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Home Alone Games with Macaulay Culkin – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Angry Video Game Nerd plays the Home Alone games with Macaulay Culkin! Sure, the Home Alone movie games have been covered before on AVGN, but never so many, AND with Mack himself. Special thanks to Bunny Ears! Check them out at

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  1. Big thanks to Macaulay Culkin for coming on the show!
    Hope you've enjoyed the Nerd episodes this year. We have a lot more planned for 2019.

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  4. Something tells me Macaulay regularly watches AVGN.

  5. “They all have Macaulay Culkin in them! How could you go wrong?”

    I don’t know. Let’s ask the guy who directed Getting Even with Dad.

  6. Next do Scooby Doo games with Frank Welker, or Powerpuff Girls games with Tara Strong!

  7. IDK why, but the way Macaulay says PS2 gets me every time!😂

  8. He forgot the sega master system version

  9. Our time down hear down hear is our time lol that was ridiculous 🤣 Goonies

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