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Halloween Mega-Stream 2018, Starring Porky Pig!

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We come in costume to finish our business with Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday and join several more spooky games together until the clock strikes 12. (Streamed Oct 30, 2018)
4:25 – Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday Full Playthrough
1:57:30 – Story Time
2:08:00 – Haunted Mansion
3:01:25 – Story Time
3:05:33 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3:34:30 – Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
4:05:54 – Story Time
4:08:10 – Siren
4:58:23 – Story Time
5:06:35 – Resident Evil 7 DLC VR
6:02:00 – Presents and Wrap Up

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  1. Nice "butt" pull Jones LOL Blood makes such a good Waluigi and Kyle looks so ridiculous LOL These guys are the best.

  2. Even odds that Huber has the biggest grin the whole night under that mask.

  3. I bet you that meat cloud smells like bacon. LOLZ

  4. Not only does Bubble Bobble hold up, I could see it make it in The Hall of Greats. Earthworm Jim? Not so much, the sequel is better in every aspect.

  5. 2:41:07 because I was looking FOREVER for the bit where Ian brought up bustin

  6. I just started watching and when Kyle walked in i lost it, laughing with tears. I'm glad i know the reference and the sound he made walking in, omg. I love the other costumes too, you guys look great.

  7. Nothing but respect for my Michael Myers.

  8. Thank you for uploading this. I'm not a fan of watching livestreams but I like to watch your weekly streams whenever I can. Good old Symphony. If you guys have time, search the Double Fine Productions' Let's Play with Koji Igarashi. He trew up A LOT valuable information in regards of SotN.

  9. Man isn’t Ian getting more annoying lately, I can’t stand him talking over everyone

  10. ian must be happy he found a reason to crossdress lol

  11. I literally slammed my hands into the sides of my head when Kyle missed the bubble jump for the 45th time and I literally broke one side of it.. I'll be sending you guys the bill.

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