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Halloween Mega-Stream 2018, Starring Porky Pig!

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We come in costume to finish our business with Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday and join several more spooky games together until the clock strikes 12. (Streamed Oct 30, 2018)
4:25 – Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday Full Playthrough
1:57:30 – Story Time
2:08:00 – Haunted Mansion
3:01:25 – Story Time
3:05:33 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3:34:30 – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
4:05:54 – Story Time
4:08:10 – Siren
4:58:23 – Story Time
5:06:35 – Resident Evil 7 DLC VR
6:02:00 – Presents and Wrap Up

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  1. Damiani makes a perfect Fred Flintstone. If they make another live-action film they've gotta get him instead of John Goodman.

  2. Maybe next time play games based on your costumes and have like spooky entrances for everyone,

  3. 2:38 Huber's RP
    6:14 Porky Belmont
    6:57 Ian experiences the Daffy
    9:41 Saved!
    46:15 Front seat Bosman
    49:37 Don't do it
    56:22 Death Stranding easter egg
    57:24 The highs and lows of Porky's nightmare 59:34
    1:02:24 Huber was right
    1:11:14 Psycho Tweety
    1:21:37 Black hole pig 🎵 1:39:53, 1:49:33
    1:45:46 No checks Blood cause he's hungry 1:46:28
    1:51:34 Sit on his face
    2:30:20 Haunted Mansion's licker moment 2:39:17
    2:51:20 Ju-On
    3:05:59 Earthworm Jim best on Genesis 3:06:49
    3:32:51 Never sick of SOTN…
    3:58:00 Will Smith as… The Geni… Simba + big meat
    4:03:08 Savage Amanda 4:05:05
    4:23:31 Scared face?
    5:17:55 Specimen/Unit defined 5:26:50
    5:22:52 Best RE7 mod
    5:43:10 Reasonable Huber
    5:51:31 Late night Toy Story bits
    5:57:59 Micheal Meyers is upset

  4. Ignore the critics in the comments, especially the dork saying this was a boring stream. This was a blast to watch.

  5. All the candy wrapper crinkling made me turn it off 20 mins. in.

  6. Awesome stream! Had a great time! Happy Halloween Allies!

  7. That Porky Pig game is really something else…I'd be so curious what the meetings were like to discuss what that Alps level is and that bubble puzzle lol.


    Dude that story was legendary at my elementary school! It’s been so long I couldn’t remember where it came from or if it was even true haha.

  9. I cant believe i just watched 2 hours of porky

  10. Everyone's costume is 10/10. Question. When did Michael Myers get married?

  11. Aria of Sorrow is better than SotN. There I said it.

  12. I see the Thumbnail: "This is going to be awesome"

  13. I lost it at Ben going "I even used Firaga. It did nothing!"

  14. Damiani looks hot as Fred Flintstone

  15. I know he's the 13th doctor but …. does Ian have breasts?

  16. Can't believe they didn't do the yearly PT stream

  17. I literally slammed my hands into the sides of my head when Kyle missed the bubble jump for the 45th time and I literally broke one side of it.. I'll be sending you guys the bill.

  18. ian must be happy he found a reason to crossdress lol

  19. Man isn’t Ian getting more annoying lately, I can’t stand him talking over everyone

  20. Thank you for uploading this. I'm not a fan of watching livestreams but I like to watch your weekly streams whenever I can. Good old Symphony. If you guys have time, search the Double Fine Productions' Let's Play with Koji Igarashi. He trew up A LOT valuable information in regards of SotN.

  21. Nothing but respect for my Michael Myers.

  22. I just started watching and when Kyle walked in i lost it, laughing with tears. I'm glad i know the reference and the sound he made walking in, omg. I love the other costumes too, you guys look great.

  23. 2:41:07 because I was looking FOREVER for the bit where Ian brought up bustin

  24. Not only does Bubble Bobble hold up, I could see it make it in The Hall of Greats. Earthworm Jim? Not so much, the sequel is better in every aspect.

  25. I bet you that meat cloud smells like bacon. LOLZ

  26. Even odds that Huber has the biggest grin the whole night under that mask.

  27. Nice "butt" pull Jones LOL Blood makes such a good Waluigi and Kyle looks so ridiculous LOL These guys are the best.

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