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Halloween Movie Review – Collider @ TIFF 2018

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The new Halloween movie just premiered at TIFF 2018 and Perri Nemiroff and Jeff Sneider are here with your review!

This new installment sees the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. It’s a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original film, picking up years later. Laurie’s lived with PTSD from that one fateful night for years, and it all comes flooding back when Michael breaks out of prison.

The film is directed by David Gordon Green and also stars Judy Greer, Toby Huss, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner and Miles Robbins. Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th. Catch Perri and Jeff’s thoughts on the film in this Halloween movie review!

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  1. So far from all the reviews I’m seeing a lot of 9’s and A-, but not a lot of why it’s a 9 or an A-. I’m hearing nothing but positives. I just wanna know what those few nitpicks are that are holding it back from being a perfect score.

  2. I loved it by far my 2nd best in the franchise gory best kills and the ending omg

  3. Wow look at these views!! Can't wait for this movie, I am done with any more trailers!!

  4. Damn!! I went to TO last week wish i would have waited for TIFF!

  5. ditto to Luius's comment! 'can't wait! and enjoyed reading Perri's written review. Enjoy Toronto guys! Mr Ottawa fan.

  6. In the " checkerboard " asylum scene did any of the inmates say any words ? Have a friend who was one of them , was curious if his word[s] ? made it in

  7. As if I wasn’t excited enough for this movie now this review makes me so much more excited!!!

  8. Nice review by you Collider guys.. i'll definitely go see Halloween

  9. This is basically a Terminator movie. He's a killing machine that doesn't stop and keeps going and going.

    He could be a metal robot, it doesn't matter. Same movie. And when was the last time a Terminator movie actually scary?

  10. The kills offscreen is implied violence and what made the first Halloween so great.

  11. I'm so excited for this. Sounds like everything The Predator should have been

  12. It’s Michael Myers and I was praying that this movie delivers the best of goriness and now with this news I’m so glad and so looking forward to go see the best horror movie of the year.. for those who think that this movie is too violet then don’t go see it! Go back to see the nun instead 🙄🙄

  13. I knew it would be great when that last trailer started with the clip of following Michael's pov of walking from the street, and now i'm just anxious for more. Can't wait to watch it.

  14. Stoked to hear that your guys loved it and it lives up to the hype, but I’ll wait to see what other critics say before I get TOO excited about this!

  15. Cannot wait for this. Welcome back, Michael Myers.

  16. I'm surprise they are allow to review this so early.

  17. I’m f$%king so PUMP!!! For this.. the original my favorite horror movie… Myers is the best slasher killer an monster in my opinion. The shape F ya

  18. Cannot wait for this. Trailers all looked amazing

  19. I. Just. Want. To. See. How. He. Got. Those. TEEEETTHHHHHH

  20. i've seen every halloween in the series and if this is jamie's last confrontation with michael, and they have plans for more movies in the series, what timeline, or story would they follow do you think?! maybe back to the angle of 4 and 5 with his niece, idk these are the questions i need answers to.

  21. It's not an MCU film and Perri loves it….this must be Earth 2 Perri….take that back…her first positive comment is about comedy….uggghhhhh.

  22. Jeff – The idea behind an early review is to not spoil anything. Please do not do the whole 'oh there's a scene with this…. scene with that, it's soooo good' *facepalm

  23. What happened to John campy guy ? And this movie doesn't come out till next month how you watch it ?

  24. Very happy to hear the score is good, out of everything I was fingers crossed for this bit because the man himself did it.

    My god he has done some amazing scores in his films.

  25. This is the same people who hyped IT as a modern masterpiece, so I will keep my expectations in check until the premiere…

  26. There isnt anything that these two payed knuckleheads can say or do for me to buy in on the idea that the majority of "Kill scenes"–was not shown.
    News Flash dickheads- The reason why we hold onto the ideas of Michael Myers is because we horror buffs all fantasize about just how brutal Hollyowwod can come up with innovative and extreme,scary or riveting killing sequences. You will never,and repeat this—They will never come up with or compete with what "Rob Zombie" brought to the table for Michael Myers.I may not admire Robs fan based music,but the guy and his team were pure GENIUSES when it came to showing us what and who Michael really is.
    Its almost like someone trying to redo AVATAR,….Its just not going to happen…James Cameron beat ridley Scott in his ideas of "ALIEN"with making "ALIENS" and most fans base that franchise off of what Mr.Cameron brought to the table for the Terminator franchise.
    Rob Zombies Halloween is a redone classic nightmare that is DaVanci status.
    Scout Taylor destroyed Jamie Lee Curtis performance,…walked all over it,and made her look like a cheap actress in a cheap horror flick,lol
    Why do we feel the need to still stand the old Halloween up on a pedestool and frame it like it is better then Rob Zombies version,when we all k now it just isnt fellas.

  27. hyped! also did they film this in their air n b lol?

  28. Who would of thought the 11th Halloween movie would be so hyped. Hopefully it's awesomeness makes up for how bad "the Predator" apparently is

  29. If you will be in the theater on October 19th, raise your hand🙋🏾‍♀️

  30. Finally! Forget all the turds that came before.

  31. Disappointed in you guys… that was a piece of crap movie.

  32. This movie is soooo good… this movie is sooo nostalgic… these effect are soooo great…. this movie is sooo much fun… i need to hold my face with both arms… and now i need to take a dump

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