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Halloween – Michael Myers Goes on a Brutal & Bloody Rampage in this Fan Made Halloween Horror Game!

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Halloween – Michael Myers Goes on a Brutal & Bloody Rampage in this Fan Made Halloween Horror Game!
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  1. SFM models into a dam crazy game? Are not worth it man

  2. Uma mulher com uma toalha de banho num hospital
    Uma lanterna que deve estar presa na testa dela
    Ta estranho

  3. what the hell how did jason become a part of this

  4. на 9:04 не смог Майкл устоять перед раздвинутыми ногами xD

  5. wHy HaVeN't AnYoNe HiReD tHiS gUy? 😫😫😋

  6. I wish that game come out big time on playstation

  7. I think it would be awesome if they made a Halloween themed survival horror on modern consoles. Using hiding, stealth, solve puzzles, asylum patients could serve as lower level enemies in the absence of Michael.

  8. Dont know whats creepier Michel or lorie tip toeing around like that…but this is a really cool idea for a game

  9. They need to put maps of Haddonfield 1978. West and North. Elrod’s neighborhood. Haddonfield 1988. Tower Farm. Haddonfeild 1995. Langdon 1998. Haddonfield 2002 and 2018. Until the updating new maps for Halloween Kills.
    Or Put a silver shamrock factory to play Challis to destroy androids and factory.

  10. With some audio fixing and some new textures this could make a great game.

  11. This would be great if it was made by naughty dog… they could put a Last Of Us feel over it and use the same or better motion capture techniques

  12. Xarien Art - Drawing tutorials and Speedpaints says:

    wtf are these animations?

  13. Props to that towel, it was so tightly secured

  14. "They stole assets from another game" "they used audio clips from a TV show", because no game developer has ever reused assets to make their job easier before. cough call of duty cough main difference is this doesnt cost $60

  15. I much prefer the 1979 2600 game & the 2002 25'th Anniversary PC game. This one just isn't scary. He randomly teleports in front of you & you hear that same stock scream. It takes out all tension. Also, he looks more like some generic murderrer than the Shape. They make the same mistake that everyone else does by focusing on gore & sex instead of horror. Fortunately, better Halloween games exist.

  16. You know that there can only be one true king in the end….

  17. I hate that her feet pitterpatters the entire way like damn, you haven’t dried off yet? 😂

  18. Apparently wearing a bath towel makes you glow out your boobies.

  19. People need to learn the differences between stolen and reused assets

  20. People harshly judging the game like the creator has millions of dollars to put into the game. If you guys want things different how about putting some money into this and helping it get bigger and better

  21. Im i the only person wondering why shes in a hospital looking like she just came out of the shower

  22. I died at the doctors death with the office line 😂

  23. 05:14 Michael myers kill doctor in the hospital

  24. 12:03 Michael myers meeting with Jason voorhees

  25. whyvshe is with a towel in a hospital? probably bcs the creator is male and a piece of shit.


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