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HAPPY NEW YEAR! – 2018 Best video games Mashup

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Happy New Year Gamologists! We celebrate this glorious year in gaming with a mash-up of the most memorable games in 2018.

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Thank you for watching this video 🙂
Paul, Gamology


  1. No, Thank You Gamology for everything.
    Y'all are really good editors and im proud to be a day one fan.

  2. Happy new year to all the gamers (except for fortnite players goooooooddddddd I hate them).

  3. I know all these games .i think i did a great job this year.im so proud of myself! Hey. Btw HNY!!

  4. Thanks for awesome content year long, happy new year

  5. maaaaan, thats so sick. Awesome montage, the editing was sooo perfect! Happy new year ❤

  6. Thanks a lot Gamology for making me laugh in 2018.

  7. Thx Gamology. I'm big fan of you! Happy new year!

  8. I’m actually glad I found this channel about a year ago, it has changed but at the same time it’s the exact same channel I loved months ago

  9. Big fan. Thumbs up. One of the few first fans of your channel. Love Gamology. Keep up this channel.

  10. Really a good edit, must have taken days to do it, good job!

  11. Shouldn’t this be called…”Every game is here!”?

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