.

    Or something similar concerning Silver Shamrock.
    As a way to bring H3 into cannon in a legit way.

    I would prefer this over The Curse of Thorn again…

  21. THIS MAYBE UNPOPULAR OPINION… but I thought we saw way too much of MM, the scares were too quick and not drawn out and there were certain parts where MM had almost become a really intelligent killer… I’ve always seen him as just pure evil who wants to kill, not turning on Viynl records or setting up post murder scenes (roundabout scene)

  22. I love this movie, idc what anybody else says

  23. Can someone PLEASE explain to me this – Was Michael once a normal lil' boy? Did evil devour his soul and take over his body ?

  24. Loved this movie ots a shame fricken people wants to take the blood bath out of the movie lmao. Plus, people calling him a homophobic person xD. Like, come one people he kills EVERYONE hahaha

  25. I was confused when I found out that Laurie wasnt Michael's sister. And it confused me even more why Laurie was going after Michael for all this time because she wasn't related to Michael.

  26. "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"- Bane

    Michael Myers: They care now

  27. everyone besides Myers takes the house temperature challenge

  28. Tommy Doyle acting like he actually stood a chance to kill Michael pissed me off.

  29. Now none of this shit wouldve happened if the two people didnt antagonize him with the mask just so they could get a few minutes of fame for a podcast.

  30. Legendary's Animation and Gaming channel says:

    So, are they still siblings with the retcon?

  31. For anyone reading that’s a practicing attorney, if this film and the 2018 film happened IRL (except Michael was arrested at the end), what would Michael’s legal defence be? With an expensive enough defence lawyer, what’s the best sentence he could get?

  32. Anyone notice that in the 40yrs locked up he didn't kill the guards or other inmates. You would think he would be a bad a$$ in psych ward. He just chilled and waited.

  33. I hope they don't make the last Halloween Ends about the pandemic! I will be so mad & disappointed.

  34. I agree with you. It was enjoyable, but not perfect. Some things landed, some did not. The biggest shock here for me was Karen's death, but your insights into why she dies was on spot. It is funny, but just like Halloween II so long ago, this movie amps up the gore and the body count, but fails to give a lot of characterization to the new characters. I just returned from seeing it, having avoided all reviews and commercials. I knew nothing, so for me it was an oddball experience. I will buy it later on Bluray, so repeat viewings will help me to better settle into a true positive or negative reaction. It has a lot to like, but maybe some of the ideas were not executed on the best way. 2018's movie was damn near perfect, so the story being told here was an overall letdown. You bring up some great points, though, that I think improves my initial reaction. I guess what will truly cement this film is how Halloween Ends turns out. If the final movie is a dud, it will drag Halloween Kills down with it. If it is great, it will make Halloween Kills a part of a superior trilogy.

  35. One thing people don’t seem to mention , where any fan that watched the original a million times and knows every little detail, is why am I the only one questioning how bully Lonnie Elam, goes from being a bully but had friends, where I’m guessing he was one of the”cool crowd” in 6th grade who he and his friend did what most kids our age do on Halloween which is Halloween pranks and daring things like wanting to check out the Myers house in the original?

    But his character may be wearing the same clothes but is a little bit on the nerdy side, where you can’t imagine this dweeb bullying tommy or anyone else. He’s also out trick r treating at the time of night, is just weird, as if he didn’t have enough fun already and got tired and went to bed. So he goes from popular kid to nerd in this new film, and with no explanation as to why? He even gets bullied by two girls and their brother.

    Only thing I can think of is because now they want to bring this unnecessary forgettable character back to show he grew up to become an awesome dad to his son who was the biggest douchebag of all in 2018, but is now this noble heroic guy, who may as well pledge his life to Alison, as he is more on a mission to kill Michael more than she is. But, I think they’re not stupid enough to have us believing he became courageous and good a couple hours later, after showing his brutal death scene where I’m sure fans only laughed when he seems him as he’s walking down the stairs and wants to make sure he’s definitely dead by twisting his neck .

    So any theories as to why the change character of Lonnie or even Whatever his name was?

  36. Fun fact: braket was judith boyfriend who was sleeping with her in the first movie

  37. People look at their reflection to see who they really are inside

    Me: why tf is my nose big ???

  38. listen to this…isnt tommy doyle the one who found out what michael myers is made of right..in this movie he seems like a complete idiot who thinks michael myers is a regular person its like hes trynna die doing hella stupid shi which ended up getting him killed

  39. What do you think about Micheal supposedly vanishing in that alley flashback. The only thing the cop finds is a deep footprint. Can Micheal leap huge distances?

  40. My only issue with the Halloween reboot is that the original Halloween II isn't Canon anymore. I guess this movie took some of the Halloween II plot with the hospital and whatnot, but I liked Halloween II.

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